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21 Nov, 6 tweets, 1 min read
1...To every small business owner: masks save you from this situation: A colleague saw a pt the other day, the pt next day learned they had been exposed, and 3 days later they were +, because the pt and doc wore masks, that doc now doesn’t have to shut down...2
2...that clinic while awaiting a swab -, and hoping not to develop symptoms. That clinic business didn’t lose thousands, 60-300 patients didn’t lose their appointments. Every other small business, where the owner’s presence is essential, would suffer the same impacts...3
3...and every industry that relies on small businesses doesn’t need to feel that customer impact. So, if you value the clinics, the small businesses, direct service providers, contractors...wear a damned mask. Prove you could give a damn about others.
And to the government that refuses to make this law: you are directly contributing to the economic collapse. And, you are disproportionately targeting local small business, and unfairly advantaging large corporations through small-business death.
Combine that with handouts to large corporations, the message is clear. Non-local business is preferred to local business.

Which brings me to more proof that the UCP are not actually our govt, but the local representatives for an international corporate “nation”
Oh, and to my right leaning followers: please consider posting a similar post, or retweet mine. Your audience and my audience are probably very different, but I hope you realize this real story deserves attention by right-wingers as well

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23 Nov
1...I have heard from a number of colleagues across the province. Many of them have been “in contact” with people that have subsequently been swabbed for various reasons, to be found +ve. Yet, these physicians have not been contacted by tracers...2
2...most times they receive lab results showing a +ve (on labs not ordered by them, so there is no direct indication that a contact was made) and then have to trace back their interactions themselves. In some cases their patients have notified them directly...3
3...but in each of these cases, NO CONTACT TRACING OCCURRED. I even know people swabbed back in March AND STILL HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED (they had to notify their doctor and the doctor had to pointedly search through netcare to get the results-no push notification happened)...4
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20 Nov
1...Corporations have essentially become nations without borders, taxes or laws. It philosophically challenges the concept of “nation”. I wonder if somewhere in our collective human future, if people will be able to ‘pick’ their nation based on something other than...2
2...geographic borders. I wonder if such a movement would have eventual trickle down effects to geographic limitations. Imagine if the “nation” you were part of was found to be against you personal values. You could reassign yourself to another nation. Maybe as new...3
3...nations took hold and gained momentum, they would be able to hold sway over regions and establish concrete rule. Would the struggle for truth vs deception be quelled, or would it explode out of control?...4
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28 Sep
Me: "So it dawned on me this morning. Equalization is not what it is being portrayed as."

You: "Yes, we know, Dr. John, its about Albertans being richer and being in a higher tax bracket".

Me: "But, wait. Its actually much worse than that. Let me explain"

2/We are all starting to understand that equalization and the resulting transfer payments tend to give Alberta less and other provinces more. Also, that individual Albertans pay more into it, but this is a function of them actually being in higher income tax brackets. 3/
3/So now I am hearing the language start to soften. Which is what the govt does, they change the message to make it morally easier for Albertans to digest. Now, they are talking about simply restructuring how it works. Instead of the feds collecting the taxes and then /4
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17 Sep
1...None-the-less it offers some opportunity to shed light on the dispatch changes. As the doc for nearly all the firemedics in Red Deer, a number of the members have noted to me that frequently they rely on information being sent to them by the dispatcher that depends...2
2... on a common understanding of the local environment. The dispatcher, and the EMS/fire crew share common landmarks, a common civil experience. Further, the dispatcher and the person in distress also share that civil experience...3
3...A GPS gives you a building location, but the shared knowledge of those involved gets the EMS crew to the portion of the parking lot closest to the open back door. These opportunities are lost when the dispatcher is 160 km away and hasn't been in that community in 10 yrs...4
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12 Sep
1...On power politics: When the disruption cost exceeds the concession costs, govt moves. Now, when Z number of people create Y amount of disruption each, the cost is Z*Y. Now if 10 times more people get involved, the cost becomes 10Z*Y. The more people involved, the less...2
2...the less each has to do to surpass the concession cost.

Further, to keep govt in line, one must continue to make real the threat of disruption costs. Organizations need to stay strong after the win. This resiliency is created through not only realization of goals...3
3...but also a greater sense of agency and accomplishment through leadership development within the movement’s members. Bringing that back to the beginning, any organization that starts to appear like it might have staying power, affects the initial...4
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12 Sep
1...In a time oil has been seriously undervalued, yet the products of that oil have not, why do we still continue to be merchants of oil? $12B to pipeline companies could have been $12B to refineries, production plants, jobs. Instead of Oil merchants we could have been...2
2...merchants of end-products, with us reaping the benefits of an inexpensive input material and having gained the benefits of all the value-added actions of OUR workforce. If we had kept the money in OUR borders, we could have ensured it improved OUR infrastructure...3
3...We could have subsidized myriads of manufacturing companies, skills, jobs. We could have had companies coming to us because we no longer felt the need to send our resources to them. We could have educated OUR population to the captains of those processes...4
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