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1/ THREAD: In case you were wondering, Trump was high (again) during the 'Town Hall' event in Miami.

UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 15 October 2020 • Town Hall, Miami FL • Pupils dilated ~ 6.5 mm (right eye) ~ 7.0 mm (left eye) diameter
2/ Trump's pattern of chronic (decades-long), bilateral pupillary dilation on an intermittent basis (some days normal, some days widely dilated) — is indicative of Drug Abuse.
3/ A sampling of Trump's previous pupillary dilation:
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1/ THREAD: UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 04 October 2020 • Walter Reed MC • Pupils dilated ~ 6.0-6.5 mm (right eye) ~ 6.0-6.5 mm (left eye) diameter, from image released by White House
2/ Provided the above image and close-up are authentic and taken yesterday at Walter Reed, Trump's pupils are dilated significantly. Often, his pupils are even more dramatically dilated (i.e., 9.0 mm).
3/ This indicates Trump continues to abuse Adderall (and/or other drugs) and his physicians are aware of this abuse. Multiple people have gone on public record witnessing Trump, in the past, abusing Adderall as well as cocaine.
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1/ THREAD: UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 03 October 2020 • #WalterReed Medical Center (allegedly) • Pupils dilated ~ 7.0 mm (right eye) ~ 8.0 mm (left eye) diameter/Screengrab at 1:05 from video: 
2/ Trump's pupils are very widely dilated. Thus, either:

A. This Video was produced 1-2 days ago at WH
B. Someone is smuggling Trump his Adderall
C. Trump smuggled his own Adderall to Walter Reed
C. Doctors are prescribing him Adderall (or another drug that dilates the pupils)
3/ Note that this video is quite out-of-focus. This blurriness is not an accident, this was deliberate. Trump, et. al., do not want you to see details.
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UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 6 March 2020 • Wash DC/White House • Coronavirus Spending Bill • Pupils dilated ~ 6.0-6.5 mm (right eye) ~ 6.5-7.0 mm (left eye) diameter Screengrab at 0:20 from video: 
Donald Trump's pupils are intermittently, bilaterally, dilated — often very widely dilated. At other times his pupils are normal (this is key). This pattern is longstanding (decades) and is *highly* suggestive of drug abuse.
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1/ THREAD: Trump has the Dark Tetrad:

• Sociopathy/Psychopathy
• Narcissism
• Machiavellianism
• Sadism

In addition, Trump is/has:

• A Long Term Drug Abuser
(Intermittent, Bilateral, Widely Dilated Pupils)
• Progressive Dementia

2/ UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 6 Feb. 2020 • Wash DC/White House • Speech in East Room re: Senate Impeachment Trial • Pupils dilated ~ 8.5 mm (right eye) ~ 8.5 mm (left eye) diameter
3/ Mainstream Media, every opposing candidate, every member of the House and Senate, and indeed every citizen should be addressing this. The problem is not his pupils — this pattern of intermittent, bilateral, extremely dilated pupils is a result of Trump's drug abuse.

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UPDATE: #DonaldTrump#DilatedPupils Alert • 22 January 2020 • Davos, Switzerland • Interview at World Economic Forum • Pupils dilated ~ 7.5 mm (right eye) and ~ 8.0 mm (left eye) in diameter • Screengrab at 5:13 from video:
Body Language and Medical Analysis No. 4221: Why are Donald Trump's Pupils So Dilated? - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)…
This should have been worldwide news two years ago. It's quantifiable. It's documented in literally millions of photos and videos. It's fact. It's medically profoundly alarming. A panel of 100 top, non-American, physicians should be formed to address this publicly.
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THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4369: Donald Trump's Border Wall Oval Office Address • #DonaldTrump #BorderWall #OvalOffice #Deception #Anxiety #Frustration #DilatedPupils #Drugs #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #GovernmentShutdown
1/ On Tuesday 8 January 2018, President Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office regarding his proposed Wall at the US-Mexico border. What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of this event.
2/ As he began his Oval Office address, Donald Trump intertwined his fingers (0:06). For him, this hand/arm configuration is rare. He was probably following the advice of a speech coach.
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