Someone DM'ed me & asked why my tweets sometimes feels inspiring,high vibe but other times seem as if im in a lower shadow state.
This is simply because I embrace all aspects of myself,i am extremely sensitive to outer & inner planetary,collective & close ones in my life,every
emotion others feel that is high or low is amplified when it flows through my body,I integrate & release.I randomly share what i feel at every moment just like anyone else & i refuse to be labelled as anything as I am everything.if anyone does not like my random emotional tweets
please just not read it or unfollow.I can only be my authentic self,i cannot pretend to put on an only love/light show when i can feel multidimensionally.When a person sees fault in others & points a finger,it is time to look into the mirror & see what it is that others say or
do that in turn causes you to feel dis-eaae.Your inner voice wants to be heard🙏

• • •

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21 Nov
🙏Where or when is the so called 5D that people talk about continuously?i notice it is always described as something ahead of us,a promised future.
When we speak of it as 'when we go to 5D',the word 'when' will always be in the future,something outside of you that will never be
a reality as you are forever chasing it.
It is NOW.if you want that reality you have to live as though you are within that bandwidth of frequency.Speaking as though it is your reality materializes the ether to physical or else what you want will be forever a wanting,chasing,
waiting & the reality will always be fleets of thoughts/ideas.
Change of inner perception will change your outer reality,with the current energy push it is almost instant.
The word 5D is also very limiting & matrixy,as we are supposed to be living out of the constraints of any
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20 Nov
🙏With the current universal dark shadow release taking place now I have seen quite a few clients who are having relation issues.these energies that are present now is triggering you & your partners dark shadows
Why is it that during the early phases of a relation,EVERYTHING that
your partner does seems amazing,all is perfect,flawless & no one can change your mind.After the first few months, years they seem not so perfect anymore.did they change suddenly?
No they did not,but your perspective did.
With the current triggering shadow energies,
it is very easy to find fault in each other.How do we go through this phase if you decide to continue on the journey together?
You have to embrace their shadow self,allowing them to open up,be vulnerable & feel safe with you,much patience & trust is needed.
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18 Nov
🙏What is your current reality in this Now moment?
Have you manifested end of certain contracts?
Have you manifested new opportunities to unfold in your life?
Whatever you have created in your reality Now is what you have decided for yourself,together with your higher aspects &
soul families.what you have to face,understand,intergrate & experience is for your souls evolution wether your manifested reality is pleasant or not.if we resist,another similar situation will be manifested again & again until your soul learns the lesson,often through fails &
sorrow.I myself have often taken the hard & long way because of my own egoic grips to a self that I have created in the past.
Humans are stubborn,they somehow love to learn from hardships.They like to be challenged,if the task is too simple,they get bored,this all goes back to
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16 Nov
💎Strong Source Love waves pouring in for heart activation through a stargate opening NOW.these are very high galactic frequencies+cosmic rays.It might cause difficulty in breathing,rapid heart rate,irritability,nervousness,nauseous.for those who are in a lower
vibrational state it will cause emotional instability,triggering dense show compassion for them as they are not understanding what is happening,if compassion acts as their trigger its best to stay away,give them space

Because the frequencies are so
refined & highly charged galactic love/light,grounding/earthing is the best thing you can do to minimize the floaty feeling.ALOT of crown & third eye activations throughout the week,I myself have been having lightning visions whenever i close my eyes non stop,when i do open my
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15 Nov
Every morning I would offer prayer & incense to Source,ascended masters,galactics & all that exist.Whilst i am kneeling down in front of my altar,I feel within my body all my ancestors doing that together with me,the entire lineage,I cannot do something that does not involve them
as they are within my DNA,their memories,characteristics,gestures are all embeded within my cells which makes me 'me'.
I am a continuation of my father,mother,brother,sister,grandparents,great grandparents & this goes back to beginingless of time,the DNA holds ALL those memories,
to make it further,the memories before the inception of Gaia,back to other planetary lives,lives of me as stars,cosmos,anything I have ever been.we are all connected in that way,our ancestor lineage lives within us,this is why it is called 'your holographic creation',it is
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13 Nov
💝The divine feminine energies are rising very strongly at the moment,no one has felt the true expression of goddess energy before during our lifetime dating back to thousands of years ago being strongly suppressed,inverted & perverted in all ways possible up until recently.This
is the best time to anchor in this energy that is awaiting to flow through our bodies in a very new way,there is much exploring of these new energies.we know the feminine energies brings flow,nourishment to soul,wild & untamable,ever changing,magnetizing,healing,
change,death & rebirth...what else is there?
Because the most authentic expression is Creation itself,it cannot be labelled or boxed into a category,it is ever creating,ever changing,it doesn't have a form.we tap into this through our body,there is no human words to speak of this
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