Qn: What's the evidence transwomen exhibit male pattern criminality?

An odd framing of a question - surely it should be what's the evidence they *wouldn't* have male pattern criminality.

Nevertheless here's the Swedish study @GoonerProf cited /1

This is a population-based study using records from a variety of registers in Sweden in 2011. They found 324 transgender people that had undertaken sex reassignment surgery between 1973 and 2003. /2
It's a relatively small study of transsexuals - not self-identifying transgender people as Kathleen said @Docstockk

A total of 60 crimes were identified, 14 of those classified as violent crimes. Eight violent crimes had been committed by transwomen and six by transmen. /3
The results are expressed as Hazard Ratios. 1 = the same >1 = more likely. < 1= less likely.

When compared to female controls male-born transsexuals 6 times more likely to commit any crime, 18 time more likely to commit violent crime

Similar levels compared to male controls /4
Transactivists claim the author of this study disputes the conclusion that this shows transwomen exhibit male pattern criminality.

The author is quoted as saying "one observes that for the latter group (1989-2003) differences in crime disappear"

This is out of context /5
While it is correct that crime differences disappear in the latter cohort - this cohort contains transwoman AND transmen and the controls are males and females together. This data set does not tell us about male criminality of transwomen compared to men. /6
When transwomen are looked at separately to transmen the criminality pattern is clear. They more closely match the crime patterns of men not women. /7
We see a similar pattern when we look at how many transwomen are in prison have committed sexual offences.

New FOI data obtained by @fairplaywomen submitted to WESC as part of our written submission shows 76/129 transwomen in prison have at least 1 sexual conviction. /8
This matches similar patterns observed in our study in 2017 /9
Sex offending is overwhelming committed by males. There are 11892 male sex offenders in prison in England and Wales compared to 113 women.

This means almost 20% of all male prisoners have committed sex offences compared to just 3% of all female prisoners. /10
If transwomen committed sex offences at a rate similar to women we'd expect see just 4 sex offenders out of the 129 transwomen in prison today. Instead we see 76.

This is high like male pattern offending. /11
Some people dispute these conclusions saying that lots of transwomen probably don't get counted in the prison stats because if they are in for short sentences they don't reveal their trans status. So 76 represents a much smaller proportion of the total number actually there /12
But there would need to be 2404 'hidden' transwomen in prison for the 76 sex offenders to constitute the 3% female pattern of offending. This is simply not a credible argument. /13
It is clear that transwomen exhibit the same propensity to sex offending as males in general. There is no evidence that self-identifying as a women reduces that propensity and no logical reason why it should. /14
This doesn't mean all transwomen are sex offenders. It means there is no reason to treat them differently to any other male person when it comes to propensity to male violence. /15
Women have won the arguments & the right to female-only spaces for reasons of privacy, safety & fairness when needed. We don't need to justify this again.

We must be free to state that the sex of transwomen is male when sex matters in policy making & treat them accordingly /end

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