The thing is that claiming to be gender balanced while showing on screen that you're not and touting ethnic diversity by showing your three non-human characters in a bunch of stereotyped outfits is like, the definition of lip service.

This feels like more than it is. A theory...
While I give no credence to the concept of "virtue signaling" as a thing that people actually do in the way the right-wing culture warriors think happens, I feel like the lyric rewrites in the theme song are there to send a signal, but it's not to us. It's to the culture warriors
They're saying up front to the sliver of the original fanbase and potential new audience who would be scrutinizing the reboot for any signs of "agenda", any "ruining" of their childhood... keep walking. This is not for you. We're not here for you. We won't coddle you.
I'm not about to give them any props for being gender balanced or ethnically diverse on the strength of a theme song that says it, but I will give them props for saying "We don't care if nerds get mad about it, we've always been like this."

• • •

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22 Nov
My guess? When she started promoting Collins over Loeffler, that was a bridge too far for the GOP because dividing the base going into the Georgia runoff risks the Republican Senate majority.
But I suspect they're going to have a hard time reining her in because her Dominion/Venezuela/Kraken nonsense radiates with the people they're trying to fire up and keep engaged.
It's going to be the latest case of the far right dying by the flaming sword they lived by. Like how Fox created the right-wing media ecosystem in which Breitbart and OAN and NewsMax can outflank them just by being more unhinged and farther to the right.
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22 Nov
Remember how there was an episode of MASH where they were trying to keep a mortally wounded soldier alive through Christmas so they could record his death as happening on December 26th so Christmas wouldn't be "the day Daddy died" for the rest of his kids' lives?
At the end, they fail, but then Hawkeye moves the hands on the clock half an hour ahead and everybody agrees to falsify the record so that he died at 5 after midnight, the day after Christmas.
I'm pretty sure this is a trope that's shown up in other shows, delaying death or the delivery of bad news in order to not just not ruin *this* Christmas but to avoid staining it forever with death.
Read 10 tweets
22 Nov
I wouldn't mind getting unsolicited recommendations from randos on Twitter so much except for the fact that on the rare occasions where I specifically ask for them, I so frequently hear crickets in return.
Like, if I were to tweet that I have a new phone, I just know that half the replies would be people telling me what I should have gotten instead. But had I asked in advance for recommendations, the same people would have been noticeably shy.
I swear there are people on here who only like sharing their opinion when it's not asked for, because that's what makes it fun.
Read 4 tweets
22 Nov
Hey, Timur.

I'll bet when you were young, your mother and/or father had to have words with you about not just blurting out whatever crossed your mind when it came to things like the mole on your great aunt's face, or whatever.

Am I right?
I'll further bet your father and/or your mother had rules about the way you spoke to them -- including both topic and tone -- under their roof. Am I right again?
So this "political climate" thing... is it really anything other than the idea that someone doesn't have to be your great aunt before you think twice about whether what you're saying is hurtful to them or not? Is it really?
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22 Nov
Started playing 7 Days to Die and... I feel very mixed about it. It's possible I'll like it more as they fill out more of a story and the game progression evolves with that, but for right now, I'm not really feeling it.
On paper I'm going to love just about any sandbox survivalcraft game with a fully mutable environment. Any game where I can build a house? Sure. But 7 Days has just enough grinding required for construction and crafting...
...with just enough interruptions from zombies, most of which are very boring and straightforward "club them to death" fights with early game weapons, that it's hard to feel like I'm actually getting anywhere.
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22 Nov
Ahahahahaha. Team Trump is seriously trying to spin this as "You just activated my trap card!"

They MEANT to get laughed out of court, you see. That's why Rudy went in with "the normal level of scrutiny" and "how is that rational?" It was all on purpose.
I have a soft prediction that the Supreme Court simply declines to hear this case. Like, I wouldn't bet money on it, but it seems the most likely outcome, when/if they work their way up to that level.
If I were the Supreme Court -- and I'm not -- and I had the option of not touching this mess with a ten foot pole -- and they do have that option -- then that would be the option I would take.
Read 4 tweets

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