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21 Nov, 22 tweets, 5 min read
The toxic spew continues unabated.
Noticing in passing that TuckerC has not become a target of the blinding ire of these crazies...Now accusing him of being party to 'pizzagate' - whatever that means. (its not good best I can tell. The centerpiece of Qanon bullshit)

Love the
"Love" the appeal to stacks of evidence that never materialize. Love the relentless telling of falsehoods used to keep the "base" agitated and ready to fight.

No. I don't love it.

These people are liars. As you would expect. They are in service to a master liar. And a lie.
There is something pernicious about this that smells, but has not yet been fully exposed. Like the carcass of a dead rat rotting in the walls of our country, these folks are advocating the most transparent of nonsense.
The point is people who are not in on the con are not the
audience for this nonsense. It is hard to believe that these front line spox are not aware of the magnitude of the lies they are telling. And worse, why they are telling them.

The people who are their audience are the ones they are talking to, fanning the flames of discord.
It seems that we have been kept off balance by chasing down the endless gushing of the "chemical-waste" that is the catalog of violations of this administration and missing the impact it has had on whatever % of people who make up the unmoveable base.
Two things come to mind that need to be worked out in detail.
Responding to the question,"How could so many vote for Trump given..[whatever particular you care to cite]."

I think we have made the mistake of continuing to assume, in the face of all contrary evidence that
the two sides are in fact dealing with the same underlying premise. Ie, the core values of the Constitution and those principles that have been the strength of America as we struggle through the contradictions to a "more perfect union"...etc.
As noted in other threads, the two sides, very loosely described in ill-fitting labels of "Republican" v "Democrat", have come to be functioning out of very different rules.

It is this basic fact that I think is perpetually being missed, and in consequence, creates a great deal
of confusion. We are spending immense amounts of time and energy wondering "how could they possibly think that/do that..." because the underlying premise is assumed to be the same.

It is not.

Until we get clear on this we, the majority, will perpetually be off balance trying
to make sense out of the nonsense. Like this from this current attempt to overturn the election by Guilliani and associates.

Just listen to what they say, without umbrage...Just parse it as a set of propositional statements. You'll find that the nonsense is not the point. But
But the chaos and commotion created is the point.
"I have the evidence but will not show you"
"Witnesses are afraid of the press"
"I am not about to tell you what the evidence is"
for example.

So we get worked up about that when they should simply be ignored until they have
something to say. Until they have something they are willing to actually submit as evidence in a court of law, where they will be subject to the rules ... and the consequence of breaking those rules.

This they will not do. Because evidence is not the point.
The chaos and confusion &perpetual agitation is. The majority gets caught up trying to counter the spurious allegations w facts & figures. The believers, their "base", accept these as absolute truth, and the lies become part of the concretized truth, unfazed by facts & figures.
You need no more evidence of the duplicity of these folks, at every level, from the Press Secr, the VP, The deeply complicit GOP Senate, Guliani and his team, all the way down to purveyors of the propaganda, like Jim Hoft, than to see what they do when one of theirs,
Tucker Carlson who had the temerity to ask, in the most obsequious way possible, for evidence of the assertions.

It is portrayed as "slamming" them. But this is part of the problem. He did not slam. He said, come take my show and show us what you have.

This invitation should have been the opportunity the Trumpers have been waiting for. A clear shot to show their work in a friendly context, certain of a welcome hearing.

But even this is too much to bear.
There is nothing to show. Tucker may have believed them that there was (who knows what is going on behind the scenes) and made a good faith offer that turned out to blow the lid off the con.

Either way, a once stalwart advocate, unimpeached in his "Trump" credentials, instantly
becomes the enemy.

This, along with everything else, is worth pondering.

We are not dealing w an honest difference of opinion over policy or how to best advance the interests and well being of the citizens of America, and the message of liberty & freedom to the world.
We are in a pitched battle now between two very different forces who fundamentally see the world in very different terms.

It is imperative that we understand this so we can properly respond.
damn lack of correction:
"that TuckerC has not"
"that TuckerC has now"
Forgot to add this clip as a reference re TC & Pizza...

[what a remarkable stupid thing to believe...beyond TC. But now they have a ready made meme they can toss anyone into and instantly make an enemy. Do not dare to cross us. You will be destroyed]

• • •

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20 Nov
“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”

Anyone believing this nonsense is ripe for being taken in. If you can believe this nonsense there is little you will not fall for.
With a little energy & a two-minute-hate nothing you will not do.
This must be highlighted so there is no escape from what they have said and asserted.

They need to be forced to give account for themselves, and all they have done, and not be allowed to pull the standard tricks of deflection.

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20 Nov
This is on the official GOP site!

Hold them accountable to this.

Soon, after there is no more value, no more skullduggery, no more fools in their world to deceive with this astonishing nonsense
they will abandon this line as if it never happened.

This is worse than Watergate.
The press & the citizenry have to remember who these people are and what they are doing.

Meanwhile do not forget what Trump and his cabal of people have already done. The harm they are willing to inflict on the country for something as idiotic as this?

Trump is up to no good.
How can any of this be taken seriously?

And to make it even more laughable it is said that Rudy is getting 20k a day for this.
That may make some sense as he will never work again. Who would hire such a farce? A clown as this?
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19 Nov
Others need to be ramping up the pressure and temperature on Trump & Admin. (Esp GSA).
No more telling us Trump is stonewalling, or regaling us with the latest stupid, feckless, loser court cases going nowhere.

Full on inquiry. Find out what is going on behind the scenes
Trump is not making public appearances, yet he is working hard to undermine the country.

I think it likely he truly did not expect to lose and thought the policies he was about to implement 2Term would be done under the cover of darkness.
Now, he stands to be exposed.
Trump is likely burning all the evidence he can. Getting rid of people who would or could know better, installing people for a term of a few weeks...
They have a job to do.

It is imperative to get off the silly story of Guilliani, & focus on the real story. @jayrosen_nyu
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16 Nov
Hard to know what to think about this. But it takes a religious level of devotion to achieve this level of rejection of reality.

For some unknown reason people have made conscious rejection of basic facts into ex-cathedra dogma,
There is info here. Not sure what it is just now.
How did the political divide, enraged into a conflagration by Trump...dividing the country into those who believe Trump, no matter the facts, and those who will not be so devoted to the man? Who find their devotion elsewhere... and deeper.

It is confounding.

It is not binary.
The raging at death does not surprise me. A sometimes too human response. The horror of being faced with the reaper when you were taught to believe it was a hoax would give the terror to question everything once held as dear truth. And no time to reflect.

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13 Nov
@ProjectLincoln You need to use this as a pivot for your hard, unflinching, messages. This message needs to get to Georgia, & to the country.
There is something astonishingly ugly about an entire party willing to submit itself to such astonishing nonsense to appease such a loser.
The fight is indeed not over. Trump is done. But what remains is Trumpism and the GOP that supports and enables him.

Every report reveals more about the craven cowardice of the Republican Senators who want to speak in secret, who want to coddle Trump, let him down easy...
It is reported that they do not want to upset Trump's voters. That Trump may turn on them if they do not continue to sing Trump's song and continue to dance to his demands.

What does it say that these are the people that these GOP types require in order to stay in power?
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12 Nov
At every step of the sad history of Trump in American politics the relationship is characterized by abuse.
The system that has functions designed to prevent & manage errors & problems is being abused to create them.

Essentially the problem is this:Trump(ism) is a vicious abuser.
This point could be annotated by a collection of examples. Most of them are well known.

Ponder that you have never seen Trump laugh. Never explain a policy or position in terms that reflected & incorporated different POV. That there has never been an example of graciousness.
The list of Trump's character flaws will fill a book someday. And they have been significant in the corrosive undoing of the country.

It seems the one powerful quality that underlies everything that is Trump & his septic influence on the country (& world) is the lying.
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