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I'm glad people are now understanding this. Hope SS's close one's are able to grieve in peace and are given the time to heal.

Unfortunately, this tragedy has also been used against SSR to the benefit of his main culprit (Rh*a). If "SSRian's" had behaved responsibly yesterday (1)
those who are dismissing the demand for justice and case against Rhe* wouldn't be able to use what SSRian's were posting yesterday to backup their false pro RC/ anti SSR justice statements

SSRians talk about humanity etc but how is it humane when a mvmt that originated as (2)
#JusticeForSushantSinghRajput is giving such little thought to how their actions might impact SSR's justice and his legacy.

SSR is not here to speak for himself or to hire PR to ward off the attacks against him. As such, is it not the responsibility of every1 that (3)
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@whiteHatSnr Decades back, a big industrial house filed a case against me in Delhi HC through one of the top law firm. I prepared my own reply. I represented myself, argued standing next to this top lawyer, answered all the queries, filed my reply with the court. Finally, they relented.
@whiteHatSnr Think through. prepare your reply, point-wise, in logical sequence. Don't brag, don't exaggerate, don't be emotional. Describe yourself in a few lines ( 1 point), describe the issue, how you encountered the issue and how you got impacted by it, how you tried to address it.
@whiteHatSnr How you discovered that many parents felt the same way as you did. If possible, prepare the screenshots of the messages as annexure. Point to them from your main presentation. How you responded to the initial contact with party etc. Keep your main document clean, readable.
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This thread is straight from my heart about whatever I have learnt in since June
1. Only a few people in Politics care for citizen
2. Bollywood is a vicious Cult
3. India is a Developing Nation but noone ever taught us the levels of under development.
4. We dont know our history
5. Most News channels run business similar to worse than prostitution, they deal on misery of the poor/citizens
6. I have learnt to be patient but I don't know the limit of my calmness for things to change.
7. People avoid people who raise questions.
How did I learn this ?
1. Only a few people in Politics care for citizen
Watched Tashkent Files & read about how Shastriji & many others were killed so that a particular set of ppl could benefit & it is continuing now, look at Hathras..
Congress doesn't Really care!!
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My sources in Media Industry (very highly placed can't name them, sorry 🙏🏼) told me the real reason behind the sudden Media Attention & Hyperbole towards #Hathras incident. The reason is none other than TRP

Week after week Republic & Republic Bharat has left them behind in TRPs
These channels tried everything to counter Arnab, some even resorted to copying the style of Republic when reporting from Mumbai about #NCB investigations. Some copied chasing of cars like Republic does. When even that couldn't dislodge Republic...
Several Senior Anchors, Editors & Reporters were sent from Delhi to fortify Mumbai reporting team. That too didn't work as the relatively inexperienced team led by Pradip Bhandari managed to beat the again in TRPs. This led to more frustration which was evident in αttαck..
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People might criticize #Congress and its leadership for the miserable numbers when it comes to seats the party has won in recent years. But nobody can deny @INCIndia is the only one party that is truly national and centrist like #RahulGandhi.
Numbers don't tell the real story. Actions speak louder than words.

Congress in Bihar joined issues in #JusticeForSSR and demanded #CBIforSSR.

Moving eastward, Congress in West Bengal hit the roads in support of 'Bengali Brahmin' girl Rhea Chakraborty.
Rhea has been wronged by CBI, #Modi, #Israel and #America among #KangnaRanaut. Hence Congress is agitating for restoration of Bengali pride.

Moving westward, Congress is in alliance with #ShivSena, which is trying to save innocent drug peddling suspect #RheaChakraborthy.
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Special NDPS Act court has REJECTED the Bail pleas of

Rhea Chakraborty
Showik Chakraborty
Samuel Miranda
Dipesh Sawant
Abdel Basit Parihar &
Zaid Vilatra

#RheaChakroborty #RheaChakraborthy #SushantSingRajputDeathCase
#JusticeForRhea #JusticeForSSR
Satish Maneshinde (Representing Rhea Chakraborty): Once we get a copy of the order, we will decide next week on the course of action, about approaching the Bombay High Court

#RheaChakroborty #RheaChakraborthy
#JusticeForRhea #JusticeForSSR #SatishManeshinde
Special NDPS Court rejects bail plea filed by Rhea Chakraborty, Showik Chakraborty and others

#RheaChakroborty #RheaChakraborthy
#JusticeForRhea #JusticeForSSR #SatishManeshinde…
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1/ @remyarav

The demolition of Kangana's illegal office premises couldnt have happened at a better time for Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena and their Chief Uddhav Thackrey have been on a backfoot since the time they hugged and cuddled with the MVA twosome of NCP and
2/ @remyarav

Over the period of Uddhav Thackrey becoming the CM
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1/ #PoliticallySpeaking

The demolition of Kangana's illegal office premises couldnt have happened at a better time for Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena and their Chief Uddhav Thackrey have been on a backfoot since the time they hugged and cuddled with the MVA twosome of NCP and
2/ Congress.

Over the period of Uddhav Thackrey becoming the CM till now, UT has been relegated as the "Puppet of Pawar" and Aditya has been shoved around being called the "Pappu of Shiv Sena".

So much that on ground, the murmurs in the Sainik groups gave an evident
3/ inclinations of them thinking their boss being spineless and a "no match to Balasaheb".

There was a growing resentment in the Sainiks of the swing of the Sena leadership away from the confrontational and aggressive politics that Sena has been known for and have garnered
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I have been thoroughly intrigued by the online vilification of #RheaChakraborty — the memes, the posters, the #JusticeForSSR fan pages calling for her arrest. Who are these guys?

@NidhiSuresh_ speaks to 3 such men who are united in their hate for Rhea.…
Dheeraj hadn’t been a big fan of Rajput; what drew him was the fact that Rajput, like himself, was also from Bihar and managed to make it big in Bollywood.

He is one of the administrators of a Facebook group called “Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput”.
He's convinced that SSR was murdered and Rhea should be blamed: “Agar Salman [Khan] ki girlfriend ya wife aur Salman ke beech scene hua, toh kiska chalega? Salman ka hi chalega. Aur jabki yahan par Sushant aur Rhea ke sath jo scene hua, usme kiska chala tha? Rhea ka chala tha.”
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कौन है यह @rautsanjay61 ?
खुद को मुम्बई का बाप समझता है क्या? या मुम्बई-महाराष्ट्र को इस देश से अलग मानता है?
अब कंगना को धमकी दी है, कि वो मुम्बई न आएं, क्योंकि कंगना ने मुम्बई पुलिस की आलोचना की, महाराष्ट्र सरकार की आलोचना की, कल को यह भो** वाला हर एक आदमी को बोलेगा कि मुम्बई न आये क्योंकि हर कोई मुम्बई की किसी न किसी मामले में आलोचना करता ही है।
सुशान्त की हत्या के मामले में बिना जांच की मुम्बई पुलिस और महाराष्ट्र सरकार ने उसे आत्महत्या बताया और बेशर्मी से अपनी बात को हर जगह यही संजय राउत डिफेंड करता रहा, और जब सवाल पूछा गया तो धमकी दे रहा है सूतिया।
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"Women can be's seen in Indian families...the wife or girlfriend doesn't really like too much of the man's relationship with his own family."

This regressive BS is being passed off as #JusticeforSSR on TV news. Coverage being led by women anchors no less.
On our 100th episode, we look at the sponsors who are backing the fall and fall of TV news.

Also, why you need to step in and support @newslaundry — an ad-free platform that is able to do the stuff it does purely on subscriptions.

TV Newsance is just one of the many things we do.

We produce original ground reports, deep dives and investigations, media critique, podcasts, interviews, video explainers and more. If you like what we do, please do consider powering our work.
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गली गली में शोर है उद्धव ठाकरे की सरकार चोर है।

Bihar Counsel Maninder Singh in Supreme Court: Bihar police's FIR is the only FIR in the case. There is a complete lapse of investigation on part of Mumbai police.
Maninder Singh: The allegation is against political class in Maharashtra which has stopped even the registering of and FIR. A senior officer of Bihar police was put in detention.
Maninder Singh for Bihar police:56 people were examined by Mumbai police. Final report of post mortem came on June 25.Maharashtra didn't register any FIR even though it examined so many people..verdicts state post mortem date is the last date for police to rely on Section174,CrPC
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#MumbaiPolice is a force of great officers, who have done good for the city and even sacrificed their lives for it. But the #MahaGovt has reduced the force down to a puppet used to mop up its crimes. @CPMumbaiPolice RISE and RESIST against the ones trying to influence you. #SSR
You used to boast of brave officers who stood up against corrupt powers, remember #HimanshuRoy, #VijaySalaskar who crushed street gangs, who put gangsters behind bars on in their coffins. #JusticeForSushant #SushantSinghRajput
Your brave constable, #TukaramOmble died while trying to catch the devil himself who tried to attack our city. You had ‘encounter specialists like #PradeepSharma who risked their lives and killed criminals like flies. #JusticeForSushant #JusticeForDisha
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“Now This Makes Complete Sense”
This is what might have happened with Sushant Singh.

Suraj Pancholi called Sushant’s ex manager Disha Salian to their penthouse for partying. Present in the party were Arbaaz khan, Aditya Thackeray (CM’s son), Rhea’s brother and many
celebrities. They raped Disha Salian and then threw here from the her own house which is on 14th floor to make it look like suicide. Disha had the time to call and inform Sushant singh between the rape and her death. Sushant Singh after knowing the truth told Sandeep Singh and
Rhea every thing. Sandeep informed Suraj and Aaditya.

Since that day they had been giving him death threats and told him not to open his mouth to the cops or media. Sushant changed his SIM card 50 times between 9th June to 13th June. He was really scared for his life and
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Look what I found - wedding pics of Anooshe Musarrat - daughter of Aneel the "godfather". Look who all attended the wedding in London! (and save these pics)
I always wondered why Hrithik was spared from being destroyed when he was in his 30s and rising. Here's the answer - he sold his soul!
As early as 2007, Aneel-the-godfather was already producing Bollywood movies (we just don't seem to know which ones - and that's exactly the point!). It says here deep down under "Interests"
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