💰Step by step tips for stock markets/ using jyotiśa /month/day/time/combinations

💰First things first- One should have combination of 8th house lord with second house lord or eleventh house lord with eight house lord in natal chart. Or 5th house lord in strong position. If
second lord or especially eleventh house lord is afflicted then stock market will not let you earn. The most important signs are gemini and Sagittarius with combinations of Saturn and Venus. Especially the invisible aspect of 8th house and its lord helps a lot. (None of them
should be malefic by sign or anśa ownership)
💰If Saturn positions the second house then long term investment yield good results.
💰Moon should be unblemished for investment because it requires a little bit of dare for such things.
💰 You should avoid investments during very bad
💰Sankranti, panchak, retrogression of big planets like Saturn, Jupiter and small planets like Mercury should be watched closely.
💰The solar ingress chart should be used for month outlook of market. Bullish, bearish have strong relation with Mercury, Saturn, Venus and
💰You should always check basic financials of a company before you proceed with investments.
💰Good daśa, anthardaśa should be utilized as timing for investments.
💰For long term, use second lord’s Bhinna.varga and for short term use eleventh house lord and eight house
lord b.v. The months where they give highest points should be used as time for buying.
💰The hora lords should be used for time. The hora of the strongest lords amongst the fifth, second or eleventh should be used as time for investment. Check the hora of the day through
pāncangam app and use it for investments. Chandrabala and tarabala can be used too for day to day work.
💰T.A etc. helps but is not the final part. Jyotiśa is a science beyond science and can be utilized properly if all parameters are seen and understood correctly.
💰Never go
with public sentiments because that is haywire and requires corrections. Use stable mind and stick to your calculations no matter what.
💰General rule of the thumb is that a strong and good horoscope will increase the profits in multiple figures. A weak horoscope will give profits but of lower amounts.

• • •

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9 Oct
Jyotiśa and Share market, some workable and real working secrets that I used.
🦜 I have no knowledge of share market except some basic understanding.
🦜 These tips requires you to have basic knowledge of jyotiśa.
🦜 everyone cannot earn through this market. You have to have s
trong connection of 8th lord with second and eleventh lord and fifth house lord should be strong too. All of them if connected to ascendant in a good way can make you earn profits through market.
🦜 You should not invest during the month when the eleventh house lord gives lowest
points in Bhinnashtakvarga. For e.x My September, October is always very bad financially and eleventh lord Mars gives only one point in this month in Kanya rashi. Hence the bad effect.
🦜 Second lord is the lord of wealth and eleventh lord is for faster gains. For investment you
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7 Oct
संस्मरण: नगर सेठ ठाकुर श्री कृष्ण का चमत्कार / क्षण में पूरा किया मनोरथ

हमारे जयपुर शहर में वृन्दावन बिहारी लाल श्री गोविद देव जी महाराज की बड़ी मान्यता है | उन्हें नगर सेठ की उपाधि प्राप्त है | मंदिर में ठाकुर जी की प्रतिमा ५६०० वर्ष पुरानी है | इस प्रतिमा को श्री Image
कृष्ण के पडपोते वर्ज्रनाभ के द्वारा बनाया गया था | यह अद्भुत मनमोहिनी प्रतिमा बरबस ही देखने वाले के मन को हर लेती है | इस मंदिर की मुर्ति का सम्बन्ध श्री चैतन्य महाप्रभु से रहा है |
आज भी इस मंदिर में गौड मत के अनुसार ही उपासना होती है | जब हमने पहली बार मंगला दर्शन में
भगवन को देखा तभी ठाकुर जी ने हमें ठग लिया था | उनकी मोहिनी मूरत ने ऐसा जादू किया की उनकी वो सूरत कभी ह्रदय से नहीं गयी |

एक दिन हम अपने विग्रह में ठाकुर जी की तस्वीर साफ़ कर रहे थे | तस्वीर काफी छोटी थी और हाथ से बार बार छूट रही थी | अचानक झुंझला के हमने ठाकुर जी को
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21 Sep
Trees and the actual remedies in Vastu (Eight trees)
In most of the Sthapathya granthas the remedies are not mentioned anywhere. The modern pseudo market of remedies like Pyramids, crystal healing, Mirrors etc. is not real and liberally lacks the Vedic backing. This mayhem is
the brainchild of marketers and sales people rather than heads full of abundantly rich grey matter shinning with the ever brimming Vedic knowledge.
However, some rare manuscripts related to age-old Vedic science mention these remedies. One of such manuscripts mentions the
following stanza as a remedy for faulty construction in vastu.
Before explaining the following ṣloka, I would like the readers to know that these specific remedies are related to Faulty constructions on large sites like Villages and towns.
“शोध्यानां संशयमार्गे निक्षिपेच्छून्य
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19 Sep
Kitchen, the actual location in Vaastu and the anomalies. The varna and the kitchen. Common mistakes.

According to modern interpretations and most of the modern books of Vastu the kitchen is given South East corner in the home. It is a most common belief as SE is ruled by Agni
or fire. The kitchen or pākaśālā is an important place because the food cooked in the kitchen goes to the stomach of the inhabitants. 90% of the food you eat makes your character. That is the reason why certain food is prohibited in Sastras. If you kill an animal then the
emotions of fear, anger, and insecurity get embedded in the after product and eating that will make you vulnerable to same emotions.

Coming back to food, we already know that it is an important part of the daily needs and hence the place where it is cooked and the mood with what
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18 Sep
Karmas in Parashara hora

पाराशर होरा |२२|
कर्माधिपो बलोंनश्चेत कर्मवैकल्यमादिशेत
यदि दशमेश बलहीन हो तो जातक कर्म रहित होता है या वैकल्यम् (Defect, deficiency, imperfection) वाला होता है |
 weak tenth house lord (debilitated, shadbala heena, bad avastha) means that the person
suffers from defects in work. He may suffer from lack of work or no work.
Tenth house is âkash and its weakness and defects causes troubles in karma.
The next Sloka is very strange which has no direct relation with this Sloka. Ît seems that some Sloka is missing but in the
original manuscript of Shri Kashinath Jha, it was as it is. (श्रीमान सीताराम झा )
सैहिःकेन्द्रत्रिकोनोस्थो ज्योतिष्टोमादियागक्रित
राहु केंद्र या त्रिकोण में हो तो ज्योतिष्टोम (A particular sacrifice at which sixteen officiating priests are required. It is a sacrifice considered
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2 Sep
🦜 Simple tips to increase finances, easy and effective ways to undermine poverty.
🔴 Always keep your house clean. Every corner should be clean. Do this early in the morning and before sunset in the evening, specially the front of the house.
🔴 Avoid cluttering of objects in
the house.
🔴 Always light lamp for Sri Ganesha, Kuladevtā and then offer prayers to your iṣṭha. Do it twice.
🔴 those suffering from debts should chant Rin Mochan mangal strotram in Sri Hanuman temple daily (6 months to 1 year)
🔴 Always keep east, north and North east areas
clean. It is better to avoid cluttering in this area completely.
🔴Offer dried bilva patras to Sri Laxmi (small copper Kundi) with Sri Suktam. Sixteen Ahutis with sixteen slokas. Start Ahuti with Sri ganpathi, then offer it to kuladevtha, then iṣṭha and then sixteen Ahutis.
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