Western medicine is not “evidence-based medicine.” It is authority-based medicine. It must be certified by the Church of medicine, a controlled ecosystem, to be valid.

Anything not certified is “heresy” aka “quackery.” People can’t decide if it works for them. Authorities must.
Evidence is pratyaksha. But there is a superstructure of authority to certify what is evidence. Who controls that? Who owns journals? What gets certified? Doctors can even be sued in the US for "un-certified" use even if they rely on years of experience.

I am not questioning evidence but the privilege of the structure of authority over evidence—authority-certified shabd pramana overrides pratyaksha pramana.

Which is why it is authority-based, not evidence based. Let's not get into "true science" fallacy.

"Alternative" medicine is attacked—as not "certified" by the authority. The narrative used will be that it is not "evidence-based" but the certifying authority has neither the capacity nor the inclination to gather the evidence. Doesn't fit the doctrine.

A lot of Western medicine is (badly) poached. Many remedies are extracts of traditional remedies after the chemicals are isolated, the original is attacked and the certified cure packaged and sold at 100x the cost.

But here they protect their turf.

This illustrates the Church of Medicine.

It is a letter of religious doctrine. It claims Indian medicine should only be based on "original texts" and Western medicine must remain "pure" with no "violation of identity." 🤣

Excommunication is threatened for teaching unbelievers.
@subhash_kak's knowledgeable thread.

Good to see that what I perceive via intuition is also being articulated via some (heretic) academia (which is largely the new Church).

Under British Raj, surgery was removed from Ayurveda, where it was very advanced. Surgery has little to do with allopathy per se, it's not bound to a particular system of pharmacology. Restoring surgery to Ayurveda will challenge monopoly of Western medicine. That's the fear.
I haven't consulted an allopathic doctor in years. My personal physician in Seattle is a naturopath. Growing up, my family did not use allopathy either.

China is now running major hospitals based on Chinese medicine and that is the most common modality.

And far as surgery goes, once the modality is restored to Ayurveda and we have trained surgeons, I would prefer that any day over an allopathic hospital for surgery. Why? Because Ayurveda has a much more finely-grained understanding of diet and post-op care; would help recovery.
Wait for the atrocity literature to start coming out on this soon.

The state of surgery in Europe in the 19th century before they encountered Indian knowledge—half the patients who underwent surgery died. Their instruments were more primitive than those from India a thousand year earlier. We have a fantasy about the West.
Oh they were already legalized. How do you think they made a trillion dollars selling Statins using authority-based medicine to line their pockets while helping no patients. 😏

Multi-decade multi-instituional quackery.

Would "evidence-based medicine" actually have survived multi-decades of mal-prescription?

Another insightful article by Dr. @subhash_kak

“The case against [medical] science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.” Editor of Lancet.

But “Faith” sustains the @raghurajs_hegde kinds.

There is very little accountability for medical "scientific" quackery. They can poison people, delay cure with a focus on annuity drugs (which patients have to take for a lifetime for increased $), get away with horrible side-effects, with no recourse.

• • •

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15 Nov
Somewhere around 2 million people were killed in the Partition of India, midwifed by Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah.

Nathuram Godse was an assassin.

But the first act of terror in "independent" India was surely the partition, directly attributed to the Congress and Muslim league.
Nehru's govt minimized this holocaust.

The focus on Godse sidesteps the horror of partition—a Congress-Islamic project. Those ignorant of history are bound to repeat it.

Now Left manages to indoctrinate youth into "tukde tukde"—forgetting history.

We need a Partition Museum.
Congress and "seculars" keeps saying Godse-Godse to divert attention from horrors of partition.

The partition came from appeasement policies of Gandhi and Congress, including literal support for an Islamic Caliphate.

Congress riot machine started early.

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While everyone knows about the Nazi genocide of Jews, the Nazi genocide of Roma is largely forgotten.

Roma were of Indian-origin. Nazis were Christian, with Islamic collaborators. #ChristoIslam continues to target Hindus.

The genocide of Jews is rooted in Christian history and doctrine. Islamists also regard Jews as their enemies. Hilarious gaslighting to label Hindus, who protected Jews as Nazis.

Nazism itself is rooted in Christianity. Most Nazis were Church-going Christians.

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14 Nov
NGT was part of #UPA plan to create institutions to control India even if they left power. It is to allow FCRA-NGO ecosystem veto power over India.

The BJP has not only not setup its own interventions but has done little to dismantle UPA ecosystem. #NGT doesn't need to exist.
NGT is doing exactly what it was setup to do. Attack Hindu practises and institutions. The environment is not its agenda, and one does not need a judicial body for that anyway. One needs executive policy.

It boggles the mind that the @narendramodi govt, instead of dismantling the toxic divisive institutions introduced by the #UPA such as NGO and "Minority Ministry", has enhanced and empowered them even more. SJW-Left on steroids.

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The callous anti-Hindu state whose policies have destroyed the environment. It has no vision or plan but like a bully can only beat up the vulnerable. This will save the environment?
@myogiadityanath is still a hope of having a Hindu state which is based on dharma. Let us see.

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13 Nov
Serious sepoy work. 😏 Wonder why doesn't ask India to be tougher on the US for their Human Rights problems?
India "declining" in Human Rights during Modi's time is a fantasy, but here is where US could catch up to India @dhume:

1. Quotas for ethnic minorities.
2. Govt Scholarships for religious minorities.
3. Legalize polygamy for Muslims, why deny their rights?
4. Clean up elections.
Just a start:

5. Stop legally disenfranchising felons as the US does, disproportionately affecting Black people.
6. Restore lands to Native Americans stolen via treaty violations.
7. Stop requiring registration for voting.
8. Restitutions to all the countries invaded
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They're doing this to defame Islam, which is a religion of peace.

All these defame Islam: Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Hizbul Mujahideen, Pakistan... and more.

This is why Muslims protest... against France.

The militants claim they are doing this to establish an Islamic Caliphate. But this must be a CIA-Ziionist plot where the militants secretly want to establish Disneyland instead. The world is conspiring in propaganda to defame Islam. Tell them off @zainabsikander.
After beheading males, they abducted and carried off the women. All this just to make Islam look bad. No "Holy Book" ever talks about "women under the right hand" being halal and so this has never happened in Islamic history.

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