In the early 80s Nigeria was home to Africa’s largest textile industry with over 180 textile mills in operation which employed no fewer than 450,000 people, representing close to 25 per cent of the workforce in the manufacturing sector.
Katsina is the home of cotton in Nigeria..
At a point Nigeria supplied more than 40% of the cotton requirements in West Africa. Cotton and Sorghum are major produce in Katsina. All were abandoned for oil and quick "wealth" from the Delta. Katsina has produced
Vice President - Shehu Musa Yar'Adua
President - Umaru Yaradua
President - Muhammadu Buhari ( twice )
Police Inspetor General - Ibrahim Coomasie
Police Inspector General - Mohammed Dikko Yusufu
DG DSS - Lawal Musa Daura
Magaji Mohammed - Minister for internal affairs
Chief Justice of the Supreme court - Mohammed Bello
Today, Katsina with all the human and natural potentials has been taken over by bandits. The state has failed to harness its human and agricultural potential. Over reliance on the crumbs from the centre and total neglect for monthly stipends.
I have written everything that needs to shared on security. The system has failed, dissolve amd let states and communities police themselves. That was the system before the British arrived. I am sure there are more than 100,000 men and women in Katsina ready to police and defend
Their communities from the bandits. The state has enough resources to engage and pay them. This central police structure cannot respond effectively to the security issues especially in remote areas without infrastructure. Local Intelligence is lacking, presence is zero.
It is a police force designed to be reactive instead of being proactive. Every state in Nigeria can afford State and community police.
Decentralise the force and allow states control their resources.

• • •

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10 Dec
lf you be beer guy, you will know how important accountability is when it's time to count the bottles. You go dey monitor barman and the table. You go see 3 bottles on the table, 2 for floor and 6 for bill..😃😃
You go dey here who drink harp? Who drink Star..
Who order ponmo, who order asun? Na one asun I chop..That time everybody go quiet. Accountability 😀😀 men go finally settle, resume next day at the table.
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29 Nov
How many service chiefs will you change? The war is in its 10th year. It consumed a southern president and 2 sets of service chiefs, it's about to consume a Northern president with maybe 2 sets of service chiefs. When will you focus on the fundamental issues?
Munguno the NSA is from Borno
Buratai is from Borno

We have converted the military to policemen. They fight gun battles with Boko Haram, defend potential targets and institutions. Now they have to guard farms, markets and other soft targets.
Where is the police? Borno is 72,000sqkm almost the size of the south west with 5m people spread over villages, farms and forests. No police structure, no intelligence gathering, no infrastructure. The army had to construct roads in some places.
Why can't we have state police?
Read 4 tweets
28 Nov
These are old pictures of villages / settlements in Jere LG.
Housing = 0
Roads = 0
Electricity = 0
Schools = 0
Water = 0
Hospitals = 0
Security = 0
Development = 0
Quality of life = 0
Governance = 0
With a token and assurance of food Boko Haram will recruit hundreds to fight.
You can read this SMART survey report as well. The people are too vulnerable, too poor, too hungry that they can be easily radicalised. The President will take the blame for security issues but we have to understand that this war is now built on ideology and deprivation.
The landmass of Jere LG is about 869sqKm, Lagos metropolis is 1100sqkm. How many boots can be deployed on ground to cover this wide expanse of undeveloped area? Don't forget that there are bigger LG in Borno and Yobe to be patrolled as well.
Read 4 tweets
28 Nov
Lt. Gen Buratai is from the North
AVM Sadiq Abubakar is from the North
Majority of the theatre commanders are from the North.
Major military formations are from the North
New Airforce base in Katsina and Gombe.
5 additional aircrafts deployed to Katsina 4 months ago
7 different military operations in the North
Almost 2/3rd of the Nigerian Airforce combat budget spent in the North
Billions of Naira spent on military combat and operation spent in the north a huge chunk of military budget
Billions spent on humanitarian crises / IDP in the North
Isn't it crystal clear now that the problem is a fundamental one that force cannot eradicate. When will you all face the fact and address the issue of radicalism, Illiteracy, poverty, education and socio economic inequalities in the North.
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22 Nov
Before and during the Endsars protests, I said it here that the Nigerian police formation is obsolete. It doesn't fit into the realities on ground. It is a reactive rather than a proactive force. How can this police system effectively respond to attacks in a place like Zamfara?
It is nearly impossible. Poor infrastructure, no access roads to the villages, no information, no intels over a 39,000sqkm landmass. They need a proactive police force within the communities. With the Gold in Zamfara, Matawalle can match the salaries of NYPD police officers..
But a faulty constitution will rather choose the death of his people than allow him make good use of his resources to protect his people.
At the end of the day, we will say Zamfara cannot fund state police, so they are stuck with this endless cycle.
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22 Nov
Madam, they could have gone there with a rocket launcher, a T 72 battle tank or a howitzer. The man never denied they had live rounds, the word he constantly used was fired. I am sure you don't know what an AK-47 is. The gun in a semi Automatic mode can fire 40 rounds per minute
The bullet will penetrate a brick wall, virtually any target it hits. A bullet fired into a crowd can take out 4 persons. There would be flesh and bodies flying around. From 38 dead, you moved to 1 dead, now your point of argument has shifted to the types of ammo the army had..
Can you just defend you initial position? Why did you edit the video where some boys said they had guns? Why are you not interested in the type of gunshot wounds treated at the hospitals?
Read 4 tweets

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