If no one in the GOP is demanding that the Electoral Votes be counted by the @VP in accord with the 12th Amendment and not in accord with the unconstitutional provisions of the 1887 Electoral Count Act, then THEY ARE JOKING YOU by objecting to the votes from AZ GA MI PA and WI
Because barring the impossible occurrence that both the US House and Senate both agree to uphold the GOP objections to the rival Electoral Ballots of these states, #ChinaJoe will win. Don't you realize that the #CCP did not invest in this scheme without studying the laws first?
That is why it is a Masonic deception to insist that you call your Reps & Senators insisting they object. WHAT U SHOULD BE DOING IS INSISTING THEY not count those states at all, for lack of being regularly cast, and follow the 12th Amendment, remitting the election to the House.
For according to the 12th Amendment each State gates 1 vote in the House in such a case, and thus Trump has his popular vote recognized as a win.
Failing this approach YOU ARE BEING PLAYED BY THE MASONIC NARRATIVE CONTROL PUPPETS TO PUT ALL YOUR EFFORT INTO DOING THE WRONG THING. Thus they have enslaved you and your forefathers in a godless democracy!

• • •

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6 Jan
Patriots surge into National Capital, in USA
American Patriots mass in DC ahead of Electoral Count

"And we will fight like hell against Democrats"
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5 Jan
Seeing that Congress is so completely corrupt, maybe we need an amendment to the US Constitution, which replaces them with a Council of Governors of the 50 States? Then those who really know what was going on would make our federal laws.
The advantages are many, since each state would get only 1 vote, no matter how populous, thus reducing the power of the voter plantations run by the slave party. Also since voters give greater scrutiny to their governors, there would be a more conscious choice who reps them in DC
In addition, since the 50 Govs each must care for their own states, it would be much more difficult for lobbyists and foreign interest to influence a majority of them. And since there are only 50, laws would be crafted more quickly since agreements could be reached more easily.
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5 Jan
Your Government has absolutely NO RIGHT AND AUTHORITY to lock you down! -- The whole pandemic is a scam to justify a police state of the Orwellian kind. RESIST! and FIGHT! Defend one another against the police and take down your governments!
Use your right to conduct a CITIZENS ARREST and bind up the police officers who harrass the public. Then leave them their on the sidewalk and mock them for serving liars and lies.
There are always more bystanders than police. Do this enough times and the Police will fear you. And then you will win back your liberty.
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5 Jan
What we are seeing now in the USA is the result of one thing, and one thing only.

Jesus Christ is not recognized in our laws, political parties, or hearts, as King and source of all authority and law. Image
The MSM has conditioned us in the USA to never tolerate or expect to see Christianity in public life. They do this, because they know that they cannot deceive us or control us if we remain faithful PRACTICING Christians. -- Thus we need to bring back Jesus Christ ASAP!
And we need to do more than bring back the words, Christmas, Easter, or Amen. We need to Amend the US Constitution to name Jesus Christ Lord as Savior, King, and to make illegitimate every law which enacts that which is contrary to His teachings. Only thus will we be TRULY free.
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4 Jan
Marxism is 100% incompatible with Christianity.
Anyone who says otherwise is a Marxist.
Fascism/Nazism is 100% incompatible with Christianity.
Anyone who says otherwise either does not understand Christianity or is a Fascist or Nazi.
Socialism is 100% incompatible with Christianity.
Anyone who says otherwise has never read or understood the First Commandment: I am the Lord Thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before me.
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3 Jan
If you actually believe and intend to restore the Kingship of Christ over men, through a Christian form of government, you would do well never to completely trust non Christians and definitely never trust Freemasons who are the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ.
Thus in the present contest in the USA, Christians should e cautious, because Soros, who celebrated Xmas with Trump, funded Antifa and BLM which burned down Democrat Cities and galvanized vote for Trump, while Zuckerberg is said to have funded vote tallying fraud and ballot fraud
So Christians need to take a step back and realize that there is a lot of repentance needed on many sides, and a lot have failed in their duties. But both Trump and Biden want the vaccine which is key to the Anti-Christic Great Reset!
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