When I pointed out down the stretch that Trump wasn't even trying to win the election, merely having fun with his existing voters instead of trying to win over new ones, the fatalists told me it meant that Trump knew he already magically had the election rigged in his favor.
In hindsight, I was right: Trump knew he couldn't win, and therefore wasn't trying to win, and was just stroking his ego while he still could.

The fatalists always spin the evidence in the most negative direction possible, no matter how illogical they have to be about it.
There are so many horrible things happening. And there is so much evidence pointing to additional bad things coming. Why do these fatalists have to spin positive things into imaginary bad things as well? That's why I think it's a clinical issue for them.
Throughout the past four years, nearly all of the evidence always pointed to Trump having a nearly 100% chance of losing reelection. That's just a fact. It was one of the very few positive developments we had going. Yet so many people refused to see the evidence in front of them.
"But Trump almost won."

No he didn't, he lost by 74 electoral votes and six million popular votes, even after he spent four years trying to rig it in his favor. This was a blowout.

Trump pulled off a lot of awful things. He was never on track to pull off 2020. Never even close.
If you were surprised that Trump lost in a blowout, it's either because you weren't paying attention to any of the evidence all along, or because you were listening to doomsday pundits who were trying to stand between you and the evidence. So take that for whatever it's worth 🙂
How did Trump know he was going to lose? He's somewhat delusional, but even he had to know the polls couldn't be off by the 5-6 points he would have needed (they were only off by 2 points in 2016). And there's no magically rigging an election that isn't close to begin with.
So he tried to enjoy himself while he could. It was his last shot ever at holding rallies that large, so he went to the places where his fans were. This isn't how to come from behind, but it's how a narcissist like him tries to enjoy his last few viable moments.
It's why Trump is out playing golf now. He knows that once he's gone from office, he'll face immediate financial destruction, and he'll be forever looking over his shoulder for authorities who have come to arrest him. So he's enjoying himself while he still can.
If Trump thought he had any chance of remaining in office, he'd be working on that, instead of golfing. It's that simple.

Yet the fatalists have once again decided that because Trump is out golfing, it means he know he's already somehow magically won. Fatalism never makes sense.

• • •

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Mueller started off gangbusters in his first year. Arrests, indictments, cooperating plea deals, you name it. True to his reputation. There was every reason to expect that aggression to continue.
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