Alright, I don’t have the data QAQC done yet so I won’t speak in specifics, but I will say this:

It appears that we are finding donors among the ‘dead voter rolls’!

... I think this needs focus, bc if it is true, then the voter rolls maybe part of a MUCH bigger scandal!
In short, this is what needs to be done:

Take the list of ‘dead voters’ and check against FEC data for political contributions.

This is what it looks like on mobile, but there are several options/ways to check this.
One way that we found helpful to to pull contributor data by zip-code...

You can export a cvs file of raw ‘contributor’ data.

It allows you to pull up to 10 zip codes per search...
Then use MS excel functions to compare lists:

Dead Voters list vs Contributors

People who are good at MS Excel can do this quite easily; people who aren’t will find it too big of a pain.
We pulled a random sample of just over 1000 from this list...

It isn’t necessarily ‘representative’ due to how we pulled the sample, but it is random and the fact that we were finding donors means this clearly needs to be looked at.
The reason it is important:

People can argue all they want about recounts and audits, if they will work (or not), etc.

However, if ‘dead people’ are voting and donating money it means our politics are literally operating as criminal enterprises.

Shine the light on the crime...
This needs a hard look!

Once I have my data completely worked over, I’ll share it.

... but I bet this is happening in more places than where my sample was pulled from.
PS: Why would ‘dead voters’ donate money?

It could be things like:

• laundering dirty/foreign money
• identity fraud (possibly tied to illegal immigration or worse, trafficking)
• etc

It could be A LOT of bad shit; it’s probably not your normal swamp BS!
It’s not easy for dead people to cut checks...

Let’s put it that way!
I didn’t check this (link) out, but VLookup is one of the functions we used to parse/match data.

Thanks for sharing!

• • •

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23 Nov
Dude... social media is just a fucking cesspool!

All these dudes do is produce coffee and lulz for people that want it and for that they have to be dragged into BS?!?

Dragged into BS for basically being American...
Same thing happened to us over the weekend - all we do is show up (for free, crowdsourced travel expenses) to make sure that people are allowed to talk w/o getting their asses beat.

And we have another organizer give us shit?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Rob’s Response:

I have an idea - let’s get all of the people bitching & moaning on social media... and just let them duke it out!

Let’s sit on the tailgate and drink beer... and laugh at them.
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22 Nov
Did y’all know there is something called “scorecard research”?!

I’m not saying it is THAT ‘scorecard’, but I do find it ironic that my VPN is blocking it.
The reason I bring it up is bc remember this crazy ass $1.5m Obama’s PAC gave to Buzzfeed late in 2016 election?

The only thing I could find from BuzzFeed during that time were these weird-ass ad campaigns.
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22 Nov
CNN had better cut the shit... if they know what is best for them!
... it shouldn’t take Nostradamus to predict what happens in the next stages.…
Another Red Pill or two... and factions might just settle their differences by taking it out on CNN, et al.

Fake News is the Enemy!
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19 Nov
It is absolutely VITAL to understand that when your govt Agencies failed you... ‘Main Street’ did not!!

All of this could have been avoided; people LITERALLY brought these issues to their attention!!!

And they didn’t do SHIT about it...
Our government was infiltrated by cowards & liars... and you are watching ‘Main Street’ take it back (in real time).

I cannot stress this point enough.
Oh, by the way...

‘Main Street’ took it back, in full view of the Social/Media Giants, despite their best efforts to stop it.

The biggest 🖕🏻of them all! 😂
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19 Nov
“... all of America must receive vaccine within 24 hours...”

Uhhh... IDK who this is, what vaccine he’s talking about... or if he ever fucking knows what AMERICANS will do in the event of forced vaccination.

Sounds like Nazi bullshit to me!
My vaccination records are like a couple pages long... so don’t try to box me into any tin-foil fucking corner.

With that in mind, if he thinks we can be forced to take a vaccination he’s going to find out differently.
I have a better idea - how about you start by fucking ASKING nicely?!?

What could go wrong with having some fucking manners?!? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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17 Nov
With all of the money laundering problems that we already have...

Could you IMAGINE what it would look like if/when Bill Gates puts chips in vaccines?

... aren’t those Chips are supposed to be able to handle financial transactions (too) at some point?
Having been to many different countries, I can tell you... there are a laundry list of vaccine requirements (depending on where you are going).

What could go wrong?
They could turn anyone they wanted into a $-Mule...

W/O their knowledge or permission.
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