1. This Obama judge in Pennsylvania is outrageous.  I read the complaint.  It was full of affidavits and serious constitutional issues that absolutely overcame a motion to dismiss.
2. There was unquestionably a reasonable basis in fact and law to proceed, and to allow the Trump campaign's lawyers to conduct immediate discovery.  This is a miscarriage of justice.  And the judge's opinion reads as if it was written for the media.
3. The problem the Trump campaign is facing now is the unwillingness of judges to actually do their jobs, certainly in this case, and certainly in the case of the U.S. Supreme Court, where the chief justice failed to do his job..
4. ..and uphold Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution, which states explicitly that the state legislatures, not judges or governors, make election laws.  I hope the Trump campaign seeks an emergency appeal to the circuit court.
5. But I am increasingly worried about the judiciary buckling to the media and Democrat Party pressure.  After all, it is a lot easier for a judge to kill a case then take it up and follow it through, particularly in these critical cases.

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22 Nov
1. Let's see, Georgie invites Christie on his show, predictably Christie trashes Trump's lawyers, and Hogan, the Maryland governor who voted for Reagan this last election,
2. and Toomey, who was involved in the appointment of the Pennsylvania judge who should not have dismissed that case, are also critical.
3. None of these three nitwits have addressed what the Democrats have done in these states to make it extremely difficult for a Republican presidential nominee to win these states again, and none of them have any concern at all about the constitutional issues.
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20 Nov
1. Sidney Powell’s a terrific lawyer working 24/7 under extremely tight time constraints to gather evidence from hostile, non-transparent parties. There are very serious questions about Dominion Voting Systems’ ties, security, and competence. I don’t have the answers.
2. But prior to this election, many news groups did stories on the company’s problems, including PBS (in October), NBC, New York Times, USA Today, Canadian Broadcasting System, Huffington Post, among others.
3. And numerous Democrat members of Congress raised questions about several of these companies. Canada will not use Dominion, even though it’s headquartered there, because it concluded the company’s not reliable. The history of this company is very concerning.
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17 Nov
1. If there was ever any doubt, dimwitted Biden says it is his intention to immediately sellout America by joining the Paris Peace Accords, impose $15 an hour minimum wage, impose unionism throughout the country on workers who don’t want it, wipeout student debt,
2. rejoin the Iran deal, pay millions to Palestinian terrorists, open the floodgate to illegal immigration, massive increase in taxes, killer regulations, reimpose critical race theory training throughout the federal government, ignore BLM and Antifa violence,
3. force taxpayers to pay for infanticide — and that’s just for starters.  Biden is prepared to lockdown the country and eviscerate civil liberties. He has a target on the suburbs, private health care, non-government schools, undermining the judiciary, etc.
Read 5 tweets
11 Nov
1. We DO NOT have two presidents at the same time.  Biden's boorish conduct, holding policy press conferences, attending official events, discussing foreign policy with heads' of state, etc., is truly appalling.  And the media are encouraging this, of course.
2. Biden has no respect for the constitutional system, and it is HE is an embarrassment and defying the constitution and the law.  The electoral process -- with state canvassing, recounts, and litigation -- is not over.  It takes more than 8 days.
3. And the serious issues are ubiquitous due, in part, to the premeditated pre-November 3 litigation strategies of the Biden campaign, the Democrat Party, and their surrogates in over 300 lawsuits they brought to change the rules and weaken election safeguards.
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11 Nov
1. I cannot overstate how important these Trump Campaign lawsuits are to uncovering fraud -- systemic fraud in many of these Democrat-machine and controlled cities and states, where the courts are just as corrupt.
2. This is a truly important process that is uncovering decades and decades of fraudulent processes and especially changes in security voting measures in the last few months leading up to the November 3 general election.
3. And the more the Democrat-Party media, the Democrat operatives, and Biden and his mouthpieces squawk, you know the more important this entire effort is.
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10 Nov
1. Really?  A better grasp of American history would be helpful.
President Trump didn’t use the IRS and FBI against his political opponents like at least 4 of his predecessors.
2. He didn’t use the Oval Office to have sex with interns like at least 2 of his predecessors.  He didn’t lie to the American people about something as horrific as the Holocaust like 1 of his predecessors.
3. He didn’t lock up journalists or shutdown newspapers like at least 3 of his predecessors.  He didn’t round up 120,000 Japanese Americans and send them to internment camps like 1 of his predecessors.
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