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Some of us may have *wondered why the central Govt recently passed an ordinance to convert all ordinance factories into a corporation..* Read this message below to understand the background:

At the time of Ladakh clashes, 80000 employees of Ordnance Factory Board
(OFB) were the first to announce an indefinite strike.

OFB is a group of factories that manufacture ammunition for the Indian Army. Its headquarter is in Kolkata.

Its labor unions have been occupied by the communists since the time of the British.

All communists are loyal to
Chinese Communist Party #CCP. Perhaps this big news has been missed by you, the Central Government has introduced the Essential Defense Services Bill, 2021 in Lok Sabha today!! And yesterday its ordinance was also issued!! Before going on this topic, let me tell you that *this
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This is a big deal. #China watchers, investors & policy/decision makers, pay attention: #CCP has stopped issuing ordinary #passports & other entry & exit documents if u don't have "essential or emergent reasons". This means the #CCP is closing its doors again.
The reason cited in this report is to "protect people's health, life safety, and effectively prevent the importation of foreign #epidemics ( #CCP Virus, #COVID19 "…
This could be the real reason: The great exodus from China: Under Xi Jinping, asylum seekers number shoots up over 600,000…
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1. On widespread #Sinophobia

I recently attended a seminar on doing business in #China, hosted by the local Chamber of Commerce. During the presentation of a lady representing German Trade & Invest, I was surprised to learn the President Xi Jinping allegedly had given a speech
2. ... announcing his intention to "...form powerful countermeasures and deterrent capabilities based on artificially cutting off supply to foreigners."

Since the presenter mentioned the speech had been published in Quishi, the official publication of the #CCP, I started looking
3. ... for the original of the speech. It did not take long, and my suspicions were confirmed. What Xi Jinping really had said was the following:

"...forming a powerful countermeasure and deterrent capability against foreigners who would artificially cut off supply [to China]".
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1-लद्दाख झड़प के समय सबसे पहले ofb के ही 80000 कर्मचारियों ने अनिश्चितकालीन हड़ताल की घोषणा की थी!
Ofb फैक्ट्रियों का समूह है जो भारतीय सेना के लिए गोला-बारूद बनाती हैं!

इसका मुख्यालय कोलकाता में है, अंग्रेजों के जमाने से ही इसकी..
2-से ही इसकी मजदूर-कर्मचारी यूनियन्स पर कम्युनिस्टों का कब्ज़ा है!
सभी कम्युनिस्ट चायनीज कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी #CCP के वफादार होते हैं,
शायद यह बड़ी न्युज आप लोगों से छुट गई है, केन्द्र सरकार ने कल लोकसभा में आवश्यक "रक्षा सेवा विधेयक 2021" को पेश किया है..

3-और परसों इसका अध्यादेश भी जारी कर दिया था!
इस विषय पर जाने से पहले आप लोगों को बता दूं की यह विधेयक वामपंथी यूनियनों पर एक बहुत बड़ा प्रहार है, जो कि बीच-बीच में सरकार के रक्षा सामग्री उत्पादन में बाधा डालने की प्रयास करते रहते हैं!

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.@LeeSmithDC tells @TuckerCarlson China is not the problem. Our problem is the elites running our country. They look at China as a place they can do stuff that they’re not allowed to do here.
.@LeeSmithDC says it all started back in the 70s with Henry Kissinger but a key moment was in 94 when Bill Clinton delinked human right abuse to trade agreements.
.@LeeSmithDC talks about our Great academies been bought off by China and China keeping the art industry afloat for the last 10 years.
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#China🇨🇳:📍Zhengzhou subway station
#Flood #chinaflood
#China🇨🇳: Another video of Zhengzhou subway station,

Water inside metro train as flash flood raging across Zhengzhou city in central China.
#China #flooding #floods
#Flood #chinaflood
⚠️Updated🇨🇳:#CCP Propaganda Department said that One person killed, two others missing in central China's #Henan Province, after heavy rain hit the city

But Video showing more casualties...

Communication disruption has been reported in some parts of the city. Rescue is underway
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Sorry I’m rather inept at this bird app so you’ll be reading in reverse time so scroll all the way to the bottom of the thread to start @JavierGoya7 @HolyHaole #taiwainisacountry #thread #bidensbetrayalofTaiwan
#TaiwanIsaCountry #ccp #thread
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#China🇨🇳:Heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province causing floods. Affected by the heavy rain, many cars were washed away by the flood.
#China #Fire #洪水
#China🇨🇳:Heavy rainfall occurred in Henan Province causing floods. Affected by the heavy rain, many cars were washed away by the flood.
#China #Fire #洪水
#China🇨🇳: Meanwhile in China; #China's CCP deployed PLA in Henan.

Currently, as per CCP propaganda department one person have been killed and two other missing, about 849 people have been rescued with 1,500 relocated.
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At Stop the 2022 #GenocideGames rally in front of the US Capitol. It's asking the question: Are we really going to host/attend an @Olympics in the #CCP's #China when we know full well #Genocide (if not several) is taking place?

Here @CPDChina's @frankgaffney opens the event 👉
Representatives of ethnic and religious groups persecuted by the #CCP at the Stop the 2022 #GenocideGames rally. Captive Nations’ @Se_HoonKim speaking in the background.
Blind Chinese activist lawyer Chen Guangcheng @iguangcheng reflects on his memories when he was in prison during the 2008 Beijing @Olympics, which many argued were a #GenocideGames in themselves (See: ):

"My question is: can we allow this to happen again?"
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#CCP Vows to Nuke #Japan if Japan defends #Taiwan. As Japan is the only country that has been nuked, so nuking Japan "will get twice the result with half the effort."
This is an excerpt from a longer video of the #CCP's military channel at…. It was uploaded two days ago, and has 2.37 M views, 11K comments and 88K likes so far. The channel has 2 M subscribers.
The original video of this one was deleted today, but here is a saved copy of it. 原西瓜視頻上的視頻今天已經被刪除了,這是備份:
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China’s biological weapons program targets specific ethnic minorities. The numbers tell the story: China has reported 4,600 deaths from the 🦠 (fewer than Moldova 🇲🇩 with a population of 2.8MM). All of SE Asia has reported a total less than 30k.…
Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that the 🇺🇸 and 🇮🇳 have the most deaths? How the Indian or Delta variant mutated and is wreaking destruction across the world (except for Asia)? Now the lamda variant is spiking the death count in other western/Anglo countries. #China #CCP
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Yesterday we all saw why.

For 16 months the government & its scientific advisors have avoided any kind of scrutiny. The Downing Street press conference sham is evidence; where “journalists” ask narrative-driven, pre-prepared & sanctioned questions👇🏻
When have you ever heard them ask about the China lab leak? About natural immunity? About the risks of the vaccines? About the flawed PCR tests? About the cost/benefit analysis of lockdowns? About the impartiality of SAGE? About the planned lies and fear? Never, is the answer.
Those questions are only ever asked by the public on forums like Twitter- never by journalists - & even then Big Tech censor many of these important questions.

The result has been the rise of the Covid cult (💙), of covidians, a movement steeped in ideology rather than science.
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🇨🇳 #ChinaJoe & #BeijingBiden are NOT trending due to Biden's corrupt Chinese dealings while Obama's VP‼️

In truth, hashtags tell the fact “President” Biden is compromised NOW — wholly owned by China's Communist Party in Beijing.

🧵Unroll Thread: 1/24 ⤵️
🇨🇳 #ChinaJoe was telling everyone for decades that the Chinese Communist Party has the upper hand and that China “already owns us” — and surely they owned #BidenCrimeFamily & other Democratic luminaries!

#illegitimatePresident #CCP

🧵 Thread: 2/24 ⤵️
Why would 🇨🇳 risk a confrontation with 🇺🇸 by infiltrating our Media, Big Tech, and the Democratic party to install “China Joe” as POTUS?

Because the Trump Admin stood strong against China, putting the American people and #AmericaFirst!

🧵 Thread: 3/24 ⤵️
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12 years ago today July 5, 2009, thousands of university students went on streets for peaceful protest after dozens of Uyghur workers were brutally killed by hundreds of thousands of Chinese and bodies were piled up in Shaoguan, Guangdong, China. It turned out to be a bloodbath,
1. Chinese armed forces and army killed thousands of teenagers brutally by using guns and armed vehicles. More than 20 thousand teenagers were sentenced lifelong prisons and given capital punishment. This kind of brutal mass murders have been conducted by #CCP govern since occupied independent East Turkestan. Every 10-15 years, Chinese arrest and murder top Uyghur intellectuals and leading scientists to leave Uyghur nation uneducated and uncensored of ongoing genocide.
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🧵1/ #躺平 lying flat [thread in progress]

In #China Gen Y-Z are tired of the rat race

"New Non-Cooperation Movement"

#Memes and Music ImageImageImage
🧵2/ #躺人 "lying flat" – #censorship

"Lying Flat" was quickly censored on both Douban and Weibo.

Within 24 hours, four 'Lying Flat’-themed Douban groups were suspended.

For background: see @SixthTone
@SixthTone 🧵3/ #躺人 lying flat

#LyingFlat is becoming a social movement of young people rejecting the #CCP's "Chinese Dream" 中国梦.

Xi Jinping announced this ideal in late 2012 to lead China's “great rejuvenation.”…
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Everything of my nation is precious to me. There are many types of Uyghur musical instruments. Uyghur music culture has a long history. How many nations in the world have such a perfect musical culture?Uyghurs are being deprived of their culture in the #CCP government's genocide. ImageImageImageImage
Uyghur musical instruments. ImageImageImageImage
Uyghur musical instruments. ImageImageImageImage
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THREAD: Mr Tang: Wrong!

Your quisling government & its #CCP puppet masters are to blame

You, your police officers, your fellow quisling proxy zombies & the dictatorship you slavishly work for are covered in blood, Mr Tang

And in the next tweet in this thread I'll explain why/
Point by point:

1. If #CCP had kept its promise to allow "one country, two systems" & "#HongKong people running HongKong" & upheld basic freedoms, human rights & rule of law, we would not see the tragedy we see today/
2. If your quisling regime had not introduced the idiotic extradition bill in 2019, we might not be where we are today

3. If your quisling regime had listened to the millions of totally peaceful #HongKongers in 2019, we would not be where we are today
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Six members of the Early Rain Covenant Church that fled to #Taiwan from Sichuan two years ago have received political asylum in the United States and they left Taiwan today. One of them told media that some of the church's members back in #China are…
... still under house arrest since June Fourth and they likely won't be released from house arrest until the end of the #CCP's centenary celebration.
The family of six originally thought they just had to stay in #Taiwan but after learning that the island doesn't have a refugee law, they were informed that they will seek asylum in the US.
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These video scenes of #brutal #LawEnforcement are from around the world and Australia figures prominently.
It is #dehumanising and mentally debilitating to see this and to comprehend the #inhumanity
Is it right to assault citizens like this?
The #G7summit was a cosy affair. Social distancing for the cameras and free-for-all off-it. #Scomo was in the midst of this #Cornwall retreat to plan the next phase of #Lockstep.
Do any of them appear concerned about the “pannddemmic” ?
#Scomo returns from his #G7Summit2021 all buoyed in #Lockstep and then NSW goes into #Lockdown followed by restrictions in other states.
Do you see fingerprints on this?
Is #GladysCluster trying too hard to convince?
See where we are on cases curve??
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I have been warning for ~4 years that this was the ultimate goal.

Rule One of modern politics is that if #Technology empowers servitude, #surveillance, or social engineering those in power will seek to exploit it.

#bankofengland sees #CBDC as a tool: #socialcredit +#NetZero
You @SteveBakerHW @DesmondSwayne @DavidDavisMP @Mark_J_Harper @SirGrahamBrady @Fox_Claire are valiantly resisting vxxne passes, but are you alert to this, much more overarching, more intimately intrusive horror?
ALL to be watched, weighed, tracked, traced, rationed, restricted?
The shorthand I use is #Sinification: what #XiJinping’s #CCP did in #China yesterday, his proselytes & admirers -like #KlausSchwab- promote today, Big Tech, Pharma & Finance offer to enable tomorrow & YOUR government plans to introduce -on some pretext or other- the day after.
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🚨 Do Cheaters Win⁉️

“We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive

*Voter Fraud Organization*

in the history of American politics!”

Joe Biden, The Pretender

#illegitJoe 🇨🇳 #ChinaJoe
Regardless of his current mental decline, Joe Biden's moral status remains unchanged for decades — in his own words:

A “lying dog-faced pony soldier” corrupt to the core!

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⚠️How To Steal An Election⁉️

Step-by-step guide for installing an #illegitimatePresident in the White House

What is the #BigLie?

“Dems won the 2020 Election”

That is #TheBigLie!

🚨 “We have put together… and you guys did it for Obama admin before this… the most extensive and inclusive

*Voter Fraud Organization*

in the history of American politics.”

”President” Biden & Dems won — that's the #BigLie!

#illegitimateRegime 🇨🇳
Why would the #CCP of 🇨🇳 risk a confrontation with the 🇺🇸 by infiltrating our Media, Big Tech, and the Democratic party to install #ChinaJoe as POTUS?

Because Trump admin stood strong against #China, always putting the American people and #AmericaFirst!
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EP6 of my personal story in Chinese at . If you have Chinese speaking friends, please forward it to them. English versions are available in book form at
I always believe it is important to keep memories alive so that no one can...
... bury them. The persecution of #FalunGong is so ruthless, so inhumane, so anti-humanity and anti everything. Yet, because of the #CCP 's coverup, the world knows very little.
That's why I am doing this #OralHistory series.
And let me tell you, because we...
...looked the other way when the #CCP persecuted Falun Gong, and thought it had nothing to do with us, the CCP was able to extend its persecution to #Xinjiang , #HongKong , #Tibet , and many other places in the world. The CCP might even try to invade #Taiwan .
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