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A few thoughts on the writing and publishing strategy of McWhorter‘s piece. In the long tradition of such pieces, he details a few cases that have received much recent blog and Twitter discussion: Princeton, Bryn Mawr, Dalton School. 1/
But this is not a piece of reporting. Nobody at these schools has been contacted for comment. The people involved in the organizing of protest or are not asked. The evidence from on which very dramatic conclusions are drawn is wishy-washy. 2/ ImageImage
Every once in a while, students at a university or college will lose a few weeks of formal learning. That can be due to a natural disaster, a disease outbreak, a strike, or a protest. 3/
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1) Claire managed to make incitement to violence sound like it didn’t actually happen. Free thought!

2) Claire‘s own social media venture—Quillette Circle—regularly flagged and removed posts that challenged those with #Quillette style leanings and beliefs. See below.
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Today in #Quillette editor confusion.

Jon Kay: „I am so mad Dr. Theresa Tam didn’t pick up our new rules from the #Quillette style guide and wrote about pregnant adult human females the way I want her to!“
Kathleen Stock & #Quillette fans today: One must never say she is transphobic, it is a smear, an insult, an ad hominem! One is only allowed to issue criticism against a living academic in peer-reviewed publications, or better yet, a whole book!

Jon Kay missed that memo.
Geoffrey Miller in #Quillette in October 2019: Polyamory makes you smart, fit, organized, and funny! Please treat it as the next sexual revolution.

Jon Kay, #Quillette editor, in January 2021: Forgot all about that. Let’s use it as a smear against a living academic I dislike!
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Expecting Steven Pinker to write one of his letters, Toby Young to comment, and #Quillette to pen an editorial criticizing this petition: “Some faculty members also questioned the wisdom of such a club; 13 of them signed a statement suggesting the club could polarize the campus.”
In case my reference is too obscure:

About a month ago, graduate students and postdocs wrote a letter with over-the-top demands to the department head of Dorian Abbot, angered by materials he'd posted questioning initiatives to increase diversity in his discipline of geophysics.
In light of the students' letter & its demands, Abbot's uni admin assured him that his position as a tenured prof was safe. The president wrote publicly in his support. Yet, Toby Young's Free Speech Union, Steven Pinker, #Quillette & authors kicked into high drama petition gear.
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Eric Kaufmann has graced us with another opinion piece. Before I tweet about it, please allow me to remind you of this other long, involved thread I wrote earlier this year when Kaufmann took a trollish survey he ran and spun it into wool for #Quillette readers' eyes. 1/
This new piece, in *American Affairs*, is about Kaufmann's idea of "Liberal Fundamentalism." 3/
Kaufmann buys into the idea of the "The Great Awokening" as something that describes #BlackLivesMatter protests since Ferguson. Aside from borrowing that term, he suggests a collection of his own as well. They are a bit emotional. 4/
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If you’re not in the middle of debates about trans rights & research on trans lives, you might be wondering what critics mean when they say Abigail Shrier’s work is transphobic. Allow me to lay a few points out for you, taken—for convenience—from her article in #Quillette. 1/
Shrier frames her work with the familiar stance of: I’m just asking questions! I’m only reporting on these ideas some have, what can be wrong with that?! Don’t stop the messenger of common sense ideas!

Then she lines up her words to make it sound like that’s what she’s doing. 2/
It is noticeable, however, that reporting on current research relating to trans girls isn’t what she’s doing. She’s made up her journalist mind that groups of professionals—with researched & constantly re-evaluated guidelines & ethics behind them—are merely “rubber-stamping.” 3/
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I laughed. Malinda Smith argues with Jon Kay, points out several times how ill-informed he is on the issue and how disappointing his attempts at argument.

He doesn’t recover from that.

But falls back to this response. 1/
It has some of his favourite tropes, the ones that make him feel good when he’s been beaten at the game he was trying to play.

He’s got some back channel into your institution going! 2/
You are partly being paid by public money, you must be incapable to make it in the rough and tumble market where he, #Quillette editor, claims to do so well! 3/
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What’s the egregious part? What do you find so embarrassing? What source are you considering? Why “useless”? What’s true and untrue academic freedom? Where’s there something authoritarian?

So much feeling. So little evidence.

You know what I see? I see a veiled attempt to dismiss the academic freedom of two particular scholars, with no evidence or argumentative merit being brought to challenge their research. Curious. Curious.
If you want to hear the talk that brought about the above tweet, if you want to have your own thoughts on it, it’s here:
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When you’re definitely against „cancel culture.“ Image
And also when you’re for sure only talking about your hobby horse, biological sex, and never about gender. Image
It's not the first time that Colin Wright has mocked an announcement from my own university. Last time it was a job ad in forestry. This time it's a page on the website of the the Indigenous teacher education program.

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Self-alleged progressive #JamesLindsay to give talk at conservative-libertarian Federalist Society in the middle of a US Supreme Court debate were all the fascist president's nominees have been members of said society. Image
Self-alleged progressive #JamesLindsay snickers because an article about the racist treatment Black people encounter in UK countryside locations made a point about colonialism and the slave trade. Self-alleged leftist Colin Wright snickers along.… ImageImage
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Of course this question is worth more than $20. Let me say a few words about why.

Since we are talking about scholarship--the field of critical race theory, to be more precise--the objections I raise in the thread linked here are all, crucially, scholarly questions. 1/
In daily discussion, we get most of our knowledge about research fields third-, fourth-, or fifth-hand. Have I read much original scholarship in evolutionary biology? No, I have not. Do I have a lay view on the area of evolutionary biology? Yes, I do. 2/
Can I trust my lay view--not formed from reading field scholarship, but encountering summaries of summaries, watching film and video, listening to interviews, reading blogs--on evolutionary biology to make critical comments of consequence about evolutionary biology?

Hell no. 3/
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Colin Wright comes out in favour of fascist political organizing.

@swipewright #quillette
Dear Colin,

Critical race theory is an active research field. I have seen precious little evidence that you have studied critical race theory enough to be able to credibly critique it.
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Let me tell you about this Marxist cake. Some people truly believe it's both artisanal and mass produced. They say it can keep in the fridge for years, but it also goes bad in an hour. Then they throw it at your face, & when you look at them sternly, they claim they've eaten it.
Also, yes, I'm still shaking my head about this #Quillette train wreck.

For the German-speakers among you, of course I thought of this poem when I wrote my lead tweet of paradoxes.

My great-aunt taught this poem to me when I was very young. She had the most amazing memory.…
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In year 3 of Donald Trump's first round of US presidency, #Quillette waves this article through to publication.

Reading it feels like being in a conspiracy theorists' fever dream. 1/… Image
Everyone who isn't a die-hard liberal or bona fide conservative is a Marxist!

What, you didn't know you're a Marxist? You disagree with Marx? With Marxism? With self-identified Marxists? No matter! You're a Marxist! And you, you are a Marxist, too! Marxists everywhere! 2/ Image
You know what it means if you don't like being called a Marxist because you say you aren't one? You are trying to confuse the good liberals and conservatives! That itself is an evil deed.

In fact, not calling yourself a Marxist is part of your plan to destroy everyone else. 3/
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Nicely put.

So many of Claire Lehmann's statements reveal a profound lack of curiosity. #Quillette
Out of professional obligation, I have started reading James Lindsay's latest entry on his blog, and please let me release some steam by saying the first paragraph is a #writingstudies teacher's nightmare.

OK, thanks for listening.

I'll be my usual tough self and continue now.
Yes, I am continuing to read.

Allow me to paste this: "I contend that this phenomenon represents a potentially existential risk to advanced modern civilizations, and, by the same actors insisting that two and two don’t necessarily make four, am being mocked for saying so."
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Let's see.

Documents described "a slew of reported incidents, including one in which Lawrence Krauss suggested that a job prospect engage in a threesome. In another, he told a female employee she should 'take one for the team' and date a donor." 1/

"The investigation also found that Lawrence Krauss had grabbed the breast of a woman posing with him for a selfie at a convention where he was an invited speaker." 2/…
"Lawrence Krauss has explained some of his behavior as harmless joking, but the administration disagreed. The provost, Mark Searle, wrote in a July 31 letter to Krauss that his behavior was 'unprofessional, reflects a failure of leadership, and is extremely disappointing.'" 3/
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“Sacred totems . . . have no fixed meaning.”

I mean: LOL?

Eric Kaufmann is in a tizzy over the potential possibility of someone being called racist.
I forgot to mention: #Quillette!

Where real, falsifying scientists and all the ordinary people go to publish their measurements!

Some are very innovative and could even be peer-reviewed. E.g., the application of calipers in the measurement of anti-racism.
Eric Kaufmann continues the habit of trollish surveys where you go in assuming that your survey respondents are quite foolish if not a bit stupid. It's his version of making real science out of his own ideological leanings. I bet it's fun while you do it!

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A few things that Claire Lehmann of #Quillette hasn't grasped.

1) It is #StephenHsu's position as @michiganstateu Vice President, Research & Innovation, that is in question.

2) That admin position is distinct from his status as a professor in the Dept of Physics and Astronomy. Image
3) The petition by #MSU's Graduate Employees Union asks for the removal of Stephen Hsu from his admin position as VP Research & Innovation. Not from his role as professor at the same uni.
4) It's beyond laughable to suggest any graduate student would ask for the removal of one of the most stratospheric administrators of their uni in a bid to create better job prospects for themselves. Deeply ridiculous.

Claire doesn't know what she's talking about. #Quillette
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Even better: Before you, in your capacity as editor of an online blog, post something that contradicts the public tenor of many academics, you should look at the evidence that’s right at your fingertips. A few minutes of internet search away. Presented to you via twitter tags.
If you despair when people ask basic diligence of an online blog editor—a bit of simple fact-checking, we might call it—and you yourself are an editor of an online blog, what does your despair tell us?

#Quillette #Journalism #cdnmedia #media
Helen's comment relies on vague principles to deflect from the specific shape of a particular case. Claire Lehmann routinely protects race science and racist researchers. Her blog has relied on Harpending's white supremacist research many times.

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A good day for a roast of Jonathan Kay. 1/
Before I start, here’s his rant. Please enjoy it in its whole unhinged glory. 2/
This roast is a re-post of my comment under Billy's tweet; I'm putting it here for ease of reference.

Let's get going!

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I'd argue Alice Dreger bears some blame.

Because I'm of an organizing mind today, I'll thread some of my own tweets on the issue. 1/
This thread points out how ignorance of or unwillingness to engage with current scholarship gets interpreted by its authors as a faux-heroic Galileo-like stance. Scroll up! 2/

The strange insistence on a debate model of making research knowledge sometimes comes with self-important referencing of Galileo, too. A concise tweet of my disagreement. 3/

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@nevaudit @ashesorbones His Quillette piece is breezily written with big holes for the wind to blow through.

If an Austrian says they don’t think they should criticize other cultures, only their own, how is that evidence of the “intellectually bankrupt” notion of hatred of one’s own culture?
@nevaudit @ashesorbones From Austrian culture he then jumps to “Western civilization.” Those aren’t the same things.
@nevaudit @ashesorbones The examples that follow that are supposed to make us believe in oikophobia sound even more ridiculous.

A school board in SF doesn’t want a George Washington mural anymore.

A volunteer in Namibia wakes up to the real effects of US foreign policy.
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Ah, Jon Kay finally comments. He brought his wordlist.
Yay, Jon! We had to wait a whole day for your cheap feminism. Here it is!

I’m confused tho. Previous tweet said guilt by association was so not okay. If we can’t discuss association then we must discuss the person’s work, right? But oh no! That is also not allowed.
Jon Kay can’t go very deep into Minkewitz’s actual discussion of Claire Lehmann’s work. Better to call it a day with a quick smear of “high school jealousy,” and back to “GUILT-BY-ASSOCIATION tactics!” we are. Yippie!
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