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Dec 9, 2020 27 tweets 8 min read Twitter logo Read on Twitter
On my continuing quest to understand how Mitch McConnell, who had an approval rating of 18%, managed to win reelection by 57%, I dug even deeper🤔

The deeper I dig, the more I find the numbers out of Kentucky hard to swallow🙄

Here's a follow up on Kentucky's election results👇
My previous thread noted how many Kentucky Dems voted Republican. Folks said "This is just Kentucky voters"

But if Kentucky voters typically cross party lines it also provides cover to easily hide vote flipping. And HUGE numbers of Dems voted Republican.

Take Breathitt County👇
In Breathitt Mitch got 234% more votes than they had registered Republicans
Amys votes only represent 17% of registered Dems

They'll still say "Its just Kentucky. Look at voting history"

Well, HISTORY shows 2 counties who NEVER before voted for Mitch gave him BIG wins in 2020👇
Mitch NEVER won in Elliott or Wolfe Kentucky.
But in 2020 he won these counties with mind boggling results🧐

Mitch Votes=1912
Registered GOP=943

McGrath Votes=945
Registered Dems=4527

Registered GOP=860

Registered Dems=4276
And since my original thread on Kentucky I've found even more anomalies. To further verify Kentuckys data I also looked at Dems numbers to see if their votes made sense

THEORY: When a Kentucky Dem voted for Amy they also voted for Biden

But thats NOT quite what the data shows👇
Out of 120 counties in Kentucky, Amy McGrath got MORE votes than Joe Biden in 119 counties.

In 99% of the counties it appears voters went into the voting booth and voted for Amy McGrath AND Trump?

A Trump voter who then votes for the Democratic woman candidate?

Did Amy get more votes than Biden cause more folks voted in the Senate race?

550 more people voted in the Presidential race.

Senatorial Votes: 2,134,446
Presidential Votes: 2,134,996

Btw, 550 is a tiny & oddly round number🤔
(especially as compared to even smaller states) Image
I only had one explanation...the whole country watched the #MoscowMitch race but noone expected Biden to beat Trump in KY
So IF they manipulated votes did they siphon off slightly MORE votes from Biden to Trump?

Ironically Trump mistakenly claimed sorta the same thing in Georgia
The amazing @marceelias highlighted an interesting section from one of Trumps cases👇

TRUMP alleged that Dominion machines in Georgia had a machine-controlled algorithm that flipped 2.5% of the votes FROM Biden TO Trump😳

WTF😳 Did Trump accidentally confess to vote flipping? Image
It's as if Trumps revealing the plot. If one wants to rig an election they'd work with a voting machine manufacturer to set an algorithm in their machines to FLIP a percentage of votes from one candidate to their opponent. Projection🤔

But I think Dominion is a distraction👇
It so happens that Kentucky didn't use Dominion machines. 20% of Kentucky's counties used ES&S machines though.

In the top 6 counties where McConnell got the biggest % of votes vs registered Reps ALL used ES&S machines...even the 2 counties where historically Mitch NEVER won.
Now I know this thread is about Kentucky but since I'm bringing up ES&S
👉Lindsey Grahams SC uses ES&S in each county
👉Most Maine voters ballots go through an ES&S machine
👉Texas uses ES&S (& rejected Dominion)
👉Iowa uses ES&S
👉& Florida

Just sayin...

Now back to Kentucky😉
Even though Trumps vote flipping scheme is one way, it's not the only way to help a candidate in an election. What if you also wanted to add voters to the voting rolls? All those added votes would inflate the totals for the candidates you're helping.

But how do you detect that?
I decided to look again at Breathitt Kentucky.
👉Breathitt used ES&S machines
👉& it's where Mitch had the biggest number of votes compared to registered Republicans

So I looked at the population of Breathitt and compared it to the registered voters and it sure does look odd👇 Image
According to census data
👉Breathitts population is 13,116
👉Approximately 23% of the population is 19 & under. So let's estimate 20% as under 18
👉That gives us approximately 10,500 old enough to vote

Yet KY Board of Electors says Breathitt has 11,497 registered voters?

huh🤔 ImageImage
But how would they add voters to voting rolls? You'd need an opportunity.

Coincidentally we know...


Russia wouldn't do it for shits & giggles. Could they have added names? Image
Some may say that by questioning results in Kentucky we're adding to Trumps narrative. But let's face it, Trumps incessant claims of voter fraud seem a lot like projection. And swing states who used Dominion machines mostly voted for Trump. So is Dominion a distraction from ES&S?
And Trump may keep screaming about fraud but this speaks more to corruption.

Trump may not have won but who believes he didn't try?

In 2016, Hillary won 65M in the popular vote.
Trump may have expected to win with 70M votes if it wasn't for the overwhelming turn out for Joe👏🌊
And Trump may have lost but Senators still won...
👉Mitch in KY
👉Lindsey in SC
👉Cornyn in TX
👉Ernst in IA
👉Collins in ME

Between ES&S machines, voter suppression, DeJoy's postal hijinks, Russian interference & Trump...
we're supposed to just accept this as a normal election?
Ironically, in 2019, the same day that a bi-partisan Senate committee released a report saying that Russia had hacked into our election systems...guess who moved AGAIN to block consideration of election security legislation by Democrats...

Yep, of course Mitch McConnell🤬
#MoscowMitch has done everything in his power to block election security
He's taken💰from vendors such as ES&S
He's got multiple ties to Russia
He laughed in Amy McGraths face during the debate...cause he knew the fix was in

How do we just ignore red flags in Kentucky's results? ImageImageImageImage
I hope we can all raise our voices & demand action
And that the media covers it
Maybe we can even work with lawyers & pursue it legally
But the action I really hope for is INVESTIGATION

It's time for investigations
That fully expose crimes
without Obstruction
& WITH consequences
My ultimate dream would be the new AG announcing a Special Prosecutor to investigate the election.

We've won 51-1 disputing their bogus claims, but we have yet to call out their own antics. Isn't this too big to ignore?
By putting in a Special Prosecutor we can expose the truth.
A Special Prosecutor would look at ALL machine vendors not just ones Trump points us to.
They'd look at ALL States not just ones where Trump lost.
A Special Prosecutor won't ignore Trump asking Governors to change results & appointing DeJoy to disappear ballots.

They investigate
By focusing on all vendors ES&S may come to light
By focusing on all states the truth behind these Senate races may come out
And investigating may reveal whether Trump REALLY had 70M people vote for him?

An investigation could prove Bidens legitimacy AND expose the GOP's games🤞
UPDATE: I've taken this Kentucky thread and worked with the amazing team at @DCReportMedia to detail it in a full article.

I think you will find even more than what was in the original thread and🤞there may even be more to come. Hope you'll take a look

I’ve been saying Mitch’s numbers don’t add up...
Did Trump just confess?

He HELPED Mitch & 7 other Senators win a rigged election🤔

He must mean in 2020 cause Mitch’s last ran in 2014 (NOT a Presidential election)

Is he threatening to expose Mitch😂… Image

• • •

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Jul 15, 2022
Mitch McConnell's secret weapon is ES&S.
The voting machine company Trump NEVER mentions who's office is ironically on John Galt Blvd in Nebraska

Mitch figured don't have to win the votes, if you control the counting of the votes.

And he's been at it for a while
Remember the 2000 election when the Supreme Court decided that George Bush would be President? Well, Mitch McConnell went into action directly after that and sent us down an interesting path.

In 2002, Mitch helped author legislation called the Help America Vote Act (HAVA).
Even in 2022 most of our allies like Canada, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain & the UK all use Hand Marked Paper Ballots.

But in 2002 Mitch McConnell was a key player leading the US down the path of having our votes counted by machines.
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Jun 25, 2022
Today feeling bereft & dark I went for a long walk & eventually came across a fountain & read the plaque.

Unbelievably, I'd stumbled on a reminder that women have been at this for 100+ yrs. They fought for us & we must fight for those who come after us.

Here's what it said
...this marble stele & drinking fountain was designed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Woman's Health Protective Association (WHPA) of NYC in 1909.
Dedicated in 1910, the stele depicts two female figures holding a lamp.👇
These forms were representative of the Association's commitment to shedding light on the public health issues facing women...
Charlotte Wilbour, one of the names inscribed along the Riverside Park benches, helped to found the first New York City Woman Suffrage Association in 1870
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Jun 13, 2022
Rudy Giuliani's Big Lie 'Venezuela' stories sound like drunken crazy talk but it just TWISTS real facts.

Guiliani says Venezuela's 2004 elections were rigged?
President Jimmy Carter says they were fair?
Who do you believe?

And why is Rudy ignoring ES&S's role in the story👇🧵
In 2000, Hugo Chavez was worried the US was trying to steal Venezuela's elections in order to control OIL🤔
And Venezuela's Supreme Court was concerned enough to almost CANCEL the 2000 election.

But Venezuela's voting machine vendor in 2000 was ES&S...NOT Dominion or Smartmatic
Leading up to Venezuela's 2000 election, the nation’s highest court the Venezuelan Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) threatened to cancel the nations elections due to technical problems with voting machines from ES&S, a US company who'd supplied election machines since 1998.
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May 25, 2022
Stacey Abrams loss in 2018 to Brian Kemp was Georgia's closest race since 1966.
Kemp only won by 54,723 votes.
But in a conflict of interest, Kemp wasn't just a candidate, he also oversaw the counting of the votes.

From 2012-2016 Kemps office purged 1M voters from the rolls
And just prior to the election, Kemps office reportedly sat on & questioned 53,000 voter registrations. 70% of those from black voters.
So, Abrams was well within her rights to want a recount. However, Georgia's outdated voting machines didn't use paper & couldn't be audited.
Lawsuits followed. A Judge ordered Georgia to get new machines that COULD be audited before the 2020 race.
GA was also told to "address errors & discrepancies in the voter registration database" & have paper copies of poll books.
In other words, run a FAIR election going forward.
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May 18, 2022
In 2020, I questioned how Mitch McConnell won his election based on certain counties that looked statistically impossible.

Last nights Kentucky Primary turnout helped further validate the fact that there was something very suspect with Mitch McConnell's 2020 election 'win'
In 2020 I dug into Mitch's odd election numbers in some key counties. Last night's turnout continues to demonstrate how unbelievable his 2020 numbers were.

For example, two KY counties had NEVER voted GOP in their entire history, yet in 2020 Mitch got 2x as many votes in both🤔
But the 2022 primary turnout appears drastically different to 2020

Dem Voters=1595
GOP Voters=175

Dem Voters=1034
GOP Voters=160

So counties who had suddenly turned overwhelmingly GOP in 2020, switched back to being OVERWHELMINGLY Blue in 2022?🤔
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May 9, 2022
Not only can I not get past the horror of “domestic supply of infants” but I can’t get past the fact that this phrase came from a mother currently raising two children adopted from Haiti. As these children grow up how will they process those words coming from their own mother?
In an interview in 2019, Amy Coney Barrett said of her decision to adopt from Haiti “We knew that we wanted to adopt internationally -the wait for domestic adoption was just very, very long”
Imagine hearing that you were adopted because there wasn’t a “domestic supply of infants”
I’d hate to be the adoptee who’s mother wielded her power to force US women to birth babies to replenish the “domestic supply of infants”. Why would she change such critical law to create a ‘Handmaids Tale’ style baby factory? Did she wish she had better options when she adopted?
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