1. Biden is clearly being sincere in his outreach effort to Republicans, and this is no lukewarm effort- its a full court press. And I am not acting on any insider knowledge, but my assumption is that he's been pushing for a one-on-one w McConnell- hoping that he can convince him
2. hit the reset button, that the two of them, by the virtue of their positions, DO hold determinative power to force a change in tone & behavior. That if both of them committed to it, and then brought McCarthy & Pelosi & Schumer along, they COULD impose design institutional
3. management systems that redirect member behavior towards normality, towards the old way of doing business. A lot of behavior is structured by the rules, reward, and sanction systems set up by party leadership- there are a lot of carrots and sticks that could be used to reign
4. in member behavior, and of course, the rules & adherence by which McConnell runs the Senate are going to condition everything. Certainty, Biden can lay out a persuasive case as to why doing this is CRITICAL. America remains in a code red democratic crisis. Until and unless,
5. most of the Republican Party embraces the reality that Biden won, that the election was perfectly legit, and that Trump lost fair and square, we will remain in code red. BC the fact is, from here we are only moving into more fragility. Keep in mind, the allegations of fraud
6. here- they are completely made up, out of thin air, strategically, on purpose- with the goal of stealing the election. By the country's current president & almost universally supported (at least by silent acquiesce) by the majority of the GOP.

In the United States of America
7. That's not good guys! But in terms of Biden, he is fully invested in the Neustadt model of the presidency- the power to persuade. His actions thus far have all been to maximize his appeal to McConnell, and to preemptively neutralize reasons McConnell might contrive to torpedo
8. cooperation/bipartisanship. Will it work? I think the fact that Biden hasn't sat down with McConnell yet, and that no meeting has been announced given the importance of COVID relief, suggests McConnell is playing hard to get on that meeting. Luckily, I watched this int
9. w @KBeds bc the print write-up doesn't covey the vibe you got from her response that their outreach had gone unrequited thus far. On McConnell's part, as much as I want him to be inclined to put an end to this craziness, I'm more than skeptical that MM even WANTS to. Biden's
10. effort hinges on the assumption that McConnell agrees that making 40% of the American public believe wrongly that the election was fraudulent- thus setting the party up for a series of crazy primaries in '22 and '24 is a bad thing if for no other reason than the potential
11. electoral backlash but if I'm McConnell, maybe I'm no longer concerned about electoral backlash. Maybe I'm becoming comfortable w the notion that actually, I can do damn near anything I want, say damn near anything I want, and still win competitive election bc the opposition
12. party is inept at electoral politics and utterly fails to weaponize any of my excesses effectively against me. I mean, look at the GOP record for 2018-2020- acquittal of a prez that impeachment hearings exposed as an incontrovertibly guilty man, refusal to pass economic aid
13. for the ENTIRITY of the fall general election and instead of getting electorally crushed- he comes out on top?! (Though McConnell might care to know that I suspect Dems not doing field to be a major contributor to this). Still, there is basically no democratic accountability
14. left from the public. Hyperpartisanship, esp on the Rep side, gives you a free check to do anything, literally ANYTHING, and still earn 90% of the R vote (Again, Biden's win is the product of surge turnout and coalescing of the Dem's coalition + pure Is
15. also swung to Biden after going Obama-->Trump-->Biden, as my theory predicted). If you're McConnell, you don't want to sit down with Biden, bc yhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/how-joe-biden-won-the-election-votes-from-blue-america-with-few-gains-in-trump-world-11604862528
16. everything Biden says about the destabilization of democracy- about the logical end game of continued party fighting, esp to the ridiculous levels that the GOP has now taken things- telling their electorate that the presidential election was fraudulent and thus, undermining
American democracy. So if you have no intention of playing ball, I assume you'd want to skip the lecture. So what I'm wondering is what Biden will do in response to McConnell once it becomes obvious that McConnell is not going to put the brakes on polarization/hyperpartisanship.

• • •

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27 Nov
1. This CRAZY man's CRAZY, non-sensical, non-linear rambling, where he splices together AGAIN two distinct topics (and thus, accidentally produces something far more nefarious sounding, but since this is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA doing that, on the topic of
2. election returns/election security is a HUGE problem. Its a problem for Reps- who hear from someone who should be a reliable source, wild accusations against an imp political figure in the opposition party, @staceyabrams, even though these allegations are outlandish & recounts
3. by-hand have already disproven Trump's claims about GA's voting system having computer bugs. So we should be gaining more confidence in its system, not less. And its also racist as hell for him to alleging that Abrams is doing illegal things. LOOOOOOONNNNGGG history of GOP or7
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26 Nov
1. I am thankful that at 12pm 1/20 the powers of the prez will be removed from the most dangerous person who has ever held them. I am thankful for the many wonderful fellow Americans from across the spectrum that joined me to help get him out & save America from authoritarianism
2. I am thankful for each & every person that had to make a hard decision, stay silent & normalize this man & his party's actions- which mirror so closely actions taken by other leaders & parties as they moved to consolidate power at the expense of democracy (as documented so
3. clearly by @anneapplebaum's book Twilight of Democracy) bc their lock on power is threatened. Those of us that took a holistic look at events in the U.S., the scope of the Right's propaganda network, and the lengths to which GOP influencers (electeds & media) were willing to
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25 Nov
1. This doesn't surprise me. Why? Negative partisanship. @Ilhan has been made 1 of the most infamous Ds by the GOP's shrewd electioneering shop. She's the poster-child for white identity politics, white grievance backlash, & the "fear factor" that drives the nativism, xenophobia,
2. racism in the new Republican Party- which keep in mind, looks to be heading to be a party where the median member will have to run under a platform of accusing Biden of being an illegitimate prez, of having stolen the election, and this will be the litmus test for the 2022 &
3. 2024 cycles for GOP nominees. Incumbents will be pushed to stake this position to ward off primary challenges. Again- removing Trump from the prez eradicates MASSIVE emergent threats to the Republic, domestic & foreign, but we are still in a crisis situation here. In any case,
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25 Nov
1. Avoiding the tacky way Trump did it, @JoeBiden should learn from Trump as to credit-claiming. @BarackObama NEVER got this- so Americans never really heard that the good shit they got came from Ds. Failure to credit claim & frame the economy positively comes from the same
2. old-school consultant mind set that doesn't understand that public opinion flows from the top-down, voters only know what you tell them, and thus, you create public opinion. This is what Rs do & is the reason that even after all of this shit show-including the fact that more
3. than 30 GOP senators believe that Americans should receive NO additional covid economic relief, polls continue to tell us that people trust Rs more on the economy than Ds. This is due to "issue ownership"- voters are defaulting to the party's historic advantage on the issue
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24 Nov
1. THIS. The great sigh of relief people have about a return to normalcy, I get it, I do! And obviously, once the power of the presidency is removed from Trump a MASSIVE amount of normality will be returned to us- and this is not to be under appreciated. But the body politic of
2. Of this country is very sick, WAS sick, had to be sick, to produce a Republican Party nominee as corrupt & malevolent as Trump was- let alone turn him into an elected president even with the system fluke. And keep in mind, there was no repudiation as we hoped. For all the +
3. signs, polls, interactions, forecasts, there was still massive support for this man who is objectively a serial liar, as committed to breaking the country as he is to golf. Even now, the vast majority of Reps, electeds and voters, seem willing to entertain illegal methods
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23 Nov
I like @JoeNBC a lot & bc of that, I'm going to challenge him on the bubble-think about Trump/Trumpism going away. If nothing changes (GOP elites continue to toe the line)- the # of Q'Anon-types running & winning GOP noms in '22 will be triple the # of the '20 cycle & in senate
1. EVERYTHING depends on @senatemajldr. If he meets Biden's DRAMATIC overtures for cooperation (I mean, Biden is throwing the entire KITCHEN at the dude on this) & just runs the senate in a normal fashion, seizing on the momentum from these state/local Rs who refused to play ball
2. with the election fraud narrative. And this development down in GA w Loeffler might give him the motivation to do so bc now the crazy caucus has decided that Loeffler is part of the conspiracy (its convenient, they wanted Collins, so this presents an opp in their eyes. It does
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