There's another reason for Trump supporters having poor spelling skills - GRU-Trolls rely solely on software that translates *this* text into spoken English, and verbal responses back into English like *this*, in raw text.

At Russian schools, Conversational English is required.
When we receive a Pro-Trump post w/ the wrong "there/their/they're", but the big words are spelled correctly, it's evidence that the GRU-Trolls can speak English, but can't read or write English.

I've tested the hypothesis, and found the clear pattern: GRU-Trolling is a low-wage
job. It's like being a "Technical Representative" at the cable company. They have flip-cards for how to handle our responses. They aren't Masterminds, just average slobs that can *converse* in English. When *their* answer has "their" in it, the speech recognition software offers
a list of possible versions:


... And it's their job to pick which one is right.

But they can't read English anymore than I can read Chinese. So they guess.

Remember all the jokes we made about how Trumpanzees were illiterate?

The GRU-Trolls are illiterate
In English, that is. Conversant, but can't understand which "there" is the right one.

I noticed this during a prolonged debate with a "Texan" who says AR-15s are great "dear rifles".

I responded with this Google screencap on the best DEER rifles.

Does this look like a meme?
He (?) responded w/ a prepared response to an abusive meme.

He didn't recognize it was a Google search screencap.

He proceeded to praise the AR-15's large-capacity magazine, saying that if his first shot missed, it gave him 19 more tries to kill it.

Any deer hunters out there?
I don't hunt, but I know people who do, and taking out a deer in a fusillade of low-caliber bullets is repugnant to their credo - "One shot, one kill." (That's where "Deer Hunter" got that line.)
So, I found a bunch of inoffensive photos and used them to ID suspected GRU-Trolls.

I caught a few hundred GRU-Trolls with such simple reading tests as these:
They responded as their flipbook instructed - they changed the subject with an insult which, according to their Militarized Psych 101 software, should "trigger" me into an angry response, allowing the evidence of their illiteracy to be passed-over.

Sometimes I trigger them.
... Enough to get them to ask their Supervisor for help reading English so they can continue to pretend to be American.

That doesn't always work out well for them.

• • •

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More from @wmcarterelliott

18 Nov
The USSR relied heavily on how scary the Red Army was, and a lot of diplomatic deals had the threat of 55 Armored Divisions factored-in.

Socialism is a crappy way to run a country, so their Collectives' yields fell short for 75yrs, each failure due to "unusually bad weather."
This is the catch that our Socialists miss - Despite how great it sounds, it doesn't work at all without Secret Police and gulags.

PUTIN's career was climbing the KGB ladder. Then the Red Army weapons and tactics were put to the test in the first Gulf War and they failed, badly. Image
The Kremlin realized that their people needed the food we'd been giving them - for humanitarian reasons, not out of fear. No Red Army, better restrain the KGB.

PUTIN's ambitions were thwarted.

PUTIN's Projection: "Hillary didn't get to be President so she plotted her revenge." ImageImageImage
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17 Nov
If you know what binding enzyme that #COVID19 uses, there's a much simpler approach to home tests.

You use an inkjet printer to lay down parallel lines of what it binds to on a silicone substrate. The line spacing should be half-wavelength of the indicator color. Expose the...
printed-silicone to saliva, and the #COVID19 viruses should stick to the lines better than they stick to the spaces in-between. This will affect the way that light of that color reflects from the surface, so viral adhesion will make the surface into a holographic optical element.
In use, you'd sell little silicone rubber "stamps", the patient would spit on it, and if the virus is present, a colored holographic pattern will appear.

BTW - I was Dir of BioMed R&D for 12 yrs at 3 different companies. This was one of my inventions, but for HIV's gp120 enzyme.
Read 7 tweets
27 Oct
Eventually, it leads to PUTIN.

HOW is more interesting to me.

Let's assume K was a rapist, immune from prosecution due to his political power.

He raped a woman who knew reporting it was pointless.

But she kept the evidence, and used it to blackmail him.

He borrowed $ to pay
her demands, but she kept coming back for more, as retribution, until he ended up maxed-out on his credit cards.

He figured out that she wouldn't stop, and he sought help from the Russian Mafia to make it all go away.

Which they kinda did. She's gone, along with his debts...
Except now, instead of being blackmailed by his rape victim, he belongs to PUTIN, who figured K might come in handy someday.

Like, someday real soon - Between Nov 3rd and the end of Trump's Admin.

Mark my words. Politics is a blood sport.
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25 Oct
I hate to be a downer, so I should point out that I think it's possible to build a Faster-Than-Light spacecraft (we may already have) capable of traveling the galaxy like in Star Trek/SWars.

The fun thing about the physics is that it explains the strange aspects of Roswell Foil.
Thought you might be interested in this...

Remember the consistent reports describing the weird properties of the foil scraps found around the Roswell UFO "crash site"?

Looks like metal foil, except you can wad it up and it flattens itself out.

@HamillHimself @WilliamShatner
I actually predicted the photonic crystal state of matter >25 years ago, but it wasn't part of my job and I couldn't publish it even if I could've written it up, so...

I had other, more pressing problems to deal with (preventing a nuclear war, etc), so I just shelved it.
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21 Oct

Get over it, these are the numbers that installed Trump. That 27,643.8% is the ratio of votes counted to registered voters - They didn't have 200 Russian spies vote in that county, they hacked that county's computer and added 200 votes.

Hackers like round numbers.
In 2016, they hacked the precincts' computers that tallied the local votes.

They didn't get all the computers, but they hacked enough swing states' county computers for Trump to win the Electoral College votes.

Hacked counts look fishy.

A Computer Scientist in England looked at the numbers and published an article in The Guardian saying it looked like the counts were hacked, probably by the GRU (Russian Military Intelligence).

If this had been investigated *then*, we could have tossed-out the corrupted votes.
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20 Oct
Do you have a date for this event?

Trump staged a fashion show to cover for a photo that he took of her that qualified as Child Pornography unless she was much older.

A few problems - She's much younger in this shot than she was in the "fashion show".

And that's Trump's gym...
Trump's TT Penthouse's downstairs gym.

And even amateur photographers know that it takes a few seconds to fix stray hairs on the model *before* you take the shot, but impossible to fix in the darkroom.

They also know that loincloths aren't allowed on the runway, beach, or pool.
The see-thru metal mesh outfit isn't fashion, it's sex fantasy-wear of the Fredrick's of Hollywood type.

She got the boobjob when she was 14yo. (She's had several nose-jobs.)

The photographer of-record for this shot and the "fashion show" died a couple years later.
Read 4 tweets

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