I first met her in Coimbatore,when she was doing the film , ஆயிரத்தில் ஒருவன் with the late MGR. She had come down for a dance recital , & was put up in hotel Alankar which was supposedly the best , those times ; the meeting was brief and as I grew up the charm changed to others
2. she was on her way up as Star; it must've been nearly 4 to 5 years, the editor of our college magazine wanted me to do an article on her, (by that time she was known as s gutsy person, no holds barred); I was rather taken aback when she recollected our earlier meet and then
4. All went smooth. I was in touch with her on and off and I was never into the movies , as I disliked their debauchery and multi faceted life style , however I was in touch with late Nagesh, JaiShankar, and a couple of others. It was fun being with them and I was elevated from
3. my favourite E stand at chepauk to pavilion terrace as Nagesh was a member and one ticket was for me always. She went into politics and our contact was lesser, except when she took a daring stand on the subject of Lord Rama: quote " சிலரை போல், நான் இல்லை. எனக்கு ராமர் கடவுள்
5. அவர் எனக்கு எப்போதும் வேண்டும் ". This was a dig at BJP who had at that period were playing low key on RJB. I was just out of the leftist clutches and this took me by surprise. She was a member of the RS, by then. I wrote a letter , appreciating her and it was responded to
6. Promptly. MGR passed away , she was humiliated in the assembly and her firebrand in her came out in full steam. She became the chief minister , and yes , she did lose control , which was used very well by the Mannargudi family to the hilt , and she paid a heavy price ,finally
her death. The secretariat of Tamil Nadu is still the hub of corruption and because of the service rules and thanks to late MK and his goons ,they literally controlled the voting pattern - with this being the back ground she had the guts , with a single signature dismissed a
8. A large number of them , irrespective of rank. Among the lot were even Deputy Secretaries in various departments including finance and home. Even today, that fear exists in them. I'm not ashamed to say I voted for her , twice, as I was away for the others; but then karma is
such a bitch it caught up with her; in a way , it also ensured that the legacy of hers is intact , even though she was convicted. This will be the reason why R S Bharathi will face his doom. One helluva gutsy woman , a capable administrator, and she really held the leash tightly
In admiration, may you live in peace , the least one can pray for in your being among the celestials. #JJ_ASaga
@CustosLegis_Jay FYI the least I could do
@threadreaderapp compile please

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3 Dec
Political equations in TN now change - and change it'll be for the better. There are quite a few of us who stand by #Namo and BJP because of him, (not that as a party,they're good , comparatively to any other), but a combo of him and #AS , something which I've watched from their
Gujarat days , and , one of the few who endorsed , late #Cho when he proclaimed that he should be PM of our great nation, I'm also aware of certain people who thought Cho was mad in providing so; with entry of @rajinikanth now certain, and, fresh fighting top in BJP TN, this
End the 50 odd years of Dravidian misrule and especially, @arivalayam , which needs to be wiped off the map in the history of political science in TN,which they're primarily responsible for destruction of values and more. I'm sure the paid coolies will elevate their obscene and
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3 Dec
Very Beautifully written, can’t stop sharing
If you were to cook 3 cups of rice, would you add 3 cups of salt to it?
Certainly not!
So, in every preparation of rice, the rice always outnumbers the salt, yet a little salt makes a huge difference/
impact in the overall outcome.
In the room in which you currently are, look up at the ceiling... What is the size of the bulb compared to the size of the room? It is probably a ratio of 1:5000.
Yet, darkness flees the entire space once the small bulb is flipped on.
If I am the salt of the earth, and the light of the world, then "little me" has the ability to make big things happen..
Sometimes, because we feel outnumbered or overwhelmed at the sheer magnitude of evil or wrong-doers, we then choose powerlessness,
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3 Dec
~ You wake up early morning trying to do your Prayers /Yoga but your mind is elsewhere and before you know it, you're done with it, without being mindful of it. (A leaking bucket)
~ You're very kind to outsiders / people in general and speak with them gently,
but with your own family you're always harsh / rude. (A leaking bucket)
~ You honour and treat your guests well but when they leave, you gossip about them and talk about their flaws. (A leaking bucket)
~ You try to read as much religious books, listen to Satsang /Keertan,
participate in social services/ Sewa but you swear, insult, curse daily. (A leaking bucket)
~ You help others but you're doing it to gain something in return from them and not doing those acts of kindness selflessly. (A leaking bucket)
~ You frequently advice/preach others,
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1 Dec
Somewhere it's jelling - the political scenario in TN, is likely to find new equations - MKA, whom the media hyped would be meeting AS,and I said no - it isn't going to happen - now he may blow his conch , as admission of his son into the party fold has been vetod, by the son of
MKS,and he's right- it would jeopardize his growth as successor of the father (no other credentials); MKA has been too quite and he still has loyalists around him and a couple of senior functionaries in DMK would jump the wagon, kanimozhi herself may not do so immediately , but
wait - she above the others has the cunningness of her late father and a little surprising is , if one noticed , in recent times , she has distanced herself from A Raja and Jagath Gasper. (How many noticed this ?)! The larger picture would emerge within the next week or so. I'll
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18 Nov
I've a track record to reckon with. A corrupt inspector in crime branch was only a tip of the ice berg. It took me year plus 7 months to get the details , that too at the intervention of the CIC-RTI ,2 DCP's had to remit 6 months of their salary, 1 ACP, who's on W/L since 2014,
2. 9 complaints , one after the other, when 1 suspension got revoked , the next came up. MHC threw his case out, Apex didn't even admit his petition . Believe me ,one dangerous person is a friendly police person, irrespective of rank. Luckily I was blessed, as I had a small
3. Advantage. They attempted every trick in the book, to get me off their back, and,quoting one DGP now retired - " the amount of money he has spent on RTI, he could have bought an expensive villa, in poes garden; it's better that we look at and upon him , for teaching a vsluable
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9 Nov
I'm tweeting this , after thoughts and after thoughts. Finally I felt it needed to be done. This man has been taking on #Antanio whatever, #Vadras and ofcourse the rulers of Maharashtra; it's hard to believe that he was not aware of the reopening of the case
2. By the government of Maharashtra, as early as May of this year - I'm not willing to buy that - either he trusted his legal advisors , who must have told him ,not to worry because the matter for reinvestigation has not reached the courts , yet and/or he must have had a
3. different game plan, which back fired; personally speaking , I dislike him , especially after he played a morphed video about the late HH Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Mutt and his subsequent stand on Sabarimalai issue. I can't deny his patriotism and / or his nationalist
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