We're going over... every run I can find from Martial and Cavani in this match. Let's go [1/?]
5': Martial starts in an offsides position here, and, that may seem bad, but this is actually what you're looking for more of from him. On the shoulder, attempting to exploit inefficiencies in the offsides trap. Maguire opts instead for Rashford, though, who is onside.
7': Telles has the ball in space, and he's immediately looking to play someone in behind long. What run is Martial making? He's coming short.
Still 7': and then when the ball is played he's just vibing. And then when the ball fails, he continues to vibe. There's a lack of urgency to get back into goalscoring positions when off the ball, whether in or out of possession.
8': Fred receiving in space, what run does Martial make? He doesn't. 8 seconds later he is standing in the same place, ultimately choosing to offer to feet.
Still 8': rashford 1v1 with _obvious_ space for martial to run into, in only to clear space for Rashford. What does he choose? Offer to feet in front of the defender. This not only creates more work for him if he does receive the ball, but it allows the defence to stay compact.
Still 8': Ball in the air for the back post, is Martial crashing the near post? No, he's too slow to react and to slow to offer across the face of goal. An instance where he knew what he was meant to do but too slow to do it.
(yes the pass was wayward, but strikers don't make every run expecting every ball to be completed)
12': We win possession high with Bruno now in space. What does Martial do? He makes a good run in behind and now we have the ball at the feet of one of our most talented players in a threatening area.
Still 12': Rashford crashes the 6 yard box and the near post !! and we come within inches of an excellent chance. Good football.
13': Martial sees Rashford about to receive and space and makes a strong run. The pass isn't there, but some encouraging runs after a poor start. You can see Mata on the far side actually making one of those follow through runs you'd like more of from Tony.
15': Martial offers for the ball here + plays a 1-2 w AWB when he lacks options. That's fine. What follows, less so: He vacates the middle of the pitch, with no one to fill in for him. It's in these moments that we suffer without a line leader (or someone like vdb filling space)
15': This isn't a run, it's actually the absence of a run. There is very utility in the position he's taken up here. He's neither making a run, occupying a centreback, dragging the defensive line deeper, or occupying space.
16': Maguire interception and we're off in transition, what is Martial doing? Actually making a very good run that Maguire lacks the confidence to play. Better...
Still 16': But then for all the good moments he'll go and do this. There is exploitable space here, and even if he doesn't receive he can clear out for Rashford. What does he do instead? He offers to feet in the penalty area. It works out here...
and it isn't always the wrong decision, but he chooses it far too often, stagnating attacks and allowing defenders to maintain shape. He ultimately gets a great shot out of it, but only because someone else (Bruno) is making a good run into space!
I'll pick this up later. I love Martial, and some of these are judgement calls, but overall he needs to be better in this aspect. This was actually one of his best matches this season in this respect and there's still a lot of holes.
17': Ball out to Telles and Martial returns from an offsides position to make a good run. If Telles' were right footed this would've been delivered earlier and been more dangerous, but, alas, it's better that he's left footed in the aggregate.
22': You can't tell because it's a freeze frame, but Telles is in acres here and Martial has an excellent opportunity to get between the centrebacks and.... he's jogging. Why are you jogging? Urgency is needed here.
22' still: Good combination play from Telles and Rashford sees us in a dangerous area... and Martial is standing in one spot. You even can see in frame three he thinks about making a run but then doesn't. Yes, the ball is lost, but gamble! Great strikers gamble.
23': Fred in space, good run from Martial, but the ball isn't there. He's always been better at identifying these opportunities when the line is high (most strikers are)
26': Lindelof has space but no options BTL, so Martial offers. That's good. What's not is that he passes and then doesn't return to central areas leading the line. He winds up offering again! and again! and again!
26' still: when we finally do get the ball to him in space (good run/position tbf) Bruno and Rashford have to retroactively fill the space (this is arguably an issue with patterns, not Martial – but because we don't have patterns, we need more classic #9 play) and the opp is lost
its only now occurred to me that the point of this exercise could get lost if we get too repetitive so I'm gonna be more selective going forward...
30': good run from Martial in the blindspot is not picked out
33': Martial doesn't get picked out by Bruno and starts ball watching. Down the line effect? He fails to crash the six yard box, closing the angle Mata would've had to feed him across goal. Another instance of no gamble
33-43': I skipped 2 Martial runs, neither of note. One was for a Telles ball in the air down the line that he trapped and took towards the left touchline. The other was a small run into a gap in the back line that probably was inaccessible for Lindelof.
43': Martial drops deep and wide. Here, though, he drags a centreback. Pros: well, he drags out a CB of course. Cons: Juan Mata alone is there for any potential cross, and he dummies for no one
Still 43': Martial makes a good run here and Matic just doesn't have the angle (or does he? a bit tough to tell)
45'+1: Martial jogging in transition here...
Halftime. I'll pick this up tomorrow I think.
I lied. 49': Martial still not making that clear out run for Rashford. To be fair to him, this is a case of redundant tendencies – they both want this left halfspace for themselves. That said, look how easy this makes it for the defenders to contest and block the shot
52': Be honest with yourself – where is Martial at his best? Receiving wide left and running at his defender. We see that here. Notice Rashford making a strikers run in frame 3, instead of offering to feet? It clears space for Anto and offers a passing option.
53': A good, urgent run to the near post my Martial forces the handball for the penalty
I'm very tired and Cavani just subbed on so for real this time I will have sweet dreams of my Uruguayan prince and come back to it tomorrow
64': Telles in crossing position and Cavani high. He feints an urgent run to the near post and then changes his run to the far side of the defender. Cross is blocked. Good start.
Still 64': 2 camera angle issues have kept me from highlighting 2 more Cavani runs: one to the far post when Bruno had the ball in space and another to the near corner of the six yard box when AWB was in crossing position
65': Fernandes in space plays a gorgeous ball for a Cavani run in behind. Unfortunately he's just offsides.
66': Maguire has the ball cutting in and passes to Fernandes. Cavani immediately recognizes the situation and it's a killer run that's just lacking the proper weight on the ball for the finish.
67': Fernandes opts for Rashford instead of Cavani here. Not sure it technically qualifies as a 'run' in the strictest sense, and to be fair to Martial is also a position he might take up. Still, good positioning.
70': Ball goes wide to Telles and Cavani pulls out as an option for the pass. He then receives and passes again – but that's not what is important – notice how he immediately and urgently returns to the front line. You can be involved in possession and still behave as a CF.
Still 70': This is brilliant from Cavani and Martial both – Matic wins the ball, and Cavani immediately recognizes the opportunity to pull the centreback and to create space for Tony. He comes short and Martial makes the run behind.
Still 70': Notice how Cavani keeps moving – the ball is still in the air and he's turning to make the follow through run into space. Martial finds him in a dangerous position as a result.
Still 70': Watch this progression – AWB not in a position to deliver – but as soon as the ball goes wide to Cavani he's blistering towards the six yard box. Unfortunately the cross is blocked.
** to Rashford
71': Ball dropping from a corner for Bruno. Cavani notices this from the far side of the box and he's sprinting for the far post. Urgency. Unfortunately the cross is again blocked
72': Great football from Martial, Bruno, and Cavani here. Martial, now at LW, is able to pull wide and receive. He then plays a nice ball for Bruno in zone 14. Cavani notices this and makes a gorgeous run. Bruno picks him out and it's another chance
75': Martial on the end of a long ball from Rashford, Cavani again disguises his run and crashes the six yard box. West Brom's defence does a good job to cover the run here, and he might've had better luck going for the far post after all...
Still 75': But what effect has Cavani's run had? He cleared out the penalty spot for a cutback of course.
77': Worth noting that Rashford was picked out on a great run over the top but was left isolated as Cavani was slow to hit the penalty box. Partially because he'd rotated to LW with Martial taking up CF spot, but they both still could've been quicker.
81': A great passage of play that showcases a lot of our player's strengths: Telles picks up the ball near the halfway line, plays a 1-2 with Martial, then feeds Bruno. This is a particular strength of Anthony's on the left wing...
Still 81': Now Cavani has pulled wide and made a run in behind – but look at the difference VDB makes – he's taken up a position on the back line, thus occupying the centrebacks and providing an option to centre the ball to. Unfortunately Cavani makes the wrong decision.
84': Martial on the far side is played a high looping ball by Bruno. Donny and Cavani offer two options in the box, and look what they do – Donny pulls deep and wide, dragging a defender and making space for Martial to drive into. Cavani waits for Martial to make his move...
Still 84': and then pulls towards the near post for the cutback
89': Martial opts not to play a difficult ball for Cavani
90'+1: Not my favorite moment from Cavani, frankly. Comes short instead of making this run into space. There's an argument he might've felt he couldn't beat the centreback into that space given their respective starting points, but idts
90'+2: AWB has the ball wide. Cavani moves to make the far post run, but then appears to offer for AWB after seeing Martial over his shoulder. The ball comes, he dummies, and Martial makes a brilliant turn to get a shot off.
That was our last spell of possession. End of thread.

• • •

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