“Patriots” in 2020 translates to “Angry white guys with guns”
Most Trump supporters looked at Kyle Rittenhouse and thought “What a patriot!” Which makes perfect sense if you interpret “patriot” to mean “an angry white guy with a gun”
The State Capitol Building was surrounded by “patriots” who were there to protest Michigan’s social distancing ordinances.

Many people considered these “patriots” to be a threat.

Reports later came of a plot by “patriots” to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
Meanwhile, voices on the pro-Trump side who are becoming disillusioned with the ability of the courts to give them what they want are suggesting that only the “patriots” will determine the future of this country and no one else Image
So now that the GOP appears poised to finally acknowledge the Biden Presidency as legitimate, a cabal of Trump dead-enders are threatening to form a new “Patriot Party”.

Spoiler alert: it’s gonna be a lot of angry white guys with guns.

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8 Dec
COUNTERARGUMENT: The Trump supporters who do know Biden supporters have steadfastly refused to listen to a word any of us have said because they have all been brainwashed into beliving that mainstream media is a tool of the Deep State & never to be trusted washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/…
The implicit solution of the article is that Trumpism can be cured by exposing the participants to friendly voices from the other side, but the very structure of the cult is designed to reflexively reject such voices as unwitting participants of a huge anti-Trump conspiracy

- When you eliminate shame from the equation, Republicans will happily lie again & again to get what they want

- When truth & power are at cross-purposes, the GOP will always choose power

- Sunlight is not always the best disinfectant; it is merely the easiest
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4 Dec
I think more people should make the news rhyme
Sidney Powell made a filing
Said results were too suspicious
Votes for BIDEN... switched to TRUMP?
(The irony, it was delicious)
Biden won this past election
Donald Trump, he’s still desirous
People didn’t like the way he
Blew off the Coronavirus
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27 Nov
Oliver Stone had fewer questions about the Kennedy assassination than I have about this letter Image
1. *IS* a “Grinch fetish” a common thing?
2. How does this woman know that
3. If you have to assure us twice that it is a common thing, then how common is it really
4. Was she expecting significantly greater enthusiasm from her partner than “grudging acceptance”
5. Does she believe our reaction to the description of a “long, fuzzy dick” will be substantially different than it actually is
6. How insulted should the creators of the live-action Grinch film be when even a woman who is SEXUALLY AROUSED BY THE GRINCH doesn’t want to watch it
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25 Nov
I can imagine a wonderful ironic twist to this tale, perhaps worthy of The Twilight Zone
Not to suggest that I have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about That One Thing We Are Not Allowed to Openly Discuss on Twitter But a Lot of Us Sure Do Hope Will Happen
Trump is not just vain & self-obsessed, but openly cruel. If he had won the election, the first thing he would have posted on Twitter would be mockery of Joe Biden for being a worthless, out-of-touch geezer who deluded himself into thinking he was powerful enough to stop Trump.
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23 Nov
As was the case for his entire Presidency, Trump is indifferent to everything that does not directly affect HIM. And the only thing that matters to HIM is that he wants to stay President.

So he’s fighting the election results full-time. The country may as well be running itself.
Trump doesn’t have a case. He lost by 74 electoral votes. But he could’ve lost 538-0 & he would still fight the results with every waking breath, because the only thing that matters to him about being the President of the United States is being the President of the United States.
No previous President has responded to an election loss by throwing a tantrum & screaming “MINE! MINE! MINE!”, in large part because previous generations of voters were much better about weeding out infantile narcissists who only wanted the job for their own self-aggrandizement
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22 Nov
Joe Biden received 306 Electoral Votes. For Trump’s fanciful scenario to be true, it would require fraud in five separate states on a scale beyond anything that has been seen in American history.

And Republicans are willing to believe it, because Dear Leader says it’s true.
Trump has been overwhelmingly unpopular for the past four years. His public approval has never risen above 50%, except with the notoriously pro-Republican agency Rasmussen.
Let’s not forget than a Rasmussen approval of 50% or greater was considered noteworthy enough for Trump to practically throw himself a goddamned ticker-tape parade on Twitter
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