“The cost of this indifference to race was that socialism was always competing for recruitment with whiteness. New European immigrants were often very radical and prepared to join militant labor struggles. But they were also being invited to join the white race.” — Asad Haider
“The fight against white supremacy was central to the class struggle... “the ideology of white chauvinism is bourgeois poison aimed primarily at the white workers... it has its material base in the practice of white supremacy, which is a crime...against the entire proletariat””
“”Therefore, its elimination certainly qualifies as one of the class demands of the entire working class.” [Given how it’s held back the struggle of the US working class] the fight against white supremacy becomes the central immediate task of the entire working class.””
“”White supremacy is... behind the failure of the labor movement in this country.” ...This does not mean, however, that a “class reductionist” argument is a viable position. As long as racial solidarity among whites is more powerful than class solidarity across races”
“both capitalism and whiteness will continue to exist. [In US context] the rhetoric of the “white working class” and positivist arguments that class matters more than race reinforce one of the main obstacles to building socialism”

• • •

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22 Nov
liberals and conservatives are annoying, and so are “leftists” running excuses for elected “progressive” officials not doing more

-it isn’t unreasonable to ask how old DEM “leaders” kept their jobs

-or why “the squad” has energy for GOP, but not for DEMs doing *the same thing*
Y’all running excuses for “progressive electeds” in the same fashion liberals do to support corporate DEM intentional “incompetence” in service of the status quo— and don’t get the irony in that 😐
I already know y’all weren’t serious, but “opposing” Joe Biden or “pushing him left” requires politicians showing accountability.

Biden’s cabinet is already being filled with paid off politicians that are in service of the military, prison, fossil fuel, big pharma industries
Read 5 tweets
14 Sep
I don’t take liberals or their faux “concern for minorities” seriously. They spit out slogans like “vote like your skin isn’t white and you’re an immigrant”— while ignoring how we actually chose to vote in the primary.
To them didn’t count until votes looked how they wanted it to, after delusional media segments and proactive campaigning against said groups voting preferences, and a status quo coalescing around a racist rapist.
A nod to reality so easily forgotten:
“Bernie Sanders has raised more money from Latino donors than any of his Democratic rivals and he leads the field with Latino support in a new poll.” nytimes.com/2019/11/08/us/…
Read 9 tweets
10 Sep
It’s so odd seeing people *now* come to terms with the fact that protests for social justice doesn’t = enthusiasm for Dems (and Joe Biden). The biggest crisis for the political system in the US (since I’ve been alive) is that it hasn’t been responsive to protest movements.
[The only crisis US political leaders have responded to are the ones that impact the ultra wealthy and corporations. And on the GOP side, even more increasing right wing ideology]
Pretending that people should vote because “harm reduction” — is a losing “strategy,” given the documented history of a non-responsive political system to the demands of people and movements within the US.
Read 7 tweets
23 Apr
Only peeping at Twitter, but imo: downplaying “identity politics” and “intersectionality” by accepting neoliberal definitions of the two does serve to uphold white supremacy.

"White supremacy is the unnamed political system that has made the modern world what it is today....
“You will not find this term in introductory, or even advanced, texts in political theory. A standard undergraduate philosophy course will start off with Plato and Aristotle, perhaps say something about Augustine, Aquinas, and Machiavelli, move on to Hobbes, Locke, Mill, and Marx
“and then wind up with Rawls and Nozick. It will introduce you to notions of aristocracy, democracy, absolutism, liberalism, representative government, socialism, welfare capitalism, and libertarianism.
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12 Apr
You shouldn’t applaud the @nytimes “investigation,” which purports to be “Examining Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden.”

The piece, serves as a cover to Biden, holding the words of his long time “personal friends” as staff over that of a survivor

The first glimpse you get into the article is that Biden’s current spokesperson and some staff members do not recall Tara’s accounts. In the article the staff members voices given more weight are Biden friendly vs those who do remember Tara being abruptly reassigned (2/7)
Tara Reade notes that she did not file a police report as her mother suggested, she filed a complaint with staff.

Conveniently no record of this complaint exists— and the NYTimes investigation doesn’t ask “why/how come?” Do complaints against Biden usually “disappear?”
Read 10 tweets
13 Mar
“it is urgent we understand why Sanders is a far better choice than Biden in the general election—and that Sanders still has a real shot at winning the nomination. This entire race can swing back to Sanders as fast as it swung to Biden.“
“The coronavirus underscores how fast things change, and why a universal, national health care plan is far superior to maintaining a system of for-profit private insurance that is totally unfit for global pandemics, let alone ordinary health care crises.”
“When thinking about electability, there’s a huge difference between the primary & general. Biden a Dem-Party Bro, which sets him up well for the primary. He’s got the entire Dem Party establishment backing him. But what works in a primary might not be effective in the general”
Read 12 tweets

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