In GA @sendavidperdue won decisively over @ossoff; combined GOP vote decisively over @ReverendWarnock. So Perdue/ @SenatorLoeffler are favorites. Cracked polls will help them raise money and create an appearance of competitiveness for Ds. Drop polling. Just report 11/3 results.
Cover the race closely. Cover all the statements by mainstream Republicans @sendavidperdue and @SenatorLoeffler, radical Democrats @ossoff and @ReverendWarnock. Cover the stakes: Ossoff and Warnock want to pack Supreme Court, defund police, slash military spending, raise taxes.
Cover the heck out of it everywhere in the country since Democratic upsets would fundamentally change the country by also ending the Senate’s legislative filibuster and Medicare as we know it, allow radical nominees by President-elect Biden. But don’t use polling. It’s broken.
Using polling after spectacular busts like —less than a week before the vote— headlining Biden ahead of Trump by 17 in Wisconsin isn’t responsible. It isn’t “journalism.” It’s cheerleading Democrats while pretending to non-partisanship. 9 out of 10 polls —95 out of 100– skew D?
Polling is to political journalism today as leeching patients would be to medicine today: Destructive, once reputable methodology that the “profession” was late to admit was worse than doing nothing at all. So watch and see which platforms still use. They are rooting for the Ds.

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10 Nov
Counting, recounting and any legal challenges should proceed but @realDonaldTrump voters —and I am one— have to study the numbers not the web’s fantasies. @DecisionDeskHQ is best cite for data. It is highly improbable and almost impossible for @POTUS to win but trying to is legit
Attempts to intimidate or bully people into silence over their concerns amplifies the bias of those trying to turn eyes away from any irregularities. As @senatemajldr said yesterday, no lectures needed from the Russia conspiracy theorists and legacy media enablers.
There is no “threat to democracy,” no crisis, no endangering the peaceful transition of power. That’s absurd histrionics by people who don’t read or at least read history. Platforms and microphones don’t make for wisdom. Sometimes the opposite. Stay calm and carry on. To Georgia.
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16 Oct
.@realDonaldTrump won ratings, but @JoeBiden went longer. When voters turned in to Biden?: “The questions were softball. I think Biden lost votes with his answers on why black voters should vote for him, transgender rights and fracking,” said one GOP strategist to @nypost 1
.@realDonaldTrump fought with @SavannahGuthrie while @GStephanopoulos went full Merv Griffin w/ @JoeBiden. but as @nypost panel of experts concluded, each played to base:… (The Post, btw, has yet another Hunter Biden story. One a day until 11/3?) 2
The last debate may move needle, but its still a turnout election, w/ only the GDP number still to come --proving or disproving the "Super V" recovery. And of course @realDonaldTrump rallies. Expect him to rally round the circuit of PA, WI, AZ, NC, FL, OH, NH, GA. It works. 3
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9 Oct
Like @JoeBiden, @SteveScully is a very nice guy. He's an excellent host. And, it appears, he doesn't like @realDonaldTrump --which is fine, if he's open about it. The @debates Commission is full of nice people too --I've known, worked w/ Jane Harmon many times for example. 1
But you have to be a moron -there aren't many morons inside the Beltway's many circles- not to see the set-up here, how it has unfolded. Read this column,…, listen to @realDonaldTrump on @RushLimbaugh today, and go GOTV. It is "Countryside v. Capital" time.
It will take a 4rth quarter comeback for @realDonaldTrump to get out of the trap the @Debates Commission/Wallace built for him, but I thought he was toast in 2016 too and this time he's got a vast army of volunteers and now, w/ Commission perfidy and @SteveScully DM, a plan. 3
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1 Oct
My criticisms of Commission on Presidential @debates are long standing. It represents Manhattan-Beltway interests and is partisan. With regards to this latest attempt to change rules to favor @JoeBiden at expense of @realDonaldTrump, here is text of letter Denver Post. 1
The letter was shared with me with permission to use it:

In this morning's edition, you printed four letters regarding the presidential debate, all of them critical of President Donald Trump's performance.  Did you receive none about Joe Biden?  Well, here's one. 2
The first time the President spoke, there was no interruption.  The first time Biden spoke, there was no interruption.  When the President responded to Biden's comments about the Supreme Court nomination, Biden interrupted him four times. 3
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24 Sep
Issues on which next #SCOTUS justice will prove pivotal: separation of powers; scope of Free Exercise Clause and "tension" w/ Establishment Clause; Free Speech; breadth of Second Amendment; criminal procedure in the age of surveillance; scope of deference to regulatory agencies 1
Property rights and especially regulatory takings; rights of states vis-a-vis the federal government; scope of Congressional power to regulate commerce and of course scope of reproductive rights. People suggesting delay don't know the number and importance of big disputes. 2
Originalists --simply put, people who believe in the Constitution and in limited government, who prize freedom and liberty-- have been taking it on the chin for 33 years...since Judge Bork. They have elected four GOP presidents and one moderate Democrat. one left Democrat. 3
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19 Sep
“The rule is that the Senate majority rules in this matter. British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli put it succinctly in the 19th century: “A majority is always better than the best repartee.” Talk all you want, but 51 votes decides.” 2
So expect a nominee quickly (Monday?) and hearings in a week or two chaired by @LindseyGrahamSC Democrats are threatening to do things they have already threatened to do —end legislative filibuster, “pack” the Supreme Court. But they’ve already committed to doing those things. 3
When Harry Reid used the nuclear option to end the filibuster for nominees he changed the Senate. He did so over GOP warnings. Now GOP has the majority and @senatemajldr and must take seriously threats made by Ds before Justice RBG died. Seriously, can people not see this? 4
Read 4 tweets

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