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We're expecting one or more #SCOTUS opinions starting at 10a. After yesterday, 20 cases remain, including a lot of the big ones (see image). Follow along here for live-tweeting, and subscribe to Law Dork now to get any of my reporting that follows: Among the <strike>23</strik...
Just one or two opinions coming this morning.
I covered some recurring end-of-term questions — including what the boxes mean — at Law Dork in May here:…
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John Roberts 2013: “I just do not think Alabama will do a racism against Black voters if I strike down preclearance.”

John Roberts 2023: “Oh my, Alabama did a racism against Black voters.” #SCOTUS
“Since the Supreme Court gutted preclearance in Shelby County v. Holder, this redistricting cycle was the first without federal oversight, allowing hostile state governments to pass maps that dilute the voices of Black voters and other voters of color."…
LDF (cont.): “This decision is a clear message to lawmakers that their responsibility has not changed: They must ensure that voters of color are not denied an opportunity to participate in the electoral process.”…
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It's a two-box day at #SCOTUS, meaning we're expecting 3 or 4 opinions, unless they're both really long.
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The first decision is in Health and Hospital Association of Marion County v. Talevski. Jackson has the 7-2 opinion for the court, finding there *is* a 1983 cause of action under the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act. Thomas and Alito dissent.… SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED...
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1. I've been pondering the #venue angst that I see being amplified by Trump's attorney, who claims to not represent him, #TimParlatore, who was selling it on @Lawrence. Weird coincidence that within 23 days from now #SCOTUS should hand down a case on whether criminal venue error
2. prevents retrial after defective venue ruling vacates a conviction. SCOTUS hasn't done a criminal venue case in a long time and they're doing one right now, passing drafts around & thinking about it while Parlatore does his MSNBC schtick. But I've concluded it's a red herring.
3. The US Code has flaws for the lazy. You might look at the name of a specific statute and think it actually describes the entire statute. The obstruction chapter has a few sleepers. I went back to refresh my memory regarding some of the key facts.
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OK, all! I am so appreciative of the support that you have shown me in launching Law Dork. Now, in the last 15 days of my first year, I need your help.
My original goal when launching was 10,000 total subscribers in the first year, and 1,000 paid subscribers. The total subscribers is well above the goal — headed toward 15,000! Law Dork chart showing 14,3...
But, as you can see, I still need 100 more paid subscribers before June 21 to meet that goal. If you've been reading my work and are able to afford it, please consider a paid subscription today. It's just $6/mo or $60/year. Thank you! Law Dork chart showing 900 ...
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Twenty years of Law Dork —… — and I could not be more proud of the work I'm putting out now.
On Thursday, I wrote about Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's dissent in the big labor case at #SCOTUS, Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters:…
Then, late Friday night (technically, early Saturday morning), I was the first to report on the ruling against Tennessee's anti-drag law:…
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NEWS: #SCOTUS will not stop Tuesday's scheduled execution of Michael Tisius in Missouri. There are no noted dissents. (ORDER LIST: 598 U.S.)  MON...(ORDER LIST: 598 U.S.)  MON...
This is one of two executions scheduled for this month, as I covered last week at Law Dork:…
UPDATE: #SCOTUS rejects the two remaining requests for a stay of execution that were pending for Michael Tisius, who Missouri is seeking to execute this evening. (ORDER LIST:  598 U.S.) TUE...(ORDER LIST:  598 U.S.) TUE...
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OK, all, it's June. We're expecting 3 or 4 opinions (or 2 really long decisions) from #SCOTUS this morning, starting at 10a.
Here's my latest Law Dork update on where things stand:…
The first #SCOTUS decision is in Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters. The state tort claim is not preempted by the NLRA. Barrett has the court's opinion. Alito, Thomas, and Gorsuch only concur in judgment. Jackson dissents alone in the labor case.…
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After Justice Kagan (notably) provided a brief explanation for her recusal from a case in last week’s #SCOTUS Order List, here’s Justice Alito *not* explaining his recusal in a case in which certiorari was denied today:… Image
Here’s Kagan last week:… Image
Alito owns stock in Phillips 66—one of the petitioners here. So there’s no great mystery (or sinister reason) for recusing.

But that seems all the *more* reason to follow what was supposed to be the new norm of disclosure—since everyone already knows why he’s not participating.
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The idea that the Clean Water Act doesn’t extend to wetlands, which is what the Supreme Court—not a single scientist among them—decided today, is like saying there’s no connection between air pollution and the atmosphere. It makes no goddamn sense but it doesn’t need to 🧵
The Sacketts, the wealthy couple behind this case, were selected as plaintiffs by the Pacific Legal Foundation, a dark $ funded “public interest” law org that’s been bringing cases intended to expand rights for polluting industries while also weakening civil rights, for decades.
The Sacketts have been serial plaintiffs on this issue alone. Why? Because the Pacific Legal Foundation and it’s corporate backers want to gut the Clean Water Act (also the Clean Air Act and they’d like the EPA to go away entirely).
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I see some folks are duped by the Durham report.

Yes, Durham Report explores the role of public popularity in the decision to seek criminal charges, and the potential role of popularity in obtaining a conviction.

The people from the GOP Deep State cabal that installed Trump
and that sought to partner with Russia to permit US corporations to extract resources from the Arctic understand how popular opinion can influence DOJ and how a media, controlled by the cabal, can influence popular opinion.

Why do you think Trump's always playing the victim and
his handler's trying to influence public opinion to shape DOJ actions?

Or the actions of state or local prosecutors?

Carter Page was a CIA asset = Page was a GOP Deep State cabal asset = the cabal used CIA (compartmentalization) to try to block FBI investigation into Page.
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No new #SCOTUS grants today.
#SCOTUS GVR in case asking whether circuit court was required to remand SEC matter back to the agency after finding that the agency had applied the incorrect legal standard. No 22-714 Calcutt v. FDIC. Background:…
#SCOTUS won't hear arbitration dispute involving $820 million settlement. No 22-518 Petrobras America v. Transcor Astra Group. Background:…
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#Anonymous exposing Leonard Leo leader of the conservative movement
Leo is a member of the secretive, Knights of Malta, an extremist 12th century Catholic order who believes in rolling back time. He owns #SCOTUS #Kavanaugh #Barrett #Alito #Roberts #Gorsuch #RonSenatis #GregAbbott Image
Leo will stop at nothing:
here’s an email now #SCOTUS #Kavanaugh received when he was running nominations for President Bush, in which Leonard Leo & the
call for “bashed kneecaps & blood” after the defeat of one of their conservative lower court nominees Image
Leonard Leo meticulously groomed the right wing judicial system through the federalist society from internships to appointments to the offices of plutocrat-funded think tanks and right wing legal advocacy groups—“the manicured terrarium of the conservative legal community”
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Alright, now that I've had more than a minute to think about all of this, some additional thoughts:

This was the *best case scenario* for these cases today. The Taamneh opinion only reinforces the status quo (a major win for websites AND users). #SCOTUS
I have to say, it was surprising to see such a clean win authored by Justice Thomas no less. I think many of us assumed he would have been eager to undermine existing precedence around 1A and even 230 as applied to online publishers.

That's not at all what occurred here.
Keep in mind of course, this was a very narrow issue for SCOTUS (aiding and abetting law). So, it doesn't really come as a surprise that we got such a clean decision here.

The bigger concern really was how the Court would approach Gonzalez. They got it exactly right.
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What a day! 🔥 We have four incredible decisions released from the U.S. Supreme Court across intellectual property and internet law.

I’ll help break it down with a quick first pass at what the outcomes have been for four cases.


#SupremeCourt #SCOTUS
🔥 Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith

The Court finds in favor of Goldsmith that the use of the Prince photograph was NOT a #FairUse under #Copyright law.
It was a 7-2 decision written by Justice Sotomayor, with a dissent written by Justice Kagan and joined by Chief Justice Roberts.

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1/ @SenWhitehouse wants to talk about #SCOTUS ethics reform, but when it comes to stock trading, he's the one with an ethics problem. Great work on this issue and general background on @SenWhitehouse from @capitalresearch… ImageImage
2/ In May 2017, @politico reported that @SenWhitehouse, a member of Health (HELP) Committee purchased shares in 3 pharmaceutical companies 10 days before November 2016 public roll-out of major bill to speed up FDA's drug approval process.…
3/ @SenWhitehouse purchases occurred while lawmakers and lobbyists were hammering out details of proposal behind closed doors. Nothing was public yet.
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1. To mark today's publication day for "The Shadow Docket," I wanted to write a #thread not about the book, but about gratitude—to *everyone* who helped to make this day a reality, and to whom I am so deeply and profoundly grateful.

Here goes:
2. At the top of the list of people without whom there wouldn't be a book are my fantastic agent, @AliaHanna, and my amazing editor, @emmafberry.

From the beginning, both Alia and Emma understood not just what I hoped to accomplish in the book, but how to make it happen.
3. I'm also grateful to my sister-in-law, @doree, who in addition to being a wonderful writer of her own and the person who introduced me to Alia, has also been an incredibly patient correspondent and soother of nerves all the way through this process.
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#SCOTUS takes up a South Carolina redistricting case, a case over minority-party power in the House, and a pair of Armed Career Criminal Act cases in today's orders. APPEAL -- JURISDICTION NOTE...
Here is today's full #SCOTUS orders list:…
Subscribe to Law Dork now to support my independent journalism:
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This article by @SRCSandra covers A LOT of ground highlighting #PuertoRico's current state of affairs. What is discussed is important & comes to the conclusion that this reality is unsustainable.

In 🧵 below I will highlight/translate key points:

There may no longer be military governors imposed by US running the show but more than ever before in island's history, federal government controls/oversees many key agency functions due to the mediocrity & rampant corruption of the local government.
#PuertoRico's police department has a federal monitor due to rampant police abuse & most recently an additional monitor has been placed to review/oversee certain department finances.
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NEW EPISODE: #SCOTUS says various kinds of public corruption *are not* crimes while the Justices engage in a little ~lite~ public corruption too!

- plus the dormant commerce clause case;
- and we discuss Richard Glossip's case with his lawyer, John Mills.…
For more info on Richard Glossip's case, check out:

@LeahLitman @kateashaw1 @ProfMMurray @MelodyRowell @AshleyMizuo
And you can follow the work of Phillips Black here: @PhillipsBlackPr!
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1. Starting a running #thread on the decision(s) that come down from #SCOTUS starting at 10:00 ET today.

All we publicly know is that one or more rulings are coming from among the 45 cases that were argued earlier this Term.

How many rulings, and which ones, well... stay tuned.
2. And while we're waiting, if you're not already subscribed to my weekly #SCOTUS newsletter, "One First," it might be a good time to check it out!

3. The press corps is reporting that there are "three boxes" (literally the boxes from which hard copies of the opinions are distributed).

That doesn't tell us how many we're getting (since we don't know the length of each one), but it probably means ... a bunch.

Here we go...
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The Polling Co paid Thomas’s firm, Liberty Consulting, $80,000 between June 2011 and June 2012, and it expected to pay $20,000 more before the end of 2012.
🚩 "And it shows Leo arranging for the money to be drawn from a nonprofit that soon would have an interest before the court.
2012: Judicial Ed Project amicus brief in Shelby County v. Holder, challenging a landmark civil rights law protecting minority voters. The court struck down.. in the Voting Rights Act that determined which states had to obtain federal clearance before changing their voting rules. Image
Clark of Washington U said that if the Judicial Education Project paid Ginni Thomas $100,000 in the year and a half before it filed its brief, the size and timing of the payments would have been enough to cast doubt on Clarence Thomas’s impartiality and require his recusal. Image
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BREAKING: Oklahoma GOP AG to #SCOTUS about Richard Glossip’s case: “Absent this Court’s intervention, an execution will move forward under circumstances where the Attorney General has already confessed error—a result that would be unthinkable.” Background:…
#SCOTUS filing, in which the OK AG’s office is joined by Paul Clement.…
An important brief, with an essential task in front of #SCOTUS: “In those unprecedented circumstances, this Court should grant the application for a stay of execution.” This Court has long held th...While the State has previou...
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BREAKING: SCOTUS agrees to take up a case calling for an end to Chevron deference — a longstanding SCOTUS rule for reviewing, and often deferring to, agency actions. The case is Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. Justice Jackson recused herself from consideration of the case.
In total, #SCOTUS granted two new cases today. Here is the full orders list:… Image
The eight justices who considered the petition (not Jackson) even got rid of the more limited question presented by the petition, leaving little to no doubt about the conservatives’ aim here in granting cert in this case. Cert petition:… Image
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