@jbarro The takesters arguing for this also ignore how Trump is putting together a 2024 run. All Biden has to do is nothing, and his likeliest 2024 opponent gets buried in lawsuits. Or he can pardon him, lose his base, and strengthen that opponent. Real tough choice.
@jbarro A pardoned Trump would use the pardon to argue that all the allegations against him will fake, while running around the country insisting Biden stole the 2020 election. The opportunity for "healing" isn't super obvious.
@jbarro *were fake

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24 Nov
Also says Biden and Harris "refused to say what they would do if they got elected." You have to be very bubbled to think that. B/H had a platform and series of plans that Trump attacked during the campaign! Trump, meanwhile, had no platform.
This has been an ironic theme in pro-Trump media. The viewer didn't hear much about Biden/Harris's agenda bc coverage on these channels focused on Biden dodging or saying no to wedge issues. (Or on "Biden has dementia" and Hunter laptop stuff.)
It's a very weird take on things because the agenda matters! Industries and lobbyists are adjusting to the policy changes they're expecting from a Biden admin. They don't carer that he blew off "court packing" questions or whatever.
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20 Nov
According to Pennsylvania record, 250,780 registered Dems requested but didn't return absentee ballots, compared to 167,470 Republicans. Like every election conspiracy theory, this is explainable unless you're dishonest.


John Solomon is wildly dishonest and keeps getting fired for it, which is important context here.
This story's also just sloppy. Matt Braynard is introduced, correctly, as a former Trump official. But the reference to his project gets the name wrong (Voter Integrity FUND - story says "project") and leaves out that he founded it *this month.* whyy.org/articles/forme…
Read 5 tweets
19 Nov
My impression’s been that they are 100% confident that it won’t work, and that they’re better off with this as a “Trump flails around” story than a “parties clash over results, who’s right?” story
By sitting back and letting lawyers handle it they've gone 28-1 in court (and the one Trump victory, if upheld, wouldn't affect the PA count), watched Rs rip each others' faces off in Georgia, watched an attempt to throw out Detroit's vote backfire on GOP/go viral.
Are they overconfident? Election officials say they aren't - see Benson in MI who sees no impediment to certifying the vote. Maybe on Earth-2 Biden is flying to Detroit to make the Wayne County stuff more infamous. But their instinct is: Don't swing at everything.
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13 Nov
The question on the “defund the police” stuff is: Do Democrats continue quickly associating themselves with protest movements? They did so throughout the Trump years, and several times they ended up thinking protesters led them into a ditch. 1/2
They aligned themselves with protests against Trump’s zero tolerance border policies, then blanched when activists came up with “abolish ICE.” Same thing with BLM protests, which were popular — activists came up with “defund the police” and Rs launched it back at them. 2/2
*I should say “they were popular and then...” This player out very IRL in DC, where the mayor painted BLACK LIVES MATTER on 16th street and activists painted “Defund the Police” next to it.
Read 4 tweets
13 Nov
Real vote audit hours, who up
I’m in Forsyth County, which went big for Trump but where Biden ran ahead of most modern Dem nominees. Two Voter Review Panelists at each table, R and D, reading out the presidential vote on each ballot.
There are a few observers behind the caution tape, alternating between watching the count and having a conversation about restaurants in Memphis.
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11 Nov
GOP rally kicking off in Cobb County
Bonnie Perdue, the senator’s wife, says he “couldn’t make it” today — which was expected but folks here expect to see a lot more of Loeffler in person than of Perdue
Rubio jokes that Georgia is “stealing Florida’s job” by having a close election that decides the fate of America
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