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21 Nov, 23 tweets, 9 min read
@whiteHatSnr Decades back, a big industrial house filed a case against me in Delhi HC through one of the top law firm. I prepared my own reply. I represented myself, argued standing next to this top lawyer, answered all the queries, filed my reply with the court. Finally, they relented.
@whiteHatSnr Think through. prepare your reply, point-wise, in logical sequence. Don't brag, don't exaggerate, don't be emotional. Describe yourself in a few lines ( 1 point), describe the issue, how you encountered the issue and how you got impacted by it, how you tried to address it.
@whiteHatSnr How you discovered that many parents felt the same way as you did. If possible, prepare the screenshots of the messages as annexure. Point to them from your main presentation. How you responded to the initial contact with party etc. Keep your main document clean, readable.
@whiteHatSnr I was sent a 1000+ pages document through a court officer. I walked in with a few pages reply. I had internalized the case, knew my reply by heart, rarely referred to the document while presenting my case, spoke in a steady, assertive tone without trying to muddy the water.
@whiteHatSnr Most important point to note : You reacted as a concerned parent, responsible citizen. Your tweets were NOT meant to harm anyone but to find raise concerns on an important subject like "education for children and its blatant commercialization like a cold drink brand".
@whiteHatSnr You were curious and wanted find out on SM if there were other citizens who felt the same way and you found many with similar concerns.
Raise above your personal interest. Think as if you are taking a class action against the brand.

Feel empowered. Act like one.

All the best.
@whiteHatSnr Points to think : Why Childhood matters, how does it shape a person, how quality education matters, Give a few examples how early education shaped many people, how commercialization impacting education, how parents need double income for child's education, ...
@whiteHatSnr how the big brand making parents feel inadequate, desperate etc through powerful advertisements.
@whiteHatSnr Please don't talk against the computer education, AI or algorithmic thinking. Talk about you and parents/chidren feeling "dehumanized" and like a commodity being traded for profit by devaluing your very basic existence.
@whiteHatSnr If you can write every point in a tweet each, you can prepare your court reply easily and also can argue your case powerfully. Point they are using the corporate money to suppress you as an individual citizen. Think and write with passion and be objective.
@whiteHatSnr If something impacts your friends, relatives, neighbours it also impacts you.

The natural calamities impact everyone and everyone must rise to the occasion. The said issue is a "man made calamity", if NOT opposed on time, it would destroy many children, homes and the society.
@whiteHatSnr NOTE : The above tweets are clues to argue your case as an individual. The regular lawyers can not write these things. So prepare your own document with the help of friends and well wishers.
BTW, I am a strong advocate of online edu, early AI edu and algorithmic thinking.
@whiteHatSnr Just saw your Bio. You're a tech guy. A strong point. Obvious weak link - You advocate free education for all. So you maybe presented as a guy with a BIAS against the high quality paid education and happy with free, low quality "any education". Prepare your defense accordingly.
@whiteHatSnr Just an after-thought :
Collect their advertisements, Transcribe the content, keep both TV and Print advertisements, highlight the language you find objectionable, then point out "how often" such advertisements were repeated across the channels all over the country.
@whiteHatSnr Suddenly how their multimedia campaigns created an environment of "panic, inadequacies among children and parents and how lack of this course could create total zombie out of our children".
@whiteHatSnr How a parent/child from Delhi talking to the relatives in Chennai heard them about talking about the same fear of inadequacies in them. Suddenly, this discussion was the central topic of discussion in all drawing rooms, family gathering.
@whiteHatSnr Your final appeal to the court :

The brand must stop such aggressive multimedia campaigns trying to manipulate the minds parents and young children.
Issue advertisement saying sorry to the parents and children in all channels during prime time, also in all prominent newspapers.
@whiteHatSnr This is a similar case how the TV channels changed the narratives of SSR murder case and finally the court had to intervene to moderate the conduct of the party.
@whiteHatSnr The court must throw out the case, impose the cost on them and direct them to "provide ONLY INFO about the course", NOT "manipulate the mind of parents and young children" through the expensive multimedia campaigns.

This should make a good closing of your case.
@whiteHatSnr You may reach out the senior advertising guys, take their statements to prove a point that intense advertising with a particular kind of messaging actually impacts the mind and creates a need.

Don't underestimate how you can use the #JusticeForSSR case to your advantage.
@whiteHatSnr An intense emotional message based campaign sustained for a long time, reaching out to wide audience through big budget can actually create an artificial fear and need.

Like the political parties create an artificial fear - " If you don't vote for us, you could be decimated.."
@whiteHatSnr Appeal to court :

The party must NOT "create an environment of fear and panic though their deep pocket", particularly in education, and make the children and parents feel inadequate and vulnerable"
@whiteHatSnr A bootstrapped-startup guy needs to wear many hats, even that of a lawyer.

Create a compelling case and present to the court like you would present your idea to a VC for funding.

Enjoy the journey.

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