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2 Dec, 95 tweets, 17 min read
Rudy predictions:
-he'll call for paper ballots (MI uses paper ballots)
-he'll call for an audit (will already happen under MI Constitution)
-he'll tell #MILeg to steal the election (illegal under MI law)
-he'll say challengers were removed (dozens testified they were inside TCF)
Did not predict "no one will be able to see or hear anything because the feed is so terrible" but here we are
.@darrincamilleri is supported by Michigan law in his call for the visitors to be sworn in (via @SCLiedel)
I didn't know we were using "that would be unprecedented" as a reason to not do things, but go off @electmatthall
Early contender for quote of the day from Rudy "I'm not a witness, I didn't witness any of this" right after refusing to take an oath 😂
Rudy already lying, saying foreign countries count our votes?
Rudy claimed that fraud is being perpetrated by the "Democratic Party of Detroit," which is not an organization that exists
Rudy talked for three minutes and is...going to bring in random unidentified people? Now Jenna Ellis gets to say a few words.
Jessy Jacob up first. A judge said of her claims: "Ms. Jacob’s information is generalized. It asserts behavior with no date, location or frequency or names of employees." (cont'd)
"...In addition, [she] offers no indication of whether she took steps to address the alleged misconduct or to [alert] any supervisor about the alleged voter fraud." (cont'd)
"...Ms. Jacob only came forward after the unofficial results of the voting indicated former Vice President Biden was the winner in the state of Michigan."
Oversight Committee Chair @RepMattHall said he wants this done by 9 PM. If this first woman is any indication we're in for three hours of verbal recitation of things that have already been repeatedly knocked down by judges and the press.
Michigan's former elections director on these false 'backdating' claims: "The accusations are wrong and reveal the person making them doesn’t know Michigan’s election process. The scenario described actually shows a process designed to eliminate errors working to do just that."
If this engineer for the city of Detroit knows Michigan Election Law "much better than I do" as Rudy just said, that's probably a bad sign for how this is all going to go
Rudy and Jenna are conferring and looking at her iPhone as this woman speaks...she is being questioned by Rudy which is not a normal thing in state legislative hearings?
ah yes this "witness" has a super secret recording of malfeasance that definitely exists, but they can't play it for the committee
A quick aside: ~40 minutes in and there are only around ~1000 people watching the House GOP Facebook stream
good lord, Rudy is demanding that this woman, who speaks with an accent, take her mask off so people can hear her more clearly. She refuses
Rudy is echoing the claims of MANY @migop activists who have said that it is somehow suspicious or improper that they saw people wearing clothing or masks that said Black Lives Matter
Jacobs said "I knew it wasn't right" that people...were wearing...Black Lives Matter apparel?
Here's a good piece by @ZachGorchow on who Chris Thomas is and explaining more about why this "backdating" stuff Rudy is excruciatingly walking through right now is, in a word, bullshit… @deryqq
I recommend @MIHouseDems attorney @NathanTriplett for more on why this woman's claims are garbage:
"was it 100 ballots or 32,000" is a real question that Rudy just asked this woman, who again is an engineer with the City of Detroit
One hour ago, @darrincamilleri asked Rudy to swear that he was telling the truth and was gaveled down. Incredible that it's only gone downhill since then!
We are now learning that if you return your absentee ballot in person to a drop box, postage is not necessary. Riveting stuff
Rudy has to ask the woman to repeat herself because he was distracted by talking to Jenna Ellis and looking at her iPhone 😣
Please welcome Ottawa County's Republican clerk to the real time fact checking party
This was a thing in yesterday's hearing too - misunderstanding that many of these steps were already done as ballots are received/processed.
It's really wild that this woman is just ripping all her coworkers as criminals!
Area Law School Dropout Beau LaFave has joined the chat
.@DavidLagrand asks if she's aware that Michigan law doesn't require photo ID to vote. (Gov. Snyder vetoed a photo ID requirement in 2012.) She says no, photo ID is required to vote. (It's not.)
.@darrincamilleri: "Judge Kenny has called your affidavit 'incorrect' and 'not credible,'" so why are we listening to you? Rudy jumps in, he says that's not true. It is true!
Melissa Carone is up next. She spoke yesterday. @RepMattHall is protesting but is obviously going to let Rudy do whatever he wants.
Judge Kenny said of Melissa Carone's affidavid: "Ms. Carone’s description of the events at the TCF Center does not square with any of the other affidavits... The allegations simply are not credible."
From her initial affidavit to her tour of Fox News shows to her testimony to the Senate committee yesterday, Melissa Carone's story has gotten increasingly fantastical every time she opens her mouth.
If Melissa Carone's claims of "thousands" of double-counted ballots were true, then precincts would be out of balance by thousands of ballots. This didn't happen. She's lying.
I love the vans of food story. Only real heads remember.
On Fox News several weeks ago, Melissa Carone said there must have been ballots in the vans of food because there wasn't enough food for everyone. This time, there was no food. Makes u think.
God, I just love the warehouse named Chicago. It's like if Dems said all the election stealing plans happened in "the Putin room" at the RNC.
Point of order: why is Matt Hall sweating so much
It is factual that no ballots would have been discarded after being counted. That is undoubtedly a true statement.
I'm having a hard time following this but clerk @BarbByrum is tweeting that what Melissa Carone is describing with ballots and tabulators is exactly how the system works and not at all suspicious or illegal activity
It's obviously completely absurd for this conspiracy theorist and temp contract worker to say that pollworkers aren't allowed near the tabulators
Melissa Carone did not have to get rid of her social media
This is unraveling real quick
Allegan County Republican Steve Johnson was zeroing in on: if what you're saying is correct, poll books would have been wildly out of balance, by thousands. They were not, so what's up with that? Carone went after him, the Chair had to step in and cut her off. Total circus
Aside: I do not much care for Steve Johnson. I worked very hard to beat him this year. But the man is deeply religious, very conservative, and truly wants to do the right thing. That just slammed head-on into the circus.
Third "witness" hitting the same themes as yesterday:
-people did not show ID (no voter ID law in MI)
-Democratic challengers were actually "agitators"
-people were mean to us
Multiple people have now testified in front of multiple committees that they were credentialed at TCF Center to be @migop challengers but decided to impersonate nonpartisan challengers instead.
Rudy "witness" #3 really wanted us to know that Democratic poll challengers weren't trained well enough. At risk of stating the obvious this is not evidence of voter fraud.
"Witness" #4 is lying, this is tiresome, it's been debunked many many times
again, running the same voter's ballot through the tabulator many thousands of times would create an extreme imbalance at the poll book, which would be caught through the canvass
Judge Kenny said the affidavit from the gentleman who just spoke was "rife with speculation and guesswork about sinister motives" FWIW
We have reached the "racist against white people" part of the evening
.@BridgeMichigan on the claim that Republicans were denied access: "The allegations were the subject of several Trump campaign lawsuits, all of which were eventually dismissed. "…
30 minutes until @RepMattHall said he's ending this hearing
Two hours after denying any of these people have filed anything with a court, Rudy says all of these people have filed affidavits with a court
Themes from these witnesses: "I do not know how your system works" and describing normal processes as if they were fraud
"I think all Chinese people look the same" this woman just cited as a reason we need a voter ID law.
.@RepMattHall says they are both "very brave" for coming here tonight. Good job everyone
Up next: a "data scientist." Rudy is gone! What's going on?
It's not accurate that ballots reported "exceeded the capacity" of tabulators, because reporting results to the media does not happen in real time
Current speaker is Phil Waldron he's a crank who has pushed the Dominion-Frankfurt conspiracy…
I don't think @RepMattHall knew Waldron was appearing. He's trying to ask a question about the particulars of tabulators and Michigan election law, something this guy obviously won't be able to answer
I'm starting to think this hearing isn't going to end at 9:00
Judith Kosloski is the clerk of Central Lake Township if anyone else was curious why this guy keeps talking about her
.@RepMattHall is begging Waldron to throw him a life preserver by pivoting to something relevant. It ain't happening. We are going to keep hearing about Central Lake Township and I have no idea why
This is the Republican clerk of Ottawa County demolishing Phil Waldron's claims here
Waldron is repeatedly claiming that results are reported to media before polls close. That's not true. Republican Rep. Steve Johnson is really struggling to understand what he's saying and why
Phil Waldron isn't the first Republican to claim Oakland County uses Dominion machines, but it's still not true
Waldron seems to think that the third party vendors which assist with compiling and reporting results to the public in real time have something to do with the paper ballots. That's not true. Michigan uses paper ballots everywhere
9:19 PM: first Hugo Chavez mention, prodded out of this alleged expert by Rudy
As we've all learned today, the fact that some testimony took place "on the House floor" has nothing to do with its veracity
Waldron cannot seem to grasp that Michigan's statewide use of paper ballots completely undermines his entire theory
Monica Palmer is speaking. Yesterday she said that November 3rd was the first time she had ever witnessed the vote counting process, so everything she says should be taken with a grain of salt
Palmer is excruciatingly walking through the verification done in the canvassing process, which adds up to a pretty solid argument contradicting everything that's been said in the last 3.5 hours
Monica Palmer with the first policy recommendation of the evening: more funding to run Michigan's elections. Couldn't agree more!
Palmer is saying we don't give election workers enough time to do their jobs. She's not saying it, but this is an argument to allow clerks to begin counting absentee ballots prior to 7 am on election day
Palmer is done. Said nothing about fraud.
Matt Hall says she's brave because she was bullied by "radical left wing people." I am not sure why any left wing people would bully someone who voted to certify Wayne County's results!
Matt Hall asks Palmer if out of balance precincts was "widespread, or what" this year. Has...he been asleep for the last month?
We do need to fix the recount laws in Michigan that @RepMattHall is scuffling to ask questions about. And @stephanielily has introduced a bill that would do just that!
We've reached the part of the evening where we've clearly exhausted the Republican members' knowledge of Michigan election laws. "I'm not an elections guy" was just said as part of a question
Beau LaFave wants to hear about the dimensions of the boxes. I don't know anymore
Rudy is talking. He confused Pittsburgh with Philadelphia then just rolled it into a bit where he was naming cities
New York is more corrupt than Detroit says Rudy. "I just checked online"
Rudy is rolling about corrupt cities and the Trump supporters who have packed the room are laughing. Glad we're all paying for their entertainment tonight
Rudy is being racist. People in the room are yelling now. Fact: 441 total votes out of balance in the largest city in Michigan.
"Our right of free speech has been eroded substantially," Rudy says four hours and counting into this taxpayer-funded hearing in a public building that's not open to the public right now
"I would never have my name associated with anything that was false" says Rudy
2,760 Americans died of COVID-19 today
Hey the election may be over but let’s channel all this energy into doing something good. Join me in supporting my friends @MILiberation as they organize to end mass incarceration of people of color and build a better Michigan:…

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