@mattdizwhitlock Quick reminder: our faith has a lay clergy & spiritual credentialing isn't a thing. Messages of faith aren't legitimized through attendance in 1 hour classes in HS (you) or by earning 2 Masters and a PhD from the prestigious Union Seminary (@ReverendWarnock) 1/8
People of good faith have a right to share their beliefs regardless. God doesn’t care about degrees. And disqualifying someone from political service because your interpretation of their beliefs doesn’t align with yours is an act of bad faith. Both religiously and politically 2/8
This pernicious technique has regularly been applied to members of our own faith. It is toxic. But perhaps worse, it has historically been used to disqualify Black Americans. It was regularly used against MLK. 3/8
But it is precisely the deep faith in Black communities that has helped sustain Black Americans through destructive and dehumanizing actions by our society and government. In many ways, historic Black churches have played a critical role in holding our nation together. 4/8
To imply that a prominent mainstream Black church (Ebeneezer) is radical is disingenuous and untrue. This is weaponizing both religion and race--it's the politics of destruction. MWEG has and will continue to speak out when faith or race are weaponized …y.mormonwomenforethicalgovernment.org/pledge-not-to-… 5/8
Simply put, please stop this. DO UNTO OTHERS. There is no subtext that exempts politics from this high moral law. If you don’t want this done to Senator @MittRomney or Justice Amy Coney Barrett, don’t do this to Reverend Warnock. 6/8
Finally, it is deeply disingenuous to decry Democrats as faithless and godless and then try to disqualify any person of faith running as a Democrat because they don’t preach the "right kind" of faith 7/8
While we don’t endorse candidates, we DO believe our nation is stronger when people of faith are represented in both parties. And from a faith perspective, we'd ask you to consider that what Rev Warnock has said is neither radical nor wrong. 8/8 (end) churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-…

• • •

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More from @mormonweg

13 Oct
You've heard of #QAnon. But do you know what it's all about?
So why has QAnon amassed a following? Its believers feel disenfranchised & think they're insiders in an information war. It harnesses fears and creates a sense of community. Some women link their maternal call to protect the innocent with Q's anti-child-trafficking messaging.
QAnon IS dangerous. Followers have been arrested for violence and have spread racist/anti-Semitic rhetoric. Q has hindered human rights/public health efforts by perpetuating myths. QAnon erodes a sense of shared truth and values, causing cynicism, division, and disengagement.
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13 Oct
Make sure each eligible voter in your social circle:

1. is registered to vote.
2. has a voter plan.
3. is prepared to be an informed #PrincipledVoter.

That is far more effective than this "doomscrolling" situation happening on here.

#GrowYourVote, not your eye strain.
It's as simple as this:
"Hey Stacy, I was just wanting to check in. I remember you had moved over the summer. Did you get your voter registration updated? This link will help you check your registration. p2a.co/XxqPyzb/voter-…
I just checked mine too!"
You can also call up your old college roommate who says "politics isn't for me" and talk about the issues that matter to you. Help them see how policy impacts their lives and those around them. Do they care about education policy? Clean air? Racial injustice?
Talk to them.
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2 Oct
Thanks @LizMair! Exciting to see MWEG in the New York Times.
For the first time in our lives, women of our faith have the opportunity to have an impact in a national election create a more expansive political environment within our communities. nytimes.com/2020/10/02/opi…
Executive Director, @EmmaMWEG, said “While our members fall all over the political spectrum, we have found that many continue to become more frustrated with rhetoric and policies from this president’s administration and how it doesn’t match their values.”
Being frustrated with our political system is simply not enough. Our #GrowYourVote toolkit is explicitly designed to help you amplify your voice and find other principled voters in your communities. Sometimes democracy is easy, right now it is hard.
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30 Sep
Are you tired of scrolling on here and reading another of the same hot takes of last night's debate? We get it. We find that too many of us disengage from real action during times of information overload. So we have a way to help channel your anxiety over election season....
Last night, step one of the #GrowYourVote campaign launched. It's simple.
1. Click on this link. mormonwomenforethicalgovernment.org/grow-your-vote
2. Download the tracking sheets.
3. Download the part 1 guide.

Follow the directions and watch your political power grow.
Our guide is filled with resources to identify people you know who need a last-minute reminder to register to vote or *update* registration (we're lookin at you, college kids). We will provide ideas for effective social media engagement and how to partner within your community.
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30 Sep
The women of Mormon Women for Ethical Government join together today in a clear and loud expression of faith. (1/7) Image
White supremacy in all of its manifestations is contrary to the will of God. His highest commandments are unequivocal: we are to first love the Lord our God, and second our neighbor as ourselves. (2/7)
This simple and brief direction, when accepted by those with integrity, does not allow for racism, oppression, hatred, violence, or any intimations of racial superiority. Supremacy and equality cannot coexist, either in the sight of God or the law. (3/7)
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26 Sep
We respectfully remind national leadership that our elections are decided not in the courts but at the ballot box. The people of the United States cast their ballots, and elected officials respect the results of the elections.

We call upon the president and all members of Congress to affirm their faith in the electoral process, ensure that all ballots are counted, and commit to honor the will of the people as expressed on November 3.

We reject attempts to manipulate the vote that increase cynicism and sow doubt in the election process. If our election system is in danger, responsibility for this rests on the shoulders of those who currently hold power, and this should disqualify them from further service.
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