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@DNC is getting desperate. A raid at #PresidentTrump’s home!?!?! After trying to trap him for 7 years? Must be hoping they will find his campaign plan on that computer.

And giving #Taiwán to #China?!? Must be part of the payback for the #2020Elections’ fraud.
@DNC is getting desperate. #Pelosi to #Taiwan right before they said, take it to #CCP …. Scuttlebutt it is the @DNC trying to get the #TaiwanChipManufacturer to move to the USA from #Taiwan….
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#CCP Developed ESG Policies Implemented By The #WEF Will Destroy The World


The #ESG policies the #WEF and #UN are implementing have become visible as of late, more recently with the Canadian and #Dutch #farmers protesting these initiatives.…
[1] It's interesting to note that the CCP is behind the policies that the #WEF and UN are trying to force on the world, and it makes sense as #China is working on having complete control of the UN.
[2] A New World Order could be established this way, not with war, but through ideology that is accepted from the #WEF.

Nearly every single person of power and wealth attends these #WEF yearly meetings including the CEO of Blackrock, Larry Fink,
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With tensions up, as good a time as any to comment on #China, both the #CCP and #Taiwan. First regarding US Speaker #Pelosi's approach and the CCP sabre rattling, I noted earlier:

For China to dictate the speaker's travel schedule would be unprecedented Image
and too much weakness even for the #Democrats. For the party politically, canceling the trip would be a lose lose and going a win win. Cancelling the trip would strengthen their reputation for weakness and causing US loss of prestige abroad. They are already set to fare very
poorly in November. Going on the other hand is a win win. If nothing happens (to #Pelosi), she and the Dems get a minor boost for being "strong" or "brave" and the like. If she is hurt or killed, then as I commented the upcoming historical GOP takeover of both houses in November
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With @SpeakerPelosi rumored to be arriving in #Taiwan tonight, let's remember: kindling the fire of Beijing's #psyop is only helping the CCP.
People in Taiwan need to take preparedness seriously, but hyperbolic headlines and performative panic are only aiding our adversary. 🧵👇
We can expect more sabre rattling, more incursions into ADIZ which asymptotically close to the median line, more petty bans on our agricultural products. But these are not insurmountable challenges to our sovereign democracy. #IslandOfResilience
Of course, it would be naïve to discount CCP's brutality in #HongKong, #EastTurkestan, #Tibet, #SouthernMongolia... But 🇨🇳 communists already administer these regions. This shows that regime survival is a primary concern.
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As we approach the annual pilgrimage of the Chinese elite to the resort town of Beidaihe,the world should remember what was happening in 1960 when this photo of the relaxed Mao Zedong was taken. 40,000-50,000 of his own people were starving to death daily due to this madman’s 1/5
disastrous social experiments. The so-called Great Leap Forward is,to this day, the worst man-made famine in human history. Mao’s stupidity killed 50 million Chinese. Why do today’s Chinese rank and file continue to discuss Mao with reverence when it is abundantly clear 2/5
that he was mentally disturbed and deeply evil. Mao’s atrocities killed more of his own people than Hitler and Stalin combined. As Xi heads to Beidaihe, he won’t be lounging on the beach as his idol was in 1960. He will be feverishly trying to wheel and deal to 3/5
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Here’s how Elon Musk is the biggest charlatan of 21st century.
$tsla $tslaq

Time for a thread🧵 🍿
1. Isn’t the founder of #Tesla, #PayPal or #Neuralink but tries to revise history to call himself one.
2. Always tries to push vaporware to generate hype (#FSD, #Robotaxi, #Semi, #Cybertruck, #Roadster, #Robot, etc)
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-Balancing act against #CCP
-#Quad already has #India #Japan #Australia #USA
-5th missing link is #SouthKorea
-Notice how these 5 nations can take on #China in a certain future war, militarily & economically
-That’s the reason Japan & SK being urged to overcome their differences IISS
-Now look at the troops balance
-#India #Japan #SouthKorea encircle #China with external help from #USA & #Australia
-Even #Vietnam & #Indonesia could be good partners
-On the other hand we have #Pakistan #NorthKorea who could lean towards China

@LevinaNeythiri IISS
-Conventionally powered sub force of #Quad+ nations also confirm similar balance
-However if #India has to lead from front then #IndianNavy need to do much more
-As of today pace of capacity & capability building of #Indian submarine arm isn’t optimal

@subnut @indiannavy IISS
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Residents in #Beijing #CCPChina are required to wear this electronic bracelet after returning to Beijing from other cities so that their movements can be monitored. The bracelet can monitor your body temperature 24/7, as well as your locations and movements.
You must wear it all the time except when you recharge the battery or have a shower.
The purpose? To fight the #COVID #COVID19 #CCPVirus, according to the #CCP.
The bracelets are made by 北京微芯感知科技有限公司 Beijing Microsense Technology Co, which also developed multi-sign sensing equipment that was used in this year's #BeijingWinterOlympics & #WinterParalympics.
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Bank runs are happening all over China. It’s important to note that the Chinese banking system represents 350% of Chinese GDP (on balance sheet) while the U.S. system is only 100%. One of the largest lending categories of Chinese banks is real estate…Chinese property 1/3
Developers are filing bankruptcies at a record pace. Moody’s has DOWNGRADED 91 Chinese property developers this year alone…while Moody’s had only downgraded 54 OVER THE PAST DECADE before this year’s actions. China’s banks are insolvent. The CPC is likely to brutally 2/3
suppress the bank runs in the near term as they can’t allow them to spread further. It’s not just small banks, the biggest crowd over the weekend was found at The Bank of China (one of the largest SOE banks). #China #bankrun #CPC #CCP #BankofChina #ChinaExposed 3/3
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#AbeShinzo died at about 11: 30 local time. At 18: 07 on the previous day, a Chinese language user called "重装小兔19C” said "Have successfully got close to current and former PM of Japan. I'll complete the task given by the organization[ meaning: the party, the #CCP]."
Another user called "泼墨” said "I am counting on you to get another 100,000" at 20:19 on the previous day.
Then "重装小兔19C_” said: "I will not let down the organization[the party, the CCP]'s training on me at 20:24 on July 7.
This is very disturbing. I hope the government of #Japan
can investigate into these two users. Who are they? What tasks were they given? Were the tasks related to
#ShinzoAbe's murder?
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In April '09, in a similarly desperate political climate, I was among several who promised our #TeaParty movement would take back the nation.

A mere 19 months later:

The historic Tea Party revolution with a 63 seat GOP gain in the House, the largest political shift since 1894.
Understanding the #TeaParty revolution of '10 is vital because it demonstrates what we can do together.

In five months, in 435 House races, some featuring candidates I have known for years, I believe we are poised again for historic gains, possibly even exceeding those of '10.
I believe most Americans see this, but it seems less appreciated abroad:

As in '10, a historic American comeback is underway.

In a mere five months, Biden's ability to unilaterally shape U.S. policy is over--and we will bring an end to his suicidal policies at home and abroad.
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Man-made famine, coming soon to America, courtesy of the @JoeBiden Regime.

Doubt me?

Since he took office some 42 food processing facilities have been torched soon after he announced there would be food shortages at the G7, the most recent a chicken 🐓 processing facility.
Yet another bizarre fire 🔥 that will threaten our food supply.

I’m sure that in the mind of @JoeBiden Vladimir Putin is somehow to blame.

Wait for it.

I would say #Google it, but when I actually USED @Google vs @DuckDuckGo the results were obviously censored with pro-Biden narratives.

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Digital control in #Beijing. Within only 1 second, smart temperature measurement & 8 verifications including ID card, #HealthCode, #vaccination status, #COVID test expiration date, etc, can be done. #CCP is so proud of it. 一秒鍾之內完成八種驗證,#中共國 引以自豪的數字管控。
This is a news piece produced by BRTV (Beijing Radio and Television).
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Now everyone in #CCPChina is monitored and controlled by this so called Health Code. If your code turns yellow or red, you are doomed. It can turn yellow if you stay in the same 800mx800m square with a #Covid positive person for more 10 minutes. #CCP tracks all your movements.
Everyone is so anxious to show that they have a green code without realizing how ridiculous and dangerous this whole thing is.
This old gentleman in #Shanghai was not allowed to use this public restroom because he doesn’t have a Health Code. One needs to scan his/her Health Code to get in. The staff member asked him to seek help from the Resident Committee. So they argued.
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More: 1 lieutenant-general & 3 major generals have been executed, many others arrested after this top-secret file was leaked. This is the most severe political rebellion in #CCP's history. These brave ppl wanted to give the world an early warning.
They didn't want to have Chinese people abducted by the #CCP.
This is not a "leak", but a proactive rebellion.
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Exclusive! Explosive! Please do read & share!
I've done the whole thing! Full transcript of the entire 56 min of top-secret recording of the #War Mobilization Meeting of #CCP's #PLA's Southern War Zone & #Guangdong Province. #Taiwan #Japan #US in danger…
After listening to this recording many times, I am more convinced that it is true. I've checked all the names of the people, factories, labs, etc, mentioned in the meeting. They do exist and match the public information. I knew none of these people or entities before.
Therefore, this file is unlikely just something made up by a nobody. At least the people talking in the meeting know all those things and names that I don't know.
Plus, I don't see any point in faking such a file. For fun? For damaging my credit? It was not provided to me.
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Leaked Secret Audio: #WarMobilization Meeting of #Guangdong Province of China: Normal to #War State Transition
Audio released by @lude_media. I did the translation. See comments for more.
Is Guangdong in a war state now? I cannot independently verify or falsify this audio file. But this is a truthful translation of the Chinese. Given the #CCP's other moves in recent years, including the insane #ZeroCovid policy, tightened border control, cancellation of...
5 major international sports events, "internal circulation" economic policy, the establishment of a unified national purchase and sale market, etc, I believe this file should be shared. If this is true, the CCP is seriously preparing for war.
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Leaked documents show that in one county of a quarter-million people, Konasheher, in southern Xinjiang, nearly 5% of the Uyghur Muslim population has been imprisoned by #CCP for "terrorism" and "extremism" charges. The rate is 30 times the norm in #China.…
#pt: Pure notably Stalinism: China sets "arrest quotas for local police [in the Muslim areas], in some cases resulting in the men from entire villages being rounded up and whole families uprooted ... [C]amp detainees were forced to confess their 'crimes' in group sham trials"
#pt: "Although China makes legal records easily accessible otherwise, almost 90% of criminal records in Xinjiang are not public."
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Let me start by saying I have no firsthand knowledge of this. Simply spitballing based on what we know from adjacent information.

The US is very clearly reading #Putin's mail and listening to his phone calls.
We are as certain as we can be that the US provided targeting information for ##Ukraine's attack on the #Moskva. Now 20 high ranking Russian officers? In one place? Along with the theater commander Putin dispatched to get him a victory before May9?
I'm betting the US provided Ukraine w the time & place. Maybe even the weapon.
Looking forward, unless there is an immense improvement in Russia's information security, the US will work with Ukrainians to decapitate every single force the Russians put in the field.
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On April 18 local time in ShangHai, there was disturbance inside the quarantine camp.
According to the news, there were only 3 deaths reported since lockdown started in March, most cases are asymptomatic.
It’s never about the pandemic.…
A domestic helper Ms Zheng told her story, her client - an elderly lady without self-care ability passed away due to starvation during the lockdown.
Zheng said during her last visit to that old lady, the poor elderly was eating her own feces, saying that “I’m so hungry”.
“This vegetable cost us ¥120 and it suppose to be free.”
Even you can luckily get out from the strict lockdown, doesn’t mean #CCP give you free supplies, residents are forced to pay extra so officials in the community can make profit from the lockdown.
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THREAD: I want to share a few reflections & principles about why - & how - I try to support #HongKong's #FightForFreedom, have done so for the past 8 years

1. The most important point is that I have never, ever claimed to represent #HongKongers. All I try to do is support /
2. #HongKongers are among the most courageous, intelligent, creative, articulate, eloquent, brilliant people I know, and they're more than capable for speaking for themselves. I don't speak on their behalf, ever - I merely try to speak in support of and solidarity with them/
And why? For the following reasons:

1. #HongKong was once my home, it was where I began my career as a journalist & activist, & so I believe I have a responsibility to help fight for its future /
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#CCP said it’s for Shanghai people’s health, nothing to see here.
Gang fight? No, hunger game in Shanghai, residents trying to break thru the perimeter, law enforcement teach them some #CCP’s lessons, with a bamboo stick.
Officials in white PPE might not be medical workers, most are troops and cops from other provinces.
People in Shanghai call them “Sir Great White”
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While the focus is on #Putin's #UkrainianGenocide, let's not forget about #Xi's #UyghurGenocide and his support for Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Myanmar junta, MBS, and other tyrants. Xi Jinping is the world's #1 advocate for #HumanRightsViolations.…
The #UyghurGenocide includes "internment, forced abortion, forced sterilization, forced birth control, forced labor, torture, brainwashing, rape, and gang rape" as policy. No one deserves to be subject to such grave #HumanRightsViolations. Xi ruined #HongKong. #Taiwan isn't safe.
Xi believes #China needs to be strong to avoid the trauma it inhereted from the "Century of Humiliation" at the hands of Western colonial powers and Japan. But in asserting China's strength, Xi sides with the worst of tyrants and crushes those who believe in #HumanRights.
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1/ There is no country with better results than Sweden.

It explains the radical framing against Sweden. Such evidence must be attacked.

So claim the opposite as most CCN watching people can't read graphs.

Dear Swedes: defend your country against this cabal!
2/ Let's add all countries? Here we go.

Which line is lowest? Is it the green one? That's Sweden.

Welcome to Sweden dear anti freedom, anti democracy #nocovid clan.
3/ Subset Sweden versus the #nocovid #nofreedom #nodemocracy #nolaw #lockdown #masking #childmasking #schoolclosures #CCP #WHO #WEF #curfew #policeviolance #mandates #QR radicals.

Truth cannot be supressed regardless how many propaganda news articles people write.
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