I get misty when I read the words a gentleman from the UK wrote when he signed my @MoveOn petition to investigate Trump’s digital campaign “Project Alamo” and Cambridge Analytica nearly three and a half years ago.

His words so powerful, fueled by what he was witnessing at home.
His words are prescient and haunting:

“This is about transparency in democracy, political integrity and the future direction of our world and society...
“A political electoral system that is maintained by lies and misinformation to retain power without having the courage to stand up to scrutiny regarding it's claims is an abhorrence which must be nipped in the bud...”
“You have here an opportunity to make a stand for ethics and a set of values in defence of a non totalitarian or repressive regime...”
“You have this power at this juncture. Please use it wisely as eventually your decision will be judged by history as long as we are still permitted to think for ourselves.”-@JonathanBuckn13 May 13, 2017

He told me that his country was under siege by the mind virus as well.
He told me about the work of @carolecadwalla and I learned that Cambridge Analytica was using weapon’s grade cyberterrorism globally.

Parallels between Russian military and American oligarch-funded cyberterrorism came into sharp focus.
I was inspired to write the petition in the spring of 2017, after diffusing a tense situation in a parking lot between an elderly man and a woman who stole a spot he’d been waiting on. I told him to let it go. It wasn’t worth it. I’d been doing a lot of that post-election.
He was in his 90s and told me all about wars he’d lived through and summarized the presidents of each decade. He looked at me before driving off and said: “We’ve never been here before. This is a different kind of war. These are different kinds of bombs.” I knew what he meant.
The next morning in my inbox I received an invitation from @MoveOn to write my own petition and so I did. I sat on my balcony at dawn and typed some words on my phone, demanding to see all the Project Alamo and Cambridge Analytica ads. I wrote it like a Mark Twain manifesto.
Seems like a lifetime ago. The petition was signed by 100s of people all over the world, demanding to see every dark ad microtargeted by the Trump campaign to voters in swing states to persuade and suppress. Here’s one of the original petition tweets:
We have learned a great deal in these four years.
With the news Bannon is being forced to testify breaking today, this seems apropos.
MY PETITION: “Cyber Mind Crimes are War Crimes, we've never experienced Big Data enabling corruption of this magnitude. It's the first time a cyber misinformation war was waged on American soil, affecting the outcome of a presidency, and all part of a much larger con.”-me, 4/2017
MY PETITION: “Let's force these clandestine operators out of their bunker$ and into the interrogation light, because it's time for citizens to see how their minds were twisted away from the truth by a gaslighting regime that only knows one racket: money.”-me, 4/2017
We found heroes along the way. My 2018 interview with @profcarroll 💜

• • •

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