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Russia if you're listening....TAKE HIM BACK!!! Fighting in every way I can to get our Democracy back. We Impeached but can't rest til we #RemoveTrump
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12 Jun 20
When we won the war of Independence we didn't fly the British Flag in the US for the next 155 yrs

Then there's the Civil War. The Confederate army lost. Slavery was abolished. Yet 155 yrs later they still wanna fly the Confederate flag, worship their Generals & kill Blacks.

It's illegal to display Nazi symbols in Germany.
Holocaust denial is also illegal.
They have laws that apply to individuals, that are defenses against extremist political parties.
Germany has the legal concept of “Volksverhetzung,” the incitement to hatred...
They learned in Germany. Anyone who denigrates an individual or a group based on their ethnicity or religion, or tries to rouse hatred or promote violence against such a group or individual, faces prison.

That's what Trumps base is, a group rousing hatred & promoting violence.
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5 Jun 20
When did it become the police against the American people?

We are assembling for peaceful protests and the police are bringin’ the violence.

And none of them are helping a man bleeding out of his ears and they stop people from going to help him? This is sick AF.
UPDATE: Thankfully the man who was brutally victimized by police in this video is apparently in stable condition.

@andrewcuomo what is being done about these police officers?

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2 Jun 20
Here's my dream👇
If I had the funds I'd set up a coalition
Lets call it the "Martin Luther King Coalition"
An Independent Task Force. Citizens from the community, IT folks, investigators & Lawyers, lots of lawyers
Here's what we'd do...
We'd call for videos of violent protestors
We'd set up a site asking people to upload any videos of protestors who were agitators or suspected White Supremacists. We'd do our best to identify & investigate these protestors. If any are found to be connected to White Supremacist groups we'd pursue hate crime charges.
Don't rely on the Police or the Govt
let's do it independently
Bring the info to the State AG's and/or bring civil suits
Notify their employers
Let their communities know there's a White Supremacist in their midst
Reveal & charge as many of these Nazis as possible

Thats my dream
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31 May 20
You tweeted a baseless claim blaming violence on the Far Left? No mention of Far Right despite arrests of folks w/ White Supremacist groups. By blaming the ‘left’ you fan the flames & stoke violence

Before pointing to Russian interference, which IS happening, look to yourself.
@marcorubio blamed the far left & foreign entities for violence at protests. He finger points to divert blame from his own party & Trump, who incites the violence & dog whistles.

If GOP say to Trump ‘we don’t support you anymore’ & call for his removal we’d be able to fix this.
@marcorubio ignores the fact that he holds the power to do something today but he refuses to go against Mitch and Trump.

Imagine if enough GOP Congressional Reps/Senators banded together w/ Dems to announce the establishment of an Independent body tasked w/ cleaning up policing?
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31 May 20
"What is the plan for getting folks to go home"

A reporter in LA @ 5pm (pre-curfew): "It's unclear how you would get out of here if you wanted to. You have police officers on either side & they are squeezing the situation inward. You can see the protestors simply standing here"
Ali Veshi reporting in Minneapolis

"I do want to reiterate to you, having covered these protests for a few days, I'm at a very large one here, it is 100% peaceful...the majority of the people protesting are peaceful"
Considering that 'policing' is a big part of the issue prompting the protests...

Do you think the police are acting in a way that protects peaceful protestors from the antagonists & White Supremacists or do you think the police are currently part of creating the problem?
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30 May 20
I have privilege as a white person because I can do all of these things without thinking twice:
I can go birding #ChristianCooper
I can go jogging #AmaudArbery
I can relax in the comfort of my own home #BothemSean and #AtatianaJefferson

I can ask for help after being in a car crash #JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride
I can have a cellphone #StephonClark
I can leave a party to get to safety #JordanEdwards
I can play loud music #JordanDavis
I can sell CDs #AltonSterling
I can sleep #AiyanaJones
I can walk from the corner store #MikeBrown
I can play cops and robbers #TamirRice
I can go to church #Charleston9
I can walk home with Skittles #TrayvonMartin
I can hold a hair brush while leaving my own bachelor party #SeanBell
I can party on New Years #OscarGrant
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10 May 20
With all the focus on COVID in March I missed this story but I hope New York State & @TishJames will look into this. Trump got away with too much in New York for too long. I want NY to hold Trump accountable.

"Trump’s Company Paid Bribes to Reduce Property Taxes, Assessors Say"
"Five former city employees and a former Trump Organization employee say the company used middlemen to pay New York City tax assessors to lower building assessments and pay less taxes in the 1980s and 1990s."…
"Two former city employees, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told ProPublica & WNYC...they accepted money from middlemen representing the Trump Organization to lower assessments on 40 Wall St after Trump took over the skyscraper in 1995"

Why wasn't Trump held responsible?
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8 May 20
Here we go...
The same day Barr & Trump tried to disappear Flynn's case Trump admits he spoke with Putin on the phone on Thursday saying they discussed the Russia Investigation.
This is the 5th confirmed call between Trump & Putin since March 30th 2020…
💥Trump and Barr drop this bomb about Flynn on the same day that Trump admits he just spoke with Putin on the phone and talked about the Russia Investigation.

It seems like Trump got his orders about Flynn from Putin and directed Barr to undertake the move.
Trump & the WH confirmed Putin & Trump have spoken at least 5 times since March THIS YEAR (March 30, April 9, 10, 12, May 7)
They don't appear on schedules we only know of them cause either Trump/WH/the Kremlin confirmed them.
There may be more
Does he speak to our Allies at all?
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7 May 20
Without any facts or data to back it up the Trump Administration is alleging that States and hospitals are inflating the number of deaths possibly to get more money in Aid. They are expecting Trump to start publicly questioning the accuracy of the numbers…
First he accuses brave frontline workers of stealing masks. Now Trump alleges they make up deaths😡
And yesterday in a WH #NursesDay ceremony a nurse politely pushed back on his claim that they had enough PPE saying it was 'sporadic'. He contradicted her.

He's an enemy to Heroes
C'mon, if Hospitals or States wanted more money instead of exaggerating death toll numbers they'd have a better chance of getting free money by pretending to be a Corporation & making significant contributions to the Trump campaign. I hear that has a great Return on Investment.
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14 Apr 20
I've been trying to #BoycottTrumpBriefings

But today I caught a few minutes of it. I only needed to watch a few minutes to get frustrated -there's so much lying!

When will the networks learn it's not possible to Fact Check him in real time - HE LIES TOO MUCH

"because of ME China has paid us 10's of billions of dollars over the course of a very short period of time"

Now I know this💩ain't true...
unless they pay it to his private accounts (that I believe🤔)
We can't stop Fox from airing his gaslighting but #MSNBC & #CNN don't have to
"we ended up going into the ventilator business essentially & we've made 10's of thousands of ventilators & we've solved the big problem for the States."

Absolute lies & bullshit. It's propaganda. It's gaslighting. It's a Trump Rally. But don't give it oxygen!

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14 Apr 20
I'm ready for us to draft a new Declaration of Independence to succeed from Trump & the GOP
They're the tyrants we need to break from
They get #Jesusland
No revolution, a simple break
Blue States succeed together
Run by a Governors Council co-lead by Cuomo & Newsom
19 States can vote to join the temporary succession for the duration of #coronavirus
Here's the map👇
We're already taking care of ourselves
Now we wouldn't have the Federal Govt impede us or steal our PPE
We won't pay Federal Taxes to Jesusland, instead they'll go to OUR States
Each of the 19 State Senators & Congressmen will make up the 'new' Federal Govt
We''ll pass new laws to add to OUR Constitution
First new law
👉Freedom of Press still exists but it's illegal to deliberately broadcast misinformation for political gain. That means Fox is outlawed😏
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9 Apr 20
I'm curious has it ever occurred to you that the
👉downplaying of the pandemic
👉missteps with getting tests out initially (& refusing the WHO test)
👉lack of Federal support in obtaining #PPE
👉ongoing lack of testing
may have actually been deliberate and not just incompetence?
So it’s not just me.
I mean...on a Scale of 1 to 10 how do you think America's doing on testing?🤔
I'd say we're at a NEGATIVE 2
We desperately need MORE testing
So why's the Federal Govt pulling funds for #coronavirus testing sites this Friday as the Pandemic's ramping up?!?

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3 Apr 20
President Bone Spur's abandoned his troops under heavy fire

The Federal Govt's standing in the way of our front lines getting the Protective Equipment they need

His inability to appropriately enact the Defense Production Act & to repair our broken Supply Chain is KILLING people
Think of clothing brands. If the US Govt used #DPA to ensure that every clothing manufacturer making clothes in the US turn their factories around to make Masks & Gowns then we'd see a surge of product available for the States while supplying much needed jobs. But they haven't.
If instead of ASKING Corporate giants to 'promise' to make ventilators in exchange for PR...what if he just TOLD them to just get it done. The US Govt could've said 'You've got 1 month, start producing'. #DPAnow should be happening but Trump doesn't wanna risk pissing off donors.
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2 Apr 20
Maybe if Trump hadn't fired the entire Executive Branch Pandemic response team 2 yrs ago without replacing them

If Trumps administration hadn't axed the experts,
maybe the stockpile would've been maintained

& maybe the Fed Govt wouldn't be shipping States BROKEN ventilators now
Maybe if we had an expert Executive Branch Pandemic team coordinating a response they would've strongly advised Pompeo NOT to collect donations of 17.8 tons of critical Medical #PPE & ship it OUT OF THE COUNTRY over a month AFTER the CDC warned this pandemic was coming to the US.
And of course after the US donated tons of medical supplies to China, we see China turn around & sell $467 MILLION in PPE equipment that we in the US DESPERATELY need to SPAIN despite the fact that our State Dept's now desperately trying to buy PPE overseas cause we need #PPENow
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1 Apr 20
What I've learned since I've been in Quarantine:

My cat runs and hides under the bed when I sing.

I'm trying not to be offended😢
Yesterday I posted what I had recently discovered during #QuarantineLife - that my cat Zoe hides under the bed every time I sing 🎶

Today to distract myself from the real news I experimented to see if she really does hide every time😳

Day ?🤔 (Who Knows)

I decided to continue my experiment. Subject Zoe 🐾 still hides under the bed when I sing 🎶

Sorry Zoe but I gotta keep singing to keep my spirits’re just gonna have to learn to deal

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31 Mar 20
I was looking for data comparing testing Per State, Per capita to see if Red States are under testing in a strategic attempt to keep Trump & GOP numbers low
I couldn't find the info but the raw data's there so I did it myself
The majority of States w/ low testing ARE Red States👇
TESTING - Per Capita Per State

Here's a breakdown of the BOTTOM 25 STATES according to how much they're testing
👉6 are Blue States
👉19 are Red States

But one of the Blue States in the bottom 25 is Michigan & they sure seem to be trying to test😰
More info on TESTING Per Capita Per State
👉NY's tested 1 out of 104 people
👉FL tested 1 out of 387

👉WA's tested 1 out of 116 people
👉Mississippi tested 1 out of 776

💥South Carolina & Oklahoma were last in testing
👉SC tested 1 out of 1013 people
👉OK tested 1 out of 2344🤯
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30 Mar 20
Can someone please compare the data of testing per State, per capita?
Or if it exists share?

It certainly FEELS like Red States are under testing & that it may be a strategic attempt to keep Trump & GOP numbers down. I'd like to see actual data to determine if this is the case.
Ok I found up to date data & crunched the numbers myself to determine TESTING Per Capita Per State

👉6 are Blue States
👉19 are Red States

But one of the Blue States in the bottom 25 is Michigan & they sure seem to be trying to test😰
More TESTING Per Capita Per State
👉NY has tested 1 out of 104 people
👉FL tested 1 out of 387

👉WA has tested 1 out of 116 people
👉Mississippi tested 1 out of 776

💥South Carolina & Oklahoma were last in testing
👉SC tested 1 out of 1013 people
👉OK tested 1 out of 2344🤯
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29 Mar 20
I hope Rachel @maddow @MaddowBlog can do a show weaving together these facts to get it through to people just how dangerous Trumps mishandling is
FACT 1: They knew from at least Jan 3rd to prepare yet Feb 7th they shipped 17.8 tons of critical medical supplies OUT OF THE COUNTRY
After depleting the stockpile Feb 7th why didn't they immediately start manufacturing masks & respirators to replenish the supply?
FACT 2: States are begging the Federal Govt to help source supplies. Of items NY requested they got 2%. Florida received 200% of what they requested.
FACT 3: Feb 7th the US donated vital supplies to China & other countries. On March 25th China sold $467 million in medical supplies to Spain🤯We have healthcare workers w/ garbage bag gowns & don't have enough ventilators but we donated to China who had enough to sell to Spain😡
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29 Mar 20
This feels like a tipping point for me.
My soul is crushed.
-Jan 3rd CDC notifies Alex Azar that COVID-19 will be bad
-Feb 7th Pompeo announces the US is donating 17.8 tons ($100M) of medical supplies to China (Masks & Ventilators)
-NY has received 2% of the supplies it requested
Here’s the official announcement from the State Department about the supplies…
-Florida received 200% of the supplies they asked for
-California received 170 BROKEN ventilators from the Federal Govt

Is Trump depriving Blue States of desperately needed Medical Supplies while sending them overseas or to States who ‘appreciate’ him?

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14 Mar 20
In a letter resigning from the most prestigious association of attorneys in the country: the Supreme Court Bar, Judge James Dannenberg wrote to Justice Roberts
"You are allowing the Court to become an “errand boy” for an administration that has little respect for the rule of law"
"Your “conservative” majority has cynically undermined basic freedoms by hypocritically weaponizing speech & religious liberty have been transmogrified to allow officially sanctioned bigotry & elevate the grossest forms of political bribery"
"the Court majority, under your leadership, has become little more than a result-oriented extension of the right wing of the Republican Party, as vetted by the Federalist Society. Yes, politics has always been a factor in the Court’s history, but not to today’s extent."
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4 Feb 20
I’m in the center of the beast
At the Escalator from Hell where it all began
And so glad to see the amazing people from @RiseandResist who are at Trump Tower protesting the Death of Democracy

The people are working for our country!!


Silent protest at the foot of the escalator where Trump descended on that fateful day

So proud of people exercising our Civil liberties while we still have ‘em

Please RT to show the amazing work of groups like @riseandresistny


Inside Trump Tower a silent protest otherwise known as our 1st Amendment Rights. I watched & listened to the Doormen at Trump Tower call GOP radicals to heckle.

Signs say

State of the Union #SOTU2020

State of the Union?
1 Mobster &
51 Toadies Rule Us All
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