@ 9:15 a.m. on Nov. 21, 1963, Caroline Kennedy kissed her daddy goodbye. At 9:55 JFK wrote letters to two fatherless Texas children.
At 10:42 a.m. JFK received an updated Texas weather report
@ 11:00 a.m. on November 21, 1963 Jack Kennedy embraced John-John, who was four days shy of his third birthday, inside the helicopter beside AF One. "I want to come", the toddler said. "You can't", POTUS replied
The Kennedy's left him in the chopper because the media were on the airstrip. JFK kissed his namesake. He patted the boys trembling shoulders in the tiny London Fog, telling Secret Svc kiddie detail agent Bob Foster, "You take care of John, Mr. Foster"
Foster thought this was unusual. He took the child in his lap in the presidential seat, trying to divert him w/ accounts of Bertram The Beaver & "Jaggy The Jaguar". Then the toddler watched Aircraft 26000 lift into the sky over Andrews, which he always dug
That morning 5,000 handbills materialized on the streets of Big D, bearing JFK's likeness face front, & profile. Inscribed on it in boldface, "WANTED FOR TREASON". Seven points of contention followed
@ 4:05 p.m. on 11/21/63, JFK inspects the oxygen chamber at Brooks AFB in San Antonio (4 youths in the tax breathing pure oxygen):
At 4:52 p.m. Air Force One left San Antonio's Kelly Field:

• • •

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23 Jun
80 years ago today Wilma Rudolph was born. She wore a leg brace due to polio until she was 12. Her left leg & foot were atrophied. She has 21 siblings. Ed Temple discovered her when he reffed her h.s. basketball games. She avg'd 38 ppg.
Rudolph began training w/ Temple when she was in h.s. At 16 she competed in the '56 Olympics. She was the youngest U.S. athlete in Melbourne. In the 4 X 100 M relay, she ran the bend, & the US (the other three athletes were really Tenn. State's team) took bronze
In '58 she enrolled at Tenn A & I. She also had a baby girl. In '59 she took silver in the 100 @ the Pan Am Games. Other athletes there = Lou Brock, Cassius Clay, Oscar Robertson, Brooks Johnson. At the Pan Am's the US (really a Tenn A & I quartet) copped gold in the 4 X 100
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22 Jun
It's intriguing that the person who put the noose in that garage benefits from living on stolen land, which was force farmed 246 years f/ free, even if his fam wasn't here yet, but he feels a need to intimidate. I never felt a need to leave such an object in someone's work space
Not one day I've been on the planet, have I been compelled to scrawl a slur on a wall, ask a stranger to go back to their country, bomb children, shoot old ladies @ a Bible study, chant invective @ marchers, yell a leader's name @ someone, or tell anyone I'm better than they.
It must be triggering to be entitled. I have less time or interest to hang anything in someone's workspace or yelling a slur @ them or put my hands on them, than I have to eat scalding hot glass. Ethnic superiority must be wild if you have to keep reminding me you have it
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10 Jun
@NASCAR was founded by DC's Bill France. The activity has its roots in anti-federal sentiment, an outgrowth of cars souped up to elude revenuers during 'shine hauls. One of its first heroes was 'shine runner Junior Johnson: classic.esquire.com/article/1965/3…
The recreational aspect evolved from the fastest 'shine runners racing on dirt tracks & ovals. So the tradition of thumbing its nose @ government is part of NASCAR DNA. What makes tonight's race @ Martinsville doubly significant, is @BubbaWallace races under the same # as...
...The King. And Martinsville is less than 40 miles fr. Danville, the hometown of Wendell Scott.
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5 Jun
On June 5, 1968 Bobby Kennedy was killed. On 11/22/63 his brother Jack was killed. When Bobby called Parkland Hospital in Dallas for information about the shooting, he sounded so much like Jack that Secret Svc agent Clint Hill nearly collapsed on the phone
At the time news bulletins were that the president was "injured". When the wire services, radio networks & tv confirmed his death, there were still rumors Lyndon Johnson was clutching an arm entering the hospital. Speaker McCormack feared he might soon be president
Lyndon Johnson could have assumed power at 1 p.m. Dallas time w/o taking an oath. He'd already sworn his allegiance to the Constitution on 1/20/61. In the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Sec. 1, Clause 5, in case of presidential removal, death, resignation, or inability to...
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25 May
On Memorial Day we commemorate the lives of those who died so that we might enjoy freedom
Including Lt. Col. Lemuel Penn, Jimmie Lee Jackson, Sgt. Medgar Evers, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Little Bobby Hutton, Emmett Till, James Chaney, Vernon Dahmer
Denise McNair, Cynthia Wesley, Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, who were little girls in a church basement preparing for Sunday School
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24 May
The 380,000 Black veterans of The Great War were targets of hate crimes during The Red Summer of 1919, including race riots & illegal public hangings. There were 25 race riots, and nearly 100 mob hangings. Four were killed in a GA. church, DC papers ran fake news about rapes
"At a high point of the mayhem, one Washington newspaper reported that the city had 'passed through its wildest and bloodiest night since Civil War times.'" These veterans should be recognized every Memorial Day
Pres. Wilson refused to act in response to these hate crimes against Black veterans, even those attacked in his city. He screened "Birth Of A Nation" in the WH. It became common practice in the U.S. to jump uniformed Black men in bus or train depots for decades
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