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Something we can infer from the fear of the enemy about the whistleblower complaint:
It involves BOTH Ukraine - aid was restored after Schiff demanded the complaint - and Russia - suddenly #MoscowMitch is cool with $250m of federal funds to defend election

Spot the Difference
The complaint involves Ukraine: can also involve Russia

"Hey Ukraine, investigate
and I promise I'll give you that aid back"…
@JoeBiden Remember the complaint is NOT only about the Ukraine call. It is about multiple acts. Outing the @CIA asset was repeatedly implied in @jimsciutto reporting. One thing we know for sure - this is ongoing, multiple acts
Again, of course, our special rep in @Ukraine was @CIA first
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.@RepJerryNadler makes the issue clear: The president's efforts to obstruct the Mueller investigation met all the legal requirements for obstruction of justice, and Corey Lewandowski was a key player in one of Trump's worst offenses.
@RepJerryNadler We broke down Lewandowski's role in that effort—and the collusion that happened under his watch when he ran the Trump campaign—this morning here:…
@RepJerryNadler .@RepJerryNadler calls out the president's obstruction for what it is: "This is a coverup, plain and simple. If it were to prevail ... it would upend the separation of powers as envisioned by our founders."
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#MoscowMitch McConnell has been unpopular in his home state of KY for years, but his approval rating plunged in one poll to a rock-bottom 18 percent — with a re-election campaign looming in 2020.…
In January 2019, he had raised red flags among Republicans and -Democrats alike when he took a key role in lifting sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a Putin ally under FBI investigation for his involvement in 2016 election-meddling; three months later,
Deripaska’s aluminum company, Rusal, announced a $200 million investment in Kentucky. A billboard funded by a -liberal group was subsequently erected on a busy stretch of I-75: “Russian mob money . . . really, Mitch?”

More recently, reports emerged that McConnell’s wife
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1. I would expect the Russians had a hand in the Saudi attacks. I'd want to see the forensics. Large drones and cruise missiles unless very low will be seen on radar. The lack of clarity on who attacked tells me perhaps it's somebody the Saudis don't want to confront.
2. Iran and Russia are allies and both need higher oil prices. Putin owns Trump so he does not fear any meaningful reprisal. This is where a treasonous @SenateGOP may start costing American lives. When it does we need to treat #MoscowMitch like any other Russian spy.
3. Anyone know where @senatemajldr is today? Perhaps the Moscow embassy for a little caviar and cash?

#ReleaseTheIntercepts. Burn the treasonous GOP and Trump to the ground.
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For those of you that follow me, my friends I consider family, I haven't been on today bc I had a bad fall.
It was in the bathroom & I hit the tub & toilet.
Mom was at the grocery bc we got our $72/mo SNAP.
I lied there for an hr bc I couldn't get up. (Like those comm.)
I'm ok...
As many of you know, I already have ruptured discs, congenital disorder which is where your spinal cords doesn't have enough space in your sheath, a syrinx, & multiple bulging discs, osteophytes, etc...
I just really whacked my back.
Mom is w/me now. She's an RN.
Thx RTing Gfm 💕
Thank you all for RTing my Mom's medical Gofundme.
It's my pinned Tweet.
It's also Mom's pinned Tweet @DemForLife3. 🙏 (((hug)))
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Of course Donald would defend his boy Brett, rapists both. How trump has escaped the allegations by 20 credible women of him sexually assaulting them remains a mystery? The predator in the White House covers for the sexual molester on the Supreme Court. We live in gross times.
Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh after sexual misconduct allegations resurface…
You know who has never been accused of sexually assaulting women? Merrick Garland. Blocked by Mitch so he could instead ram through a beery, bigoted, biased, rapist. #MoscowMitch is a pox on our country.
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1. If acting @ODNIgov head Joseph Maguire won't obey the law and turn over the whistle-blower complaint @SpeakerPelosi needs to move to tee up his impeachment immediately for obstructing Congress under 18 USC 1505 and for violating his oath to uphold the law and defend the
2. Constitution, not the Putin owned @POTUS. @SenSchumer should force the trial in the Senate. Let the American people see #MoscowMitch & #LeningradLindsey for the traitors they are. @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC should face their treason daily with Americans demanding they
3. both step down. Make their campaigns the stage for the people to voice their demand re-retake our country from the Kremlin owned traitors in the @WhiteHouse. Let them hear nothing but the voices of free Americans demanding to remain free from Kremlin enslavement.
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Okay so #Techies we need to start posting lists (quarterly? monthly? Of the TOP TEN #GOP ( now #BMP see #POC) donors by amount of each of the House seats we are challenging. A woman did it in 2016?18 but got Trolled off. DONT DO IT IF YOU DONT ENCTYPT EVERYTHING Maddow can’t.
GOT THAT? I don’t know how to do it efficiently enough to produce these lists. Can @CREWcrew do this @RWPUSA .. Find a finder. Can a #ThinkProgress person be hired ... and BYW GovHowardDean (#Russian RIS Agent #Bernies Händler better not still be on or with DNC #NeverBernie
.@TrueFactsStated you sent me #Manforts $300,000 payment to #Rorabacher in 2013 for #HapsburgVisit .. they visited #SenGrassley too ITS IN EXHIBITS from #Mueller Motion to Revoke House Arrest #MANFORT now in #ECRIS DATABASE As are #Cohen #Flynn #Epstein #GeorgeNADER ?? @ICIJorg
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1. #MoscowMitch giving Trump unrestrained use of the Executive Orders and Federal Emergency Powers makes it clear to me that a President can now order all men 16 to 45 if never on regular active duty and under 64 if a Regular Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force veteran,
2. to surrender some or all their fire arms to military command authority. Before Trump and @senatemajldr McConnell I would have never made this claim. Now I'm 100% certain it is lawful in the world that comes after @SenateGOP precedent under Trump.
3. See US Constitution 2nd Am, 10 USC 246 Militia; and 32 USC 313 Appointments and Age Limitations. Simple declaration of emergency for domestic terrorists shooting up our malls, schools and movie theaters and it's a done deal. Resisters will be engaged in rebellion. @BetoORourke
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Thread. Feel like far more attention needed to all the ways President Trump has attempted to align himself with the foreign policy positions of Vladimir Putin in just the past few months. First, Afghanistan:…
After speaking to Putin, Trump dramatically changed his Administration's position on Venezuela, saying he and Putin "feel the same way" on the country.…
Trump's aggressive support of Brexit makes no sense from an American national security standpoint, but is one of Russia's most important foreign policy goals.…
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Dear America,

Here is the GOP platform:

White nationalism

Tax loopholes for top 1%

Regulating female bodies

No corporate regulation, unless politically beneficial

No public programs, unless politically beneficial

No gun regulation





Anti-ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid

Ignore the Constitution


Packing the Supreme Court with justices who will deploy “originalism” to accomplish objectives, except when it does not work, at which point they will transparently become partisan

We are far better than this repugnant platform. Make no mistake: It is designed to further enrich the top 1%. Fanning the prejudices of certain groups is only necessary for the super wealthy to control power. Consider what kind of country you want to leave our children.
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1/ #MoscowMitch and the GOP said today that they intent to wait to act on the gun violence epidemic until Trump tells them what he will sign. McConnell specifically suggested today that the only way to make a law is for the president to sign it.
Article One, Clause Two of the Constitution reads, in part, as follows: "Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States; If he approve he . . .
3/ . . . shall sign it, but if not he shall return it, with his Objections to that House in which it shall have originated, who shall enter the Objections at large on their Journal, and proceed to reconsider it. If after such Reconsideration two thirds of that House shall . . .
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I was listening to @jheil on @DeadlineWH last night, and he said (not a quote) that Nancy Pelosi's job is to protect and preserve the Democratic majority.
I usually respect John's thoughts, but... Wrong.
Her job is written out in Article I of the Constitution.
2. But John accidentally put his finger right on the problem. Politicians think about elections, plan for, campaign for, make decisions based on, and never get around to governing, which is, contrary to popular belief, their job.
3. The way this is supposed to work is, you take stands, make, decisions, do things, and if you do the right things and do them well people elect you again.
That was before advertising, focus groups, and unlimited money.
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Forget about the altered map. Instead, pay attention to:
- GOP moves to hit entitlements the next few months. ( hi @joniernst ).
- Mick Mulvaney making predatory lending great again, right before an economic slowdown.
- USCIS becoming an immigration law enforcement sub agency
2/ - plans for the final 🗡 to obamacare.
- eliminating all sorts of emissions controls.
- shifting more caged kids/families to military facilities away from oversight.
- AG Barr saving the whole deep state “investigation” thing until a Democrat opponent is nominated.
3 I saved the best for last:

600 appointed judges. Some never tried a case, ever.

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Sometimes one wakes up on a #Caturday morning and finds that #TrumpFearsYang is trending.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We downloaded all tweets containing #TrumpFearsYang. Although the hashtag was first introduced on August 12th, it didn't start gaining traction until last night. Very little of the traffic looks automated, although some familiar "realtor" bots put in a guest appearance.
@ZellaQuixote (earlier thread on the realtor/taxicab bots which have been spammishly retweeting various 2020 Democratic candidate hashtags as well as #MoscowMitch)
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⚠️US Wargames to Try Out Concepts for Fighting China, Russia

Debris near Nyonoksa military testing ground left bridges radioactive

Tensions mount btwn Trump, Pence camps heading into 2020 election

Google Is Fined $170M for Violating Children’s Privacy on YouTube

@senatemajldr is upset people are calling him names. 1st: “Moscow Mitch” (b/c he refuses to do anything to stop RU interference in US elex), & 2nd: “MassacreMitch” & “MurderTurtle” (b/c he refuses to take up gun-violence legislation despite massacre after massacre).

Home of HK Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai Hit With Firebombs.

Pro-democracy backer Lai has been labeled a traitor by China
No one was hurt in the incident at the home

Melania’s ‘Einstein Visa’ Was Based on Her Having a College Degree — Which She Lied About Having
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‼️#MoscowMitch wants YOU to give up your "Social Programs" of #SSI, #Medicare, #ACA, #FoodStamps, BridgeCards, #Section8 HUD Housing, Meals on Wheels, to fund their MAGA #GOPTaxScam!

Learn the facts!
The "Social Programs" #MoscowMitch wants Americans to give up 4 blowing up the deficit!

Remember the "Rose Garden Ceremony"

They were celebrating their #MAGA #GOPTaxScam!

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Hey #MoscowMitch you say you don't like your nickname & you bring up McCarthyism. Do ya really wanna throw that term around?

With McCarthyism most of the accused were not guilty. But now we have the internet. You try to hide behind PACS...but WE SEE YOU & your Russian backers
WE SEE YOU #MoscowMitch when Len Blavatnik, partner of Oleg Deripaska, pumped $6.35M into GOP PACS, going directly to you Marco Rubio & #LeningradLindsey

& WE SEE YOU when your former staff helped lobby to bring a $200M Blavatnik & Deripaska project to...wait for it KENTUCKY
WE SAW YOU #MoscowMitch when you backed efforts to lift Deripaskas Russian sanctions clearing the way for his $200M deal to land in Kentucky

& WE SEE YOU #MoscowMitch when the most critical election security threat is Russia but you OBSTRUCT us from fixing it by blocking votes
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Back when the #MoscowMitch hashtag first proliferated in late July 2019, we took a look to see how much of the traffic was bot driven. At the time, not much: only 4230 of 1103160 tweets (0.4%) prior to August 1st appear to have been posted by automated means.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote The situation has changed substantially since. We pulled #MoscowMitch tweets for the past 10 days - a whopping 14.6% (72949 of 254666 tweets) were posted via automation tools, mostly via custom software with names mentioning taxis or real estate. . .
@ZellaQuixote The surge of #MoscowMitch bot activity is almost entirely due to a network of 24 automated accounts that are theoretically associated with taxi and real estate businesses in Virginia, but in reality mostly retweet political hashtags.
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#MoscowMitchHatesAmerica @senatemajldr is sad that he is being called #MoscowMitch
Maybe he shouldn’t have worked to help Putin’s mobster Deripaska who btw was involved in attacking our country
Thread on Mitch’s corruption
Not exactly smearing when @senatemajldr chooses to block election security bills while intel clearly states that we are under attack from Russia and they will attack 2020…
Why is McConnell not under investigation for his corruption? What about his wife’s ties to the Chinese government? Lawless regime
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RE: Mass shootings, esp since 2014. @DrREpstein @drawandstrike @davidwebbshow @NewRightNetwork @BreitbartNews

Inexplicable, unless, The #RussiaGate #hoax induced a sort of #masshysteria, in the form of #TDS (#TrumpderagementSyndrome)
Mass psychogenic illness and the social network: is it changing the pattern of outbreaks? (Written 2012)…
"There is increasing recognition that mass psychogenic illness (MPI) is underappreciated, under-reported and poses a significant health and social problem."
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Practical Ideas to fight DARK MONEY
AMERICAN SWAMP Marathon tonight on MSNBC
#AmericanSwamp @KatyTurNBC @jacobsoboroff
#DarkMoney #KochDarkMoney #DavidKoch #MoscowMitch
Legalized Bribery
A nonprofit group #CitizensUnited
Supreme Court ruled that Corporations had the same rights as individuals and political spending was a form of free speech
Citizens United lead to SUPER PAC which can accept ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY FROM ANYONE!
TWO Restrictions
● Donors must be disclosed see OPENSECRETS.ORG
● not allowed to work for a Candidate directly
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1/Gun violence occurs in all 50 states regularly (suicides, murder, accidental discharge etc). Mass murder by assault weapons escalated when the 1994 ban expired in 2004. A 2019 study shows mass shooting fatalities were 70% less likely when that ban was in place. #MassacreMitch
2/ What the Dem Controlled House has done?
The House passed 2 gun control bills: Bipartisan Background
📌Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 8)
📌Enhanced Background Checks Act (H.R. 112)
3/ What has the @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP done on gun control? Zilch, Nada, Squat. As y'all know Mitch McConnell has refused to bring either bill to the floor. One bill is supported by 90% of Americans. Even if it goes to the floor the @SenateGOP might not pass it. #MoscowMitch
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