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Roger Stone Oct Thread 1/

Time to do the October update to our 4th path (of 5) that takes Trump to prison for life (each). I call this Roger Stone, because he is likely first of the January 6th seditionists to be tried in court. Let's do a Thread..
Roger Stone Oct Thread 2/

Donald Trump faces 5 paths that EACH take him to prison for life:

1. Weisselberg (NY taxes)
2. Giuliani (Ukraine)
3. Matt Gaetz (selling Presidential pardons)
4. Roger Stone (Jan 6th)
5. Tom Barrack (UAE & Qatar)

Trump ALSO faces many lesser lawsuits
Roger Stone Oct Thread 3/

Note, in my Trump path 3 to prison for life, Matt Gaetz (selling Presidential Pardons) a key criminal is Roger Stone

This 4th path to take Trump to prison for life I call 'Roger Stone' is SEPARATE. This is about January 6th and includes ALL Jan 6
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Then on FBI raid of two US homes of Russian oligarch (Putin stooge) Oleg Deripaska

I had to think about this and dig into it. Let's do a short thread about Manafort's boss...
Oleg Deripaska is an aluminum Billionaire worth about $4.5 Billion. One of world's richest men. He was one of those who raided Russian wealth when Putin took over the country & became Dictator. Oleg is one of Czar Vladimir the Smug's fave errand boys & regularly travels with him
When Putin invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea, President Obama slapped biggest sanctions that USA had ever imposed on any country, upon Russia. INCLUDING oligarchs and their businesses. Including Oleg Deripaska and Rusal his aluminum company, in 2014
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This was what I worried would happen with @Booker4KY. Not be on the offensive with @RandPaul, who's an abysmal, but only on the defensive when need to. Just like the @KyDems always do, which is a losing strategy. But Booker's running on policies that are materially popular!!!
Here's a fun fact about running in an election... If you run as an Aggressive & Offensive Candidate with Policies that help the People & their Material Well-being, then you win.
Here's how I know; In the 2015 Midterms, @AlanGrayson of the @FlaDems, he won with no problem. He was unapologetic when being a "#Progressive", stands up with his Principles & goes for the Jugular in Political Ads at his Opponents on how their Policies are Wrong, Evil & Bad &...
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Today, the House will vote on the Senate bill to suspend the debt limit. Kind of. Technically, the debt limit will be deemed to have been suspended as part of a rule that deals with other bills. I mean, this happens all the time, and it will pass.

All bills in the House must have a rule which sets limits on amendments, debate, time, others. The good news? The debt limit might not be reached until late December - early January. So what? So a heck of a lot!
#MoscowMitch has been LYING saying the debt limit needs to be expanded b/c of the out-of-control spending by the Democrats. After increasing the debt over $5T under #Komrade45? Hypocrisy is the price vice pays to virtue, man.
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The floating time bomb that will shut down the Red Sea, "Allah alone knows when"…

Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin, and the entire Republican Party are doing what the Houthis are doing here.

The climate emergency that the world faces...
for all intents and purposes, is a time bomb on the planet. The recent oil spill in SoCal is another indicator that allowing companies to extract fossil fuels for profit is a recipe for disaster.

Sinema and Manchin are members of the Democratic Party,

Which ha determined to address the climate emergency in their upcoming infrastructure bill. Sinema and Manchin, at the bidding of #MoscowMitch and the oligarchs who run the country and the world, are lying and obstructing and profiting...

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Yesterday, #MoscowMitch and the GOP were writing checks with their mouths their asses couldn't cash. Don't believe the hype - MITCH BLINKED because the Democrats - who were supposed to be in disarray - stood strong.

So let's RECAP!

First, this crisis, manufactured by the GOP, will be temporarily averted when the Senate, either today or tomorrow, agree to a deal. The details are still forthcoming. The negotiations are around whether to suspend the debt ceiling versus some specific number as a cap.
Schumer is also pushing for this suspension to last past December, something the GOP don't want, either. Listen. The GOP WANTS CHAOS. They ain't trying to legislate. But Wall Street doesn't like chaos, so the GOP is doing something, just not the most, right now.
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So #MoscowMitch offered a deal on the debt ceiling. I talked to my friends on the Hill and they all told me, "told you James." What this deal entails, right now, is anyone's guess. Let's recount, shall we?

The Senate was scheduled to have a vote to stop debate and vote on suspending the debt limit. The GOP was expected to opposed this, 12 days before the Treasury Department runs out of the ability to obtain new loans.
The GOP HOPED the filibuster would force Democrats to realize they need to shift to lifting the debt limit via reconciliation. Apparently, that plan didn't work. The Democrats didn't blink. Schumer wants this done by the end of the week.
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Thread on GOP political suicide 1/

Donald Trump is now ruling as the Mad King of the Republicans. He cannot harm us. He is harming the GOP. And it is getting worse

He is waging a bold war against reality
Thread on GOP political suicide 2/

Starting point. The GOP in past 20 years has lost on average by 2% in Presidential elections (so we start at a level of 49/51 deficit for GOP). By 2020 Trump had pushed that margin to 4% deficit

They are the smaller party
Thread on GOP political suicide 3/

With Covid, vaccinations & masks Trump wages a war against Dr Fauci. It is Trump's never-ending vengeance, against those on his Enemies List (Trump never quits, look at his futile war against the Ghost of John McCain)

Trump demands GOP loyalty
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Kompromat Thread 1/

Trump has clearly been beholden to Czar Vladimir the Smug. We saw the shocking behavior in Helsinki of Putin and his sex slave

Why is Trump behaving like this?

And why are so many OTHER Republicans loving Putin

It is called 'Kompromat', a Russian word..
Kompromat Thread 2/

Kompromat is a Russian word, which combines 'compromising' and 'material'. It is BLACKMAILING material

The Kompromat method was SOP Standard Operating Procedure by KGB during Cold War. Who do we know was a KGB Colonel during Cold War? Vladimir Putin. Yes.
Kompromat Thread 3/

Kompromat STANDARD procedure is to secure TWO INDEPENDENT hooks into a target. And proceed from the easier one to the other one

MOST TYPICAL is first a sex contact (via KGB-paid prostitute, female or male) and then BRIBES to follow

Two hooks, one financial
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How does the Speaker Pelosi - Qevin McCarthy war of Committees play out?

The Qevin childish play is a stunt. It is intended to placate crybaby Trump. Take the toys away. It IS WORSE than letting the 3 Republicans sit on the Committee that Pelosi approved. Qevin knows this
America NEEDS the Jan 6th Committee
America is in PAIN because of a terrorist attack on the Capitol

The attempted assassination of the Vice President
The attempted kidnap & torture of the Speaker of the House
The attempted GASSING of Congress

The injuries to 140 police officers
There WILL be a Jan 6th Committee

Pelosi created a FAIR 50/50 Committee. It got votes of 35 House Republicans and all DEMs

#MoscowMitch McTurtle lobbied against that Committee. SIX Republican Senators voted yes

Now that Mitch destroyed the 50/50 Committee we get Pelosi's Cttee
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Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 1/

I am posting a series of Threads about Trump cult, Cult45 #Cult45 the Maganutters who wear his hats. This is Part 8 of that analysis. We now look at how is the Republican Party, the GOP, dealing with Trump's Magamad mob

It is not a happy fairy tale
Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 2/

This is Part 8 of a series of Threads that do deep analysis of Cult 45, the Maga cult of Trump. The 7 parts build upon each other and lead to this 8th part. You need to read them first. You find all at this link

Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 3/

This discussion is for grown-up adults, sane rational people. I will not tolerate disruption

If you post any question that illustrates to me, you skipped the previous 7 parts, where it had been answered, I will not answer you

I will just block you
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Goya Beans & Tan Suits Thread 1/

Last year about this time Trump made a notorious pitch of Goya products from the Oval Office. It included this classic image, which deservedly received a massive amount of mocking on Twitter.

The event bothered me, in being bizarrely out of tune
Goya Beans & Tan Suits Thread 2/

Yes, Trump was making outrageous pitches for all kinds of products all the time. But even in that context, this Goya Beans day was bizarre. That bothered me, it did not fit the 'pattern' of Trump normal behavior, self-serving as that also was.
Goya Beans & Tan Suits Thread 3/

Today as I was reminded of the Goya day. I suddenly made the TIMING leap. Only a few days after Goya, was the TAN SUIT day. We did not know at the time but figured out soon enough afterwards, the full relevance of Tan Suit day in the White House
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First look at 2024 and 2028 Thread 1/

With news of a silly CPAC straw poll (Ron DeSantis will not be GOP nominee in 2024) that had Trump overwhelmingly winning the poll, let's take a first look at 2024 election and GOP nomination race. It is highly likely Joe will face Trump
First look at 2024 & 2028 Thread 2/

The CPAC poll is meaningless. I discussed it in this thread, showing past CPAC polls and the math, that the chances of the poll picking the GOP nominee is 13%. It is meaningless. It is SUMMER news FILLER garbage

First look at 2024 & 2028 Thread 3/

In any normal election, the losing candidate - on BOTH sides - steps aside:
Daddy Bush

It is how US politics works. You don't piss in your own party's pool to lose 2x
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Second thing. What was Qevin McCarthy doing meeting Trump? It is early case study that illustrates the GOP nightmare that is Donald Trump

When they said this meeting is about 2022 election, we know that is not it. Both will lie instinctively to hide the truth.
Qevin was in NJ to meet Trump to discuss the Jan 6th Committee. The appointments. Qevin (and GOP) are at loggerheads with Trump. It is a lose-lose situation. But Qevin (and GOP) will face this same nightmare again, and again, and again going forward into 2022 and 2024 (and 2028)
Qevin thought he was doing what was best for GOP by refusing to name any GOP representatives to the House Select Committee on Jan 6th (Pelosi's Committee). She had foreseen this, made the rules give her TWO extra seats. She gave one of her extra seats to Liz Cheney the Republican
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Let's play
Six Degrees of Kevin Putin

Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pence - Manafort - Deripaska - Putin
Don Jr - Torshin - Putin
Bill Barr - Deripaska - Putin
Sean Hannity - Firtash - Putin
#MoscowMitch McConnell - Deripaska - Putin

Let's play:

Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Mike Pompeo - Rybolovlev - Putin
Jared Kushner - Veselnitskaya - Putin
Rand #RedPaul - Kilimnik - Putin
#LeningradLindsey - Deripaska - Putin
Rudy Giuliani - Firtash - Putin

Let's play

Six Degrees of Kevin Putin
Pelosi to Trump: "All roads with you lead to Putin"

Steve Mnuchin - Blavatnik - Putin
Wayne Lapierre - Butina - Torshin - Putin
Tucker Carlson - Deripaska - Putin
Ivanka Trump - Rybolovlev- Putin
Eric Trump - Closet - Lost

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In 2018 Sen Menendez introduced an election security bill that included conducting post-election risk limiting audits & cyber security standards

McConnell didn’t put it to a vote😡

I want HR1 but let’s not put all our eggs in an HR1 basket.

Put all these past bills to a vote
In 2017 Sen Gillibrand first introduced the Voter Empowerment Act. It included online voter registration & it required states to audit federal election results.

Mitch McConnell killed it & refused to bring it to a vote😡

It was reintroduced in 2021. Let’s bring it to the floor.
In 2019 Sen Klobucher introduced the SAFE act requiring voter verified paper ballots, establishing increased cyber security & risk limiting audits

Of course Mitch McConnell wouldn’t let it go to the floor😡

Let’s put it to a vote now

Get Manchin, Sinema & the GOP on the record
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I agree 100% with Sen. Sinema. Our criminal justice system is broken. Rather than passing new laws, changing bail practices or holding police responsible for crimes, we just need everybody to behave better. I’m sure #MoscowMitch will be moved by this line of thinking.

“The reality is that when you have a system that is not working effectively — and I would think that most would agree that the Senate is not a particularly well-oiled machine, right?
“The way to fix that is to fix your behavior, not to eliminate the rules or change the rules, but to change the behavior.”

— Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), quoted by the Arizona Republic, on the “false choice” between getting rid of the filibuster and passing legislation.
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@stevenprivett @Veronicaromm They have already. R’s wanted to push through far right-wing Judges, Dems said no. McConnell put an exception in the Filibuster for Judges. Same thing with the billionaire tax cut. McConnell wants it, it get changed & done. Dems dither & worry about public opinion &
@stevenprivett @Veronicaromm bipartisanship. ENOUGH! Get Manchin & Sinema on board however you have to. I prefer threatening their income stream, but whatever #MoscowMitch is doing to keep them, BREAK IT. End the Filibuster & pass S1 voting rights & The John Lewis voter rights act. Hell, PASS EVERYTHING!
@stevenprivett @Veronicaromm We only have till the midterms to do everything we need to. Voter rights is #1, but everything is important. Climate change bill is critical, infrastructure, pay equity, increase in minimum pay to $20/hour! racial justice, police reform, etc. that’s just off the top of my head!
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“These Bubba the Love Sponge tapes should be distributed everywhere so every COMPASSIONATE person can hear just how Tucker Carlson REALLY thinks about women.” @JohnFugelsang @StephMillerShow

Re-upping @mmfa audio in light of Matt Gaetz’s TERRIBLE actions:
“Tucker Carlson says he has no recollection of what Matt Gaetz is talking about. Generally Gaetz appears to be saying she was 18 by the time he bought her airline tix and hotel rooms so technically the federal charges fail. Not a great look. Going to get messier.” @harrylitman 🎯
Reminder: Tucker Carlson is a millionaire paid by billionaires.
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“I inherited a nation in crisis. The worst pandemic in a century. The worst economic crisis since Great Depression. The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War… After just 100 days — America is on the move again. Turning peril into possibility.”
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“I don’t know why folks try to come for @staceyabrams when they know damn well that they aren’t ready.”@harrisonjaime

Stacey Abrams schools John Kennedy on “protecting the right to vote and making democracy real for all Americans”:
"What I object to were rules that permitted thousands of Georgia voters to be denied participation, to have their votes cast out… I will disagree with the system till it is fixed." Stacey Abrams to Ted Cruz

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Republicans today have built an entire rhetoric around opposing:

- being “woke,” to remain ignorant

- “virtue signaling,” to mock anyone doing the right thing

- antifa, to support American fascism

- anti-racism, to continue courting racists
- black lives matter, to keep killing innocent black ppl

- “political correctness,” to simply be assholes

- protecting trans kids, to be bullies

- social justice, to embrace inequality

- and their newest focus is stamping out “cancel culture” - or a boycott of boycotting.
How can any decent person support these people?

I truly miss the days when I could criticize Republican policy, but now this is all that’s left: fascist, racist bullies determined to undermine democracy and focused only on manipulating their offices to hold onto power.
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@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @carrybeyond @bywillpollock @YDanasmithdutra @KyHoopFan @Ginger624 @HunterJCullen @CatsChocolates Lengthy <thread> on former guy's burrowed senior executives in federal gov't. @LongAsUCan2
Jan 24, 2021:
1/ "The practice of shifting employees from appointee to career status, informally called burrowing, occurs at the end of every presidency..." (con't)…
@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @carrybeyond @bywillpollock @YDanasmithdutra @KyHoopFan @Ginger624 @HunterJCullen @CatsChocolates @LongAsUCan2 2/ "An Accountable[.]US review has found that, as of Mar 1, 2021, at least 24 Trump administration independent executive agency leaders who are uniquely positioned to undermine President Biden's agenda have remained in gov't positions..."
77-page PDF:…
@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @carrybeyond @bywillpollock @YDanasmithdutra @KyHoopFan @Ginger624 @HunterJCullen @CatsChocolates @LongAsUCan2 3/ Election Assistance Commission Commissioner
Donald Palmer
▸ attempted to promote in-person voting during the COVID-19 pandemic
▸ worked to undermine open and fair elections as a Virginia State election official
▸assisted former guy's 2016 voter fraud commission...
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