An example of tactical jihad.

Now j^ha∂is are (re)writing Vedas, Upanishads & Gita. Their purpose is to misinterpret & defile Hinduism.

The book of #HarafPrakashani, these books are being published from Kolkata.

Very soon, we'll lose access to our Shastras.
For example, they'll say that the Vedas mention Hindus eating beef.

This way, they're contaminating Sanatan Dharma.
Various groups, ID/pages created on social media FB/Twitter using names of Hindu girls & boys will cleverly use misinterpretations of religion in conversion.

They're opening different groups or IDs, posting duplicate/false explanations or debating on ISKCON, Vaishnavism, Shakta, vegetarian, non-veg, Aryan, Sanatani, Vedic, Brahmin, Shudra, Dalit, Murti Puja, Nirakar Ishwar.

All for one purpose.
To mislead, confuse and convert.


• • •

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21 Nov


Are you in a cult or a religion? Here are the signs to look out for:

1. The leader(s) is(are) always right.

2. Criticism or questioning the leader is considered persecution.

3. The leader is the ONLY source of truth; all others are lying.

CULT or RELIGION?... contd

4. Anyone who questions the leader (or his sayings) is instantly labelled as "enemy" & is threatened, persecuted, declared a heretic, excommunicated, or worse, terminated.

5. Anything the "leader" does is justified, no matter how harmful it is.

CULT or RELIGION?... contd.

6. All disciples must blindly follow the leader. Whether it is to congregate at a place of "worship" or for a cause that doesn't even sound it is remotely connected to spiritual enhancement; all followers must show up, or be subject to punishment.
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20 Nov
क्या लाहौर मे 1938 मे इस गली मे हवेली वाले हिन्दूओ को पता था कि 9 वर्ष में यहां से सब छोडकर भागना पडेगा ? लाहौर पेशावर मुल्तान ढाका मीरपुरखास में बड़ी कोठि वाले हिंदुओं/सिखों को भी रातों-रात अपना सब छोड़ कर भागना पड़ा ।
अगर हिन्दू सोचता है के ये दोबारा नहीं होगा, तो गलत सोचता है। Image
आर्मेनिया ने समझौते में नगोनो कारावाख को मुस्लिम देश अज़रबैजान को देने की डील के बाद नोगोनो करबाख के सारे ईसाई अपना ऑफिस अपना घर खुद ही जलाकर जा रहे हैं।

उन्हें 12 घंटे का टाइम दिया गया है लेकिन इन 12 घंटों में वह अपना सब कुछ जला कर यह इलाका छोड़ रहे हैं।
यह नोगोनो करबाख हम सबकी आंखें खोलने वाली हैं कि कहीं आने वाले 15 वर्षो बाद ऐसा नजारा भारत के कुछ इलाकों में भी न देखने को मिले।

जो यह कहे यह कोरी कल्पना है उन्हें बता दीजिएगा कि 90s में कश्मीर से जब कश्मीरी हिंदू अपना सब कुछ छोड़ कर आए थे तो क्या वह कोरी कल्पना थी ?
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25 Aug
Destruction of Krishna Janmasthan temple at Mathura by Aurangzeb(13-1-1670). Shri Krishna's Murti was put on the steps of Jahanara Mosque, Agra for MøzI¡ms to continually trod on him (also shown).

Such was his hatred.
And @AudreyTruschke would have u believe he was "tolerant".😡
Source: Maasir I Alamgiri of Saqi Mustad Khan. Translated by Jadunath Sarkar(1947). Page 60 of the said book.

This was built by Bir Singh Deo Bundela at the birthplace of Krishna at a cost of 33 lakh of rupees.
It was one of the most magnificent Temples ever built in India.
It was demolished during Ramzan, 1080 A.H. (13 Jan – 11 Feb 1670) by Aurangzeb.
“In a short time, by great exertion of the officers, destruction of this strong foundation of infidelity was accomplished & on its site a lofty møsque was built at the expenditure of a large sum.”
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1 Aug
Education Ministers during @INCIndia rule:
These were Central Education Ministers since 1947 up to 1979.

☪️Maulana Azad
☪️Humayun Kabir
☪️Mohd Carim Chagla
☪️Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
☪️Nurul Hasan

All were radical Islamists.
Why were they made education ministers?

Their job was to put in place a process & content whereby they would slowly wean away Hindus from their core beliefs & have generations of rudderless & identity-less Hindus ripe for conversion.

It was a well laid out brainwashing plan, fruits of which are surfacing today.

Now how would they achieve this?

➡️Distort History being taught in schools.

It is no coincidence that most of our students do not know much about Kings/dynasties like:

a. Ahoms
b. Raja Dahir
b. Vikramaditya

And they know so much about Akbar & Tipu Sultan.

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10 Jun
In 1998, after the Pokharan tests, India's High Commissioner to South Africa, Lakshmi Chand Jain openly opposed nuclear test conducted by Vajpayee govt.
Imagine an Ambassador opposing his own country.

In the photo, the old man is LC Jain. Who's the other?
Read on...
South Africa pushed its anti-India agenda in the Durban Summit, emboldened by the India's own Ambassador opposing India's nuclear tests.
It was Vajpayee's instant action & Brijesh Mishra's intelligence that reigned in South Africa.
Lakshmi Chand Jain was promptly called back.
Jain defied the recall, and stayed till he was declared persona non grata by India. After returning to Delhi, he went to 10 Janpath.

In 2011, @INCIndia govt awarded Padma Vibhushan; India's second highest civilian award - to LC Jain for having gone against his own country.

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26 May
Thread: चाइना के सेल्समैन

जब कोरोना शुरू हुआ था तब मीडिया की एक ख़ास जमात ने टेस्टिंग किट की कमी का हल्ला मचाना शुरू कर दिया था। बताया कि 25Cr लोग बीमार होने वाले हैं। ताकि सरकार पर दबाव बने और विदेश से टेस्टिंग किट ख़रीदे।

टेस्टिंग किट बस एक ही देश बेच रहा था और वो था चीन।
Rapid Testing Kit का थोड़ा बहुत इंपोर्ट चीन से हुआ, उसमें भी ज़्यादातर ख़राब निकले। अभी रोज़ क़रीब 1 लाख टेस्ट हो रहे हैं और ज़्यादातर टेस्टिंग किट भारतीय कंपनियाँ बना रही हैं।

#चीन का माल नहीं बिक पाया।

#IndianMedia #भारत_मीडिया
फिर वेंटिलेटर का शोर मचाया गया। ऐसा लगा मानो इसके बिना आफ़त आ जाएगी।
बताया गया कि देश में सिर्फ़ 45 हज़ार वेंटिलेटर है और मई तक 10 लाख चाहिए।

इतने वेंटिलेटर सिर्फ़ चीन ने पहले से बनाकर रखे हैं।
वो भी डबल रेट यानी भारतीय रुपये के हिसाब से एक क़रीब 10 लाख का।
Read 7 tweets

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