The anatomy of astrology Remedies /How/What/When

There is a structure and anatomy inherent in everything. Be it any problem, the solutions have to follow the structure. One cannot simply jump to fifth stair and consider himself climbing. Somebody can do that off course, but not
always, and there will be times when that person will face a head on collision with a solid stair. These flukes do work but flukes are flukes and are not recommendable in Jyotisa.

To analyse a problem in jyotisa one has to deduce the underlying causes behind the problems. If one
can understand the disease one can give the medicine. However most of the times, palliatives are suggested based on assumptions and flukes. That is the very reason that the market is flooded with hilarious remedies. They actually appear very stupid to a well learnt person but
they might appear as some great work to an ordinary layman. This makes the things more complex. In simple words a MBBS cannot prescribe an oncology medicine because he is a MBBS not a MD in oncology.

The structure of diseases is important and so is the structure of palliatives.
The primary question one should ask about diseases or problems is that why they are caused. The first priority should be given to cause and deliberative simple analysis and ignoring the rules will never show the underlying factors of the reasons behind the problems. The thing one
should understand about Jyotisa, is that Jyotisa is not simple. It is hard and requires life time dedication for learning. So simplicity is not a refuge for excuse and further on a bad and wrong analysis.

Roga or disease affect a person at physical mental and spiritual level.
Solutions of primary surface will not solve the problem. The problems have to be solved at all the three levels to uproot them.

For example: Suppose Moon is placed with Ketu in Cancer and Mercury is placed in sixth house with Saturn. If the person is passing through Saturn
dasha then the palliatives of Mercury or Remedies related to Saturn will only work on Physical plane. The problems will surface again because the underlying mental cause (Moon+ Ketu) was not treated well. This however is the basic level. The spiritual level indicates Matuladi
Curse which needs to be solved at spiritual level first. The the remedies have to be done to clean the mental level. Only then the physical level problems with be cured. The rules to be followed are as follows:

1. There is no general remedy for anything. Everybody or every
Constitution is unique and different, the remedies have to given according to the Karmik force, the age of the person, the domicile of the person and the caste he follows. This requires a long and tedious study.
2. Remedies and mantras given in books are harmful and extremely
dangerous. There is a reason why Mantra should only be accepted from a person who is a mantra drishta. Faith is very good but Blind faith will lead to lot of problems and sufferings. Mere chanting of mantras from books and taking them from unknown sources will invoke negative
forces and they will control the mental and neurological system of the person. That is the reason why repeating mantras without knowledge leads to mental delusion and tensions. Most of the people who force themselves into such activities actually suffer a lot. Since they are
already afflicted by negative forces they never understand that why they are suffering. It is hard to swallow but a bitter truth. Ritualistic poojas requires lots of observations and they are not allowed in grahasta places. The Vedha called “Devalaya Vedha” causes lots of
problems however, people do not understand.
3. The daivagya should also understand that sometimes there are no remedies for many things. This is a hard and bitter truth. A last stage cancer or a disease like Multiple Sclerosis are difficult to uproot because they carry extremely
strong karmik debts.
4. The first thing a horoscope should be analysed for is the type of karma. Whether this is fixed, non fixed or mixed type. The remedies depend on them. This is like deciding the potency of medicine based on the level of the disease. 500 MG or 50 MG. If you
give 500 MG for a very normal disease then the person will suffer from side effects if you give 50 MG for an incurable disease then the disease will not be cured.
5. The next step is to analyse the reason for Kopa or Disease. The Kopa originates from speech, mental thoughts and
actions. So all these three things need to be analysed to understand the underlying causes. Now at this step the person will be able to decipher the level of disease and the origins of disease.
6. This step also defines the deep rooted levels, intensity and reasons of disease.
Disease can manifest with Tridosas or Vatta , pitta and Kapha. However, that is just the physical level of disease. Diseases at spiritual level (Which are very strong) are caused by Pitri Kopa, Deva Kopa, Rishi or Brahmin Kopa and Manushya Kopa.For example Rahu, Mars and Guru
together indicates curse from Brahmins or witty souls.
7. Diseases are also caused by Tri Srapa or curses. This includes Preta Srapa, Jantu Srapa and Shatru Srapa. For example Abhichaar is included in curses from enemies.
8. When you have finally ascertained all the causes after
a complete analysis only then one can prescribe the medicine.
9. There are many people who think that general remedies can work in every case. However, long years of work and experience will tell you that it won’t. You can invent flukes but flukes are good for nothing.
10. There
is one more thing, People do not have time to let daivagya analyse their charts and most of the time, they do not follow the remedies as well. This is the most common cause of no effect of remedies.
11. A knowledge of shadbala and rashi bala can gives vital clues for remedies to
be implemented. Person having strong Satvik signs and planets in chart will not earn a lot of money and Tamasik things will affect him very badly, but due to invisible grip they do not leave Tamasik things. In case of Tamasik signs and planets alcohol and Tamasik objects will not
have that strong bad effect because they are supposed to be Tamasik only. According to Shri Narendra Desai ( One of the legends in astrology), a Tamasik person will have no ansa of Satvik person but Rajasic people carry some ansa of Satwa. So remedies can only show impact when
they are followed according to norms. Deviations will result in no effect.
12. Some people think that astrologer will carry a magic eye and some magic spell to remove the dosha. This however is far from truth. Moreover, the dakshina offered to Daivagyas are given as professional
fee rather then something to be offered with love and respect. There is hardly any gratitude in people and even the monetary rewards are far lesser then a lesser advanced and under privileged medical person who charges anything for mere physical removal of disease. So a layman
follows someone who is not adept, carries the remedies and later blames Jyotisa for not solving the problems. This creates a vicious circle where the belief system is shattered. But who is the culprit. The seeker who has no value for true knowledge and lack of gratitude or the
Daivagya who do not have the value for true knowledge and is not honest.
13. A true daivagya will always know that whether the seeker followed the remedies or not. Jupiter’s grace and Prashna will immediately reveal the level to which the remedies are followed. Lacking this grace
in chart, will indicate strong Tamasik forces and the seeker will succumb to fate rather then palliatives.

It is good to read history of India and other countries so one should understand and get alerted when they are modulated to believe wrong things. People lack these things
and take every word as knowledge. They lack counter checking and counter questioning. For example the true Vedic knowledge is hidden in Vedas, Aryanakas and Upanishadas. Puranas are later modified editions though they also carry some part of knowledge but scientifically and
historically they cannot be called truly Vedic in origin. However, people misuse these Puranas for settling their scores, which is ok for layman but source of amusement when you have really learnt something very well.

One has to understand the different between garbage and
knowledge. The data mining is useless and unfruitful and mind would be full of all sorts of non sense and dump. The data has to be mined with refining patterns only otherwise one will start considering the waste as wisdom.

• • •

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Important Rules to be followed during an astrological consultancy.

Jyotisha is a precise vidhya but Jyotiśīs are not precise and it is not compulsory. It is divine order of things and everyone is not destined to be an astrologer. Some are good astrology teachers but very bad on
predictions, some are very good at predictions but bad at expressions. Rare is the combination where everything is perfect.
Not every doctor who passes M.B.B.S becomes a doctor because of the tag on his dress so is the case with an astrologer. It takes years and years of work to
get precise and it also requires some divine blessings.
Then there is the case of the questioners or seekers.
The people seeking astrologers do lot of mistakes while taking Jyotisha consultancy and those mistakes increase confusions and tensions. It will also increase mistrust
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The negative
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One should always create a boundary on the plot.
•Avoid heavy electrical wiring in front of the house. One needs to cover the wire with plastic pipes in case it is there.
•Avoid high rise buildings as they can never be corrected and carry severe anomalies.
•Avoid buildings with cracks, beehives, bats and buildings which are abode of pigeons.
•Never put bird feed on roof top.
•Avoid plots near crossings, bridges, water bodies etc. Avoid plots having power sub stations nearby.
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