As a former civil servant I struggle to put into words how much rudeness, discourtesy and abuse we are conditioned to tolerate without complaint from Ministers and their advisors.

I can't even imagine how bad things were in the HO for actual complaints to materialise.
I love "Yes, Minister" but it's convinced generations that civil servants are sassy back talkers fearless of their bosses wroth.

That's hilariously innacurate.
By the way, the above tweets weren't to suggest Ministers or advisers were routinely horrible.

Some were lovely, and most were professional or passably polite.

The point is that we're conditioned to accept the rudeness when it does happen, because the Minister is uber alles.

• • •

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1 Oct

"Twitter leftists mocking the wave machine are betting against the ingenuity of the British worker."
-- By Higgins Wortlecock-Lightby III
"Build the wave machine before it's British values that are swept away by the tide."
- Spiked Online Editorial
"Brittania once ruled the waves. A wave-machine will return us to that glory."
- Nigel Farage at the launch of his "Mince Pies for British Lads Party"
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6 Sep
My deeply unsexy takes on @pmdfoster's amazing story:

1. Looks bad but We won't know what this is until the bill is out.

2. If this is a negotiating tactic, it's a bad one.

3. Those implying this will sink future UK FTA's with 3rd countries are (in my view) overstating a bit.
1/ Expanding on (3) because people will yell at me:

In my view, 3rd countries like Canada and Japan will consider the WA distinct enough from regular FTA practice not to begin questioning whether the UK will live up to tariff bindings or other FTA commitments over this.
2/ "What about Pelosi and Congress?"

Yeah, that might be a problem but:

a) The test for Pelosi and Irish-American Congressfolk is going to be if the border descends into chaos and violence again. Not clear this does that.

b) US deal not even remotely close anyway.
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3 Sep
1/ As far back as 18 months ago, still prominent public figures were publicly saying crashing out of the EU with no transition period would either be no big deal, or actually quite good for the UK.

It's 18 months later. Let's check the papers.
2/ @Joe_Mayes reports the government is so concerned about port and highway chaos after transition it is using a statutory instrument to acquire authority to unilaterally slap giant lorry parking lots all over the country without local council consent.…
3/ @adampayne26 reports UK food companies still don't know how to label their products so that they're eligible to go on EU and NI shelves.

The government has missed what the industry called the absolute deadline to inform them.…
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21 Aug
1/ Seeing this consolidated text being described as intended to "break the deadlock" a lot.

That may be what UK officials are briefing out, but that's not what consolidated texts are typically used for.

A thread.
2/ In a negotiation as complex as this, both sides rock up with their own versions of every paragraph.

So on fisheries you have two documents, both with a paragraph 1, 2, 3, most of which cover identical things, just with different legal language.
3/ For some paragraphs the text is going to be virtually identical and easy to reconcile.

For example, both the EU and UK probably define "fishing vessel" pretty similarly.

Negotiators can agree on a text for that part no problem.
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9 Aug
Reminder: My 90 minute course on how to plan a negotiation with your boss is great, has a 'would recommend' rate of 4.7/5, and costs about 15 pounds.

I'm also still more than happy to halve the price for anyone going through a tough time ATM. Just DM me.…
FAQ: "Do I have to do all 90 minutes in one sitting?"

"No, it's a digital e-learning. You can do it 4 seconds at a time over the next five years if that's your preferred method of learning."
FAQ: "I'm not looking for a bigger salary, but there's something else I want from my boss, will this course help?"

"Yes, while the course includes a lot of content specific to negotiating a salary package, it is designed for any give and take conversation with your employer."
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8 Aug
Thought exercise:

You're a UK Diplomat.

Asylum seekers currently in France, where their presence has at times been just as politicised, are trying to leave France to head to the UK.

Your job is to convince the French to help you thwart them doing so.

What's your pitch?
- Asylum seekers are not legally obligated to seek refuge in the first country they get to, and transit through a safe country is not grounds for refusing asylum under the UN Refugee Convention.
Ok, to answer some points below:

- Yes, the UK could pull out of the UN Refugee Convention, but that's not the current policy of HMG and diplomats have to work within that.

- Having a UK warship tow a boat to France without the consent of the French is an act of war.
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