1/ THREAD: Hey Matthew McConaughey, "aggressively centric" is not the same as striving for objectivity. To some people and other casual observers, it may seem so, but these two viewpoints are not even in the same Universe.
2/ If one insists on their political ideology existing at some rough midpoint in what is currently America, you're playing the same game that many MSM organizations are playing. Being neutral in a field of ethics, morality, 'truth', & humanity does not make you wise or zen-like.
3/ And if you're as emersed in World culture as you claim to be, you should have known decades ago that what is politically "liberal" in the United States is centric in most other countries.
4/ Being neutral or "centric" is not the same as being objective. Strive to know the difference.

The same principle applies to truth. Be truthful, not neutral. If it's one thing America must stop doing — it's to stop banalizing the truth.
5/ Being "aggressively centric", centric, or neutral is not some kind of moral high ground. Doing so does not make you objective or some sort of leader.
6/ You may rationalize that such a practice is wise, but at best, it's self-deception, intellectually pubescent, and/or a coping mechanism. And at worst, it makes one an opportunist, manipulative — and a moral & intellectual coward.
7/ When one side is demonstrably, blatantly, and continuously lying, practicing (and advocating) racism, separating children from their parents, caging those children, actively taking actions to spread COVID, betraying our allies/deserting them to be killed (Kurds), ...
8/ ...openly attacking peaceful protestors (hello, 1st Amendment), trying taking away healthcare from tens of millions during a Pandemic, ... etc., any objective observer could fill hundreds of tweets here.
9/ So, no — NO. being "aggressively centric" is not some sort of moral high-ground or another way of being objective. It's not. Stop claiming it is.
10/ I will always practice the morality advocated by Elie Wiesel, who said:

"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."


• • •

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1/ THREAD: Trump will be 'given' a Federal pardon from Pence, once Trump resigns. Pence will pardon Trump only because Trump has significant Kompromat on Pence — which Trump has had since mid-2016 (via Putin).
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1/ THREAD: Large, white, particulate debris ejected from Trump's mouth/nose *at least 38 times* during a Press scrum at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on October 19, 2020, just prior to departing for a rally in Tucson.
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3/ Trump's bilateral, intermittent, extremely dilated pupils (oftentimes 8 or 9 mm in diameter) are a result of drugs. From an ophthalmologic and neurological perspective, no other explanation is logical. These pupillary findings are long-standing, documented, and quantifiable. ImageImageImageImage
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2/ Trump's pattern of chronic (decades-long), bilateral pupillary dilation on an intermittent basis (some days normal, some days widely dilated) — is indicative of Drug Abuse.
3/ A sampling of Trump's previous pupillary dilation:
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