I really don't think people understand just how much damage Trump and the GOP are doing to themselves with this attempt to delegitimize the election results. When it's all said and done and Trump is officially the loser, he'll be in a far weaker position than other former POTUS's
The risk that Trump and the Republicans are running into now is twofold: The first being the amount of political capital that they're spending on a fool's errand. The outcome is known, fighting over it takes attention off of the Georgia Senate races and Biden's cabinet picks...
The second risk is that they're going to embolden the majority to begin to act like a majority. If/when Democrats realize that Biden's election margin was historic, they're going to demand he be granted his mandate. They'd be wise to go all in on pro-democracy policies...
The Republicans are putting themselves in an untenable position where they're going to be the party that opposes voting rights and clings to anti-majoritarian institutions like the Senate and Electoral College to preserve their power. Democrats can just weaken those structures...
In a political world where the GOP has cast their lot on doubting the clear results of this presidential election and then blocks common sense legislation, they're handing Democrats the keys to eliminating the filibuster and neutering, if not abolishing, the Electoral College...
Meanwhile, Trump will grow weaker and irrelevant outside of the Republican base while the party becomes a host to his predilections and embrace his unpopular rhetoric because they can't win primaries without his tacit blessing. Trump will never be as powerful as he was on Nov. 2
The fact of the matter is this: Trump never won the popular vote and, between 2016 and 2020, nine million more people voted against him than for him. He was never popular with Americans, only with a sliver of Republicans. Giving him the deed to the party's future is a bad idea.
The TL;DR summary of this thread: If Republicans don't fight tooth and nail against a Trump run in 2024, they're resigning themselves to losing the popular vote (again) and ceding all of their power to a weak and defeated former president. Fin.

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20 Nov
This is why no one would ever hire me as a political strategists, but if I were the Democrats right now, I'd be like, "Y'all don't wanna have a transition? Cool. Any non-political gov't employee who ain't in on the transition by 11/30 is getting fired or reassigned."...
If I were the Democrats, I'd make it clear; you either get down or lay down, but Trump is done and if you still on that bullshit with him, you can't fuck with us. The GOP has already made it clear whose side they're on, make the gov't employees pick a side too...
The only way Democrats can win this fight is if they stop making it binary. Republicans know that Dems are gonna be responsible, so they can act irrationally. If the Dems want results, they need to create a secondary consequence. Threaten to shoot the hostages...
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19 Nov
So, the Trump campaign's legal argument has become, "If we only count votes for Trump, he wins"? Someone explain to me how this is supposed to be a coup again? Sounds like they're on Plan G at this point and the only place their strategy is working is on Twitter...
This is the problem with a guy making decisions who never ran for office before he became president. Trump & co. don't get the micro-politics of getting involved with the states. Those Republican legislators got other jobs and don't owe Trump that much. They gotta get reelected.
If the Trump plan is to get GOP led state legislatures to toss Democratic votes and give Trump an Electoral College win by overturning statewide votes, he doesn't get how these bodies operate. You can't strong-arm these folks when the evidence is clear that you've lost...
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19 Nov
Not trying to assail Rich here, but this is the major difference between being Black and white in Corporate America. Without a mentor or a guide, he's been able to be successful in his career because he looked like he belonged there. A guy like me needed mentors to survive...
Which is always my challenge to white guys in business; Find someone who doesn't look like you and decide that you want them to be successful. Mentorship and guidance is far more efficacious when it comes to folks who get more doubts than benefits. That's how the game changes...
I wouldn't be where I am in my career and wouldn't have had some of the opportunities I got if it hadn't been for white people who wanted me to achieve. I could run down a whole list of names, but those mentors who didn't have to give a fuck have meant a lot to my growth...
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15 Nov
I don't get it. We're seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, we have to make sure we have a smooth transfer of power to get the vaccine to market, and Joe Biden is being denied his ability to being to transition over and the media is like, "But what's Trump's point here?". Stop it.
It's time for everyone to make it clear that Donald Trump, and the Republican Party that's aiding and abetting him, is wrong and is doing real and calculable damage with their refusal to accept legitimate election results. It's not about "humoring" him, it's validating insanity.
At no point in the four years of Trump's time in office have the GOP ever backed away from supporting his most ridiculous of instincts. There's never been a time when they've stood up to him or told him that enough is enough. Why do we keep expecting them to change now?
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25 Oct
We are ten days away from the end of the election and Trump and the GOP have utterly failed in presenting the affirmative case for keeping them in power. They have no platform, they have no plan, and they don't even have facts. All they have is white grievance and antipathy...
Sadly, outside of a pandemic and with a healthy enough economy, Trump and the GOP might have been able to mount a successful campaign on white grievance and antipathy, but this is the exact moment people need a functioning and fact-based government and they're not getting it...
And on all of the other traditional GOP metrics, the party is failing. They've shown no fiscal discipline. Their support for Trump has made a mockery of family values. They've ceded global primacy to Vladimir Putin. And now they come to voters and ask for more power. How? Why?
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23 Oct
When I was 17, my boy Antoine connected with some girls from another neighborhood across town. I had a car, so he asked me if I wanted to roll up to Aqueduct to kick it with these girls. I was young and stupid and said yes. We got there and fucked around and stayed too late...
It's 8:00 at night, the sun had gone down, I look out the window, and it's four dudes that I don't know all leaning on my car. It's 1995, so I ain't have keyless entry. We were gonna hafta fight or get taxed to get the fuck outta there. I was scared for my life...
So we told the girls to go out front and see what the dudes wanted so that we could get in the car and leave. They came back in and was like, "They don't want nothing, they said y'all can leave whenever." Relieved, we walked out the door, got in the car, started pulling away...
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