New satellite imagery published by @ndtv, conclusively proves that a new village constructed by China and revealed in Chinese state media is indeed located within over 2 kilometres into Bhutan, according to their official maps and claims (27.307, 89.007).… Image
The high resolution imagery also shows how percarious of a village it is, being constructed on what is essentially a sandbank in the middle of a mountain river valley (where snowmelt and high cliffs make water flow unpredictable and flash floods common)... Image
In that annotated imagery above, the pink outline shows areas of fallen trees, very possibly where the river has flooded and knocked them over. You can even see tree trunks in blue. Now the other side of those floods would be the village.
To combat this Chinese engineers have constructed a small retaining wall, I assume designed to keep any flood water out of the village. I'm not sure I'd trust it when the only way in and out is a road that would get flooded before the village. Image

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21 Nov
Outrage over the crackdown in Hong Kong 👎
Outrage over the crackdown in Xinjiang 👎
Outrage over totalitarianism in Vietnam 👎
Outrage over human rights abuses in Cambodia 👎
Outrage over a white woman cooking dumplings 👍🥳👍
To add some more nuance that didnt fit,
Of course it's valid to have perspectives on local culture issues, and I agree that this is sketchy, but it's been taken to the point where the shop owner has been evicted and lost their livelihood in the middle of a pandemic.
There's a big difference between posting food-takes on twitter/not shopping at a resturant you find problematic and actually ruining someone's life over the fact that they cooked dumplings. I don't eat at a similar resturant near my house because I actually agree with her.
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14 Oct
This is a complex of extrajudicial detention centres/prisons in Xinjiang's Aksu.

It has 35 multistory residential buildings to detain Uyghurs and other 'unloyal' ethnicities for acts of culture and faith.

It covers 126 hectares. 42x the size of Britain's Houses of Parliament.
These walls are 15m tall, with 25m tall watchtowers every 300m around the perimeter of each internment camp. This is in addition to generally 6 layers of tall, barbed wire fencing between each residential building and the outside world.
Each one has multiple large guardhouse buildings, which is directly connected to the perimeter wall by a bridge. These guardhouses are each 4 storeys tall. This means each camp has 6,400m of floorspace just for guardhouses. An office of that size would likely have >500 employees.
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12 Oct
Satellite imagery from October 8 shows a large supply road being built into Nagorno-Karabakh from Azerbijan, presumably to resupply frontline Azeri forces. It connects to a preexisting road that goes to Talish, at about 3km from the nearest previously held Azeri position. Image
This new forwards logistics base has been set up in what used to be No-Man's Land, at 40.419815, 46.774321.
Within Nagorno-Karabakh itself, Azeri forces seem to mostly be utilising previously held Armenian/NK military positions, of which there are no shortage of. Image
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28 Sep
One facility out of a total of 380 detention camps is a school in Nilqa. Bad-faith actors/trolls have desperately tried to disprove this site. I'm going to tell the story of Dina Nurdybai to highlight the cruelness that denying the trauma of victims has. She was detained here. ImageImage
Dina was a business woman and a business owner, she owned a clothing company in Nilqa, and in 2017 was summoned for 'a chat' with police. This chat ended up with her being detained without rhyme or reason for almost a year.
She was taken directly to this facility, the Wuzan Middle School, where she was ordered to strip, undergo a full cavity search and then crammed into a room with 30 detainees and three beds.
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27 Sep
I truely can't believe the most contentious and contested aspect out of the 1000+ datapoints of human rights abuse we managed to map with the Xinjiang Data Project, the one that almost every tankie troll has been latching onto as a gotchya, is a location we never said was a camp.
I guess that speaks to the quality of the data, of 380+ camps, nearly 1,000 cultural sites (about 2/3 of which have been demolished or damaged), the only fault that people are trying to pick, is by 'disproving' a school that we never said was anything but a school.
It's also astounding that this aboslute torrent of abuse (you should see my mentions, every couple of seconds someone with a hammer-and-sickle name calls me a nazi), is stemming from misinformation by a professor at an Australian university. Who was told of his error hours ago
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27 Sep
The state of Australian academia...
I wonder how @Deakin university feels about one of its professors trying to discredit our research my grossly mischaracterising it and refusing to offer ANY corrections to his mischaracterisation. It doesn't scream academic integrity to me.
The misinformation being spread and doubled down on by a university professor 'teaching' international relations to young minds is causing internet trolls to call me a terrorist.
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