If you find yourself nodding along to the below Jesse Kelly thread, here are some points you should consider.

(Hello my favorite reply guys, this thread is my new year’s gift for you!) 1/
As Kelly makes clear below, he’s not concerned with state-sanctioned communism (of which there is very little left, world-wide, and none that shouldn’t be rigorously challenged on claims that it is communist). 2/

If it’s not state-dictated forms of communism, then what he’s taking about is citizens developing and endorsing communist thought, saying it out loud, organizing themselves around those ideas, and campaigning for it. 3/
Or, in other words, making use of their freedoms of speech and association.

Hold onto that thought! 4/
Any other citizen or citizens‘ association can oppose that, argue against that, try to limit its effects. You can even form a party around your and others‘ desire to limit the effects of communist thought. 5/
Jesse here, he thinks that’s not enough. He thinks he’s studied the issue and can declare it’s not going to work.

He also uses some colorful language to express his fear: fester, spread, infection. 6/

The only thing that has worked, pronounces Jesse, is handing the reigns to a fascist dictator. 7/

Now, what would you like to call that position? Jesse himself says it’s not conservative, as conservatism is just not brutal enough to do the job.

The job: take away, through dictatorial power, the freedom of speech & association of those who entertain communist thought. 8/
What shall we call that?

I have an idea.

Let’s call it fascist. 9/
PS: I didn't even mention the ridiculous conflation of "leftism" and "communism" that happens in Jesse Kelly's little thread. 10/

• • •

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17 Dec 20
I’m sure IQ differences by population/group will explain this when we’ll have all the data from a controlled study twenty years down the line. /SARCASM
Soon enough we’ll also have empirical proof that the disparity resulting from, say, so many more Indigenous babies taken away from their families and placed in foster care, has a lot to do with baby genetics. Then everyone can finally let nature take its course. /SARCASM
Our moral commitments to babies, children, youth and their welfare just bias the truth sometimes, you know. Best to separate morality from truthful pursuits. Must. Always. Pursue. Truth. /SARCASM
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17 Dec 20
The reason that U of Mississippi gives for cancelling Garrett Felber's grant (before they fired him) is, essentially, that he didn't allow them to intervene in the proposal before he applied for the grant. I'd like to know if other faculty's proposals received such interference.
Chief Marketing & Comms Officer: "If he'd followed UM’s process of engaging with external funders, his dept chair would have had the opportunity to advise him on how best to align his proposal with the dept’s research, teaching & service as articulated in its mission statement."
Couple this requirement with the fact that the department chair cancelled the grant after Felber received it: that is a violation of academic freedom.
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16 Dec 20
Oh, hey, just recently I made the argument that “viewpoint diversity” on campuses isn’t a topic for uni policy esp not given how measures of “diversity of opinion” are attached to a partisan political system where parties have enforced anti-intellectual policy. @HdxAcademy
My thread on the topic. Featuring—you guessed it—Erin O’Toole’s party. Tell me again how it advances university mandates of teaching and research in all fields of knowledge to affirmatively hire more professors who think exactly like O’Toole & his party?
I’ll happily add my disclaimer that I’m in no way opposed to profs or students identifying as or being intrigued by conservatives. They can be their studious selves. If they hold views that impede work that the uni should and needs to do I might argue with them, as I do here.
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15 Dec 20
I got a chuckle out of this one. My friend here, @SwipeWright, professes his unadulterated excitement when someone tells him he is incorrect about something! He'll be positively enamoured if that person proceeds to provide an explanation. He just does not want to be wrong. Image
He is here to have his mind changed!

Strange though that he did not respond to these tweets. Wonder what went wrong there. ImageImage
Dear Colin,

You're pretty wrong about this sex-based rights idea. I can explain what is wrong about it! In fact, I already did. Allow me to paste. Titillated to be able to provide you with this opportunity to have your mind changed!

Woke Sauron

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15 Dec 20
Malcolm Gladwell setting the ground for . . . many jokes.

"They saw him masturbate during a work Zoom call, and they just assumed he had done something terrible! They never told us the details of what that terrible thing looked like. Just like a Catholic Sunday school wouldn't."
And he's being thoroughly roasted for that performance.

Whoops, better brush up on his reading of the Bible. He does have a copy in his cave.

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14 Dec 20
Expecting Steven Pinker to write one of his letters, Toby Young to comment, and #Quillette to pen an editorial criticizing this petition: “Some faculty members also questioned the wisdom of such a club; 13 of them signed a statement suggesting the club could polarize the campus.”
In case my reference is too obscure:

About a month ago, graduate students and postdocs wrote a letter with over-the-top demands to the department head of Dorian Abbot, angered by materials he'd posted questioning initiatives to increase diversity in his discipline of geophysics.
In light of the students' letter & its demands, Abbot's uni admin assured him that his position as a tenured prof was safe. The president wrote publicly in his support. Yet, Toby Young's Free Speech Union, Steven Pinker, #Quillette & authors kicked into high drama petition gear.
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