1) A former member of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's personal security detail is a prime eyewitness in @SidneyPowell1's case to show that Smartmatic election software was created by the regime to manipulate votes. The redacted affidavit is here: jmichaelwaller.com/wp-content/upl…
2) The redactions appear mostly to protect the identity of the witness and others named in the document.

What follows are quotes from, and summaries of, the affidavit. Under the law, this is evidence.
3) The witness testifies that the Smartmatic operation began more than a decade ago "to wrongfully gain and keep power and wealth" in Venezuela and in other countries in the hemisphere.
4) Evidence: "I was witness to the creation and operation of a sophisticated electronic voting system that permitted the leaders of the Venezuelan government to manipulate the tabulation of votes ... and select the winner of those elections to gain and maintain their power."
5) Evidence: "I was a direct witness to the creation and operation of an electronic voting system in a conspiracy between a company known as Smartmatic and the leaders of conspiracy with the Venezuelan government...."
6) Evidence: "This conspiracy directly involved President Hugo Chavez Frias, the person in charge of the National Electoral Council named Jorge Rodriguez, and principals, representatives, and personnel from Smartmatic...."
7) Evidence: "The purpose of this conspiracy was to create and operate a voting system that could change the votes in elections from votes against persons running the Venezuelan government to votes in their favor in order to maintain control of the government."
8) Evidence: Chavez had the witness work directly with Smartmatic after a fraudulent 2009 referendum:

"Chavez instructed me to make arrangements for him to meet Jorge Rodriguez, then President of the National Electoral Council, and three representatives from Smartmatic."
9) Evidence: "Among the three Smartmatic representatives were [names redacted]. President Chavez had multiple meetings with Rodriguez and the Smartmatic team at which I was present."

The plan was to manipulate the election process electronically to give Chavez dictatorial power.
10) Evidence: "In the first four meetings, [elections chief] Jorge Rodriguez promoted the idea to create software that would manipulate elections. Chavez was very excited and made it clear that he would provide whatever Smartmatic needed."
11) Evidence: Chavez "wanted them immediately to create a voting system which would ensure that any time anything was going to be voted on the voting system would guarantee results that Chavez wanted. Chavez offered Smartmatic many inducements, including large sums of money..."
12) "... for Smartmatic to create or modify the voting system so that it would guarantee Chavez would win every election cycle. Smartmatic's team agreed to create such a system and did so."
13) Summary of evidence: The system was designed to record the biometric identity of each voter but not assign that biometric ID to the real ballot, leaving no evidence that the vote had been changed or otherwise manipulated.

See PDF of affidavit in first post.
14) The witness personally was involved with "several" Venezuelan elections, including in 2006 and 2013.

Smartmatic fed the false voting tabulations directly onto the Internet and to the news media to track returns from each Venezuelan state.
15) EVIDENCE: "Persons controlling the vote tabulation computer had the ability to change the reporting of votes by moving votes from one candidate to another by using the Smartmatic software."
16) EVIDENCE: By 2 PM during the 2013 election, Chavez's opponent was ahead by 2 million votes, so the decision was made to "reset the entire system" and "take the internet itself offline in practically all parts of Venezuela and to change the results."
17) EVIDENCE: It took about 2 hours to change the voting to ensure Maduro would win. Controllers checked the numbers in every Venezuelan state, inspected the changes, and had Maduro win narrowly by 200,000 votes.

Venezuela had 19,000,000 registered voters.
18) EVIDENCE: "... the software and fundamental design of the electronic electoral system and software of Dominion and other election tabulating companies relies upon software that is a descendant of the Smartmatic Electoral Management System."
19) EVIDENCE: "... the Smartmatic software is the DNA of every vote tabulating company's software and system."

In the US, "Dominion uses the same methods & fundamentally same software design for the storage, transfer, and computation of voter identification data & voting data."
20) EVIDENCE: "I saw first-hand that the manipulation and changing of votes can be done in real-time at the secret counting center.... it doesn't matter what the voter decides or what the paper ballot says. It's the software operator that decides what counts--not the voter."
21) "What happened in the United States was that the vote counting was abruptly stopped in five states using Dominion software. At the time that vote counting was stopped, Donald Trump was significantly ahead in the votes...."
22) "Then during the wee hours of the morning, when there was no voting occurring and the vote count reporting was off-line, something significantly changed. When the vote reporting resumed the very next morning there was a very pronounced change in voting in favor of ... Biden."
23) The witness testifies that insid knowledge of the Smartmatic fraud in Venezuela became public in 2017.

What he did not say: Chavez's security detail was under the supervision of Cuba's DGI intelligence service.

The FBI counterintelligence chief in 2017 was Peter Strzok.

• • •

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