Protesters are now **inside** the Capitol Building. Senate hearings are suspended.

These MAGA terrorists are now brawling with police inside the U.S. Capitol Building, and trying to get through to the interior chambers.

Doors to the Senate have been locked, Pence and Grassley were whisked away to a secure location, remaining senators instructed to stay away from the doors and remain silent.

Your kids know what that feels like.
Like many others here, I am infuriated that the rules of engagement here are preventing police from opening fire on this violent mob. Not even less-lethal rounds being fired.
U.S. House chambers are now being evacuated.
Legislators told to put on gas masks; there’s tear gas in the capital. Unclear if this is the work of MAGA cult terrorists or the police.
Photo via @MEPFuller, officers with guns drawn inside the House chamber.
Source tells @cspan that @SpeakerPelosi—second in the line of presidential succession—is in a safe place, but no details.
MAGA terrorist poses in the seat of the Presiding Officer of the Senate.
@nielslesniewski reports on C-SPAN that Senate proceedings may convene in an alternate location. WH Poolers are still embedded with senators.
Video of MAGA cult terrorists breaking into the U.S. Capitol Building.

Pentagon denies request from @MayorBowser to send the National Guard to defend the U.S. Capitol Building.
@fox5dc reporting that someone has been shot in the U.S. Capitol building, and CPR is being administered.
In addition to one person being shot, multiple others have been injured at the U.S. Capitol.
The confederate flag, inside the Capitol. 😡😡
CNN reporting that a woman is in critical condition after being shot in the chest. It is unclear if this is the same person mentioned in earlier reports.
C-SPAN reporting that Virginia National Guard is en-route to the Capitol
Police have completely lost control of the U.S. Capitol building. Hundreds of MAGA cult terrorists have pushed past police lines toward the interior rooms in the building.

Terrified police officer crowded against a wall as MAGA adult terrorists overrun the U.S. Capitol Building.

Many police/SWAT vehicles en route to DC

On-air C-SPAN anchor report: DHS is sending law enforcement to the U.S. Capitol Building.
They need to surrender to the DOJ directly, and tell everything they know. Every one of them. It’s the only way to even being to atone for the terrorist cult they enabled.
This motherfucker. Do your thing, Twitter.
Remember, D.C. is not a state, and so @MayorBowser doesn’t control the @USNationalGuard.

They are commanded by @realDonaldTrump.
Photo via @andyharnik from earlier today as members of Congress were first told to shelter in place.
@maggieNYT adds on The NY Times liveblog: “Aides were trying to get Trump to tweet something stronger. He wouldn’t. He’s ignoring these entreaties.”
President-elect @JoeBiden refers to today’s events as insurrection, and demands that @realDonaldTrump fulfill his oath to defend the Constitution.
Police have fired teargas from inside the north entrance of the Capitol Building. They opened the door, fired into the crowd of MAGA cult terrorists outside, and then closed the door.
These MAGA cult terrorist motherfuckers got another thing coming.
The *resident starts this video message—intended to tell his MAGA cult terrorist followers to go home—with this treasonous bullshit: “We had an election that was stolen from us.”

He’s not remorseful. He’s not contrite. He seems amped up by the violence perpetrated in his name.
FBI SWAT in the Capitol.

While AP is calling @ossoff the winner in GA, SWAT teams are descending on the Capitol to clear out the MAGA cult terrorists that ended any hope for a peaceful transfer of power.

There are 10s of thousands more of them in D.C. How do you think they’ll take the news from Georgia?
MAGA cult terrorists chanting “TREASON! TREASON!” as they rush into and occupy the U.S. Capitol.

FOX reports that @RepTedLieu is calling on @VP to invoke the 25th amendment, and remove @realDonaldTrump from office.
That officer should be jailed. Fuck these cops who’d gas #BLM protesters, and politely apologize to MAGA cult terrorists for the inconvenience caused by that pesky law and order thing.
This didn’t even occur to me in all this madness:
MAGA cult terrorists heeding the *resident’s constant assertions that journalists are “enemies of the people.”

Dear @SenateDems and @HouseDemocrats: if D.C. was a state, they could’ve had their own detachment of the National Guard there in advance of this domestic terrorism.
There will almost certainly be cybersecurity fallout from what these MAGA cult terrorists did today.

(screenshot via @Amy_Siskind)
The call came from inside the (White) House, Linds.
More MAGA cult terrorists attacking journalists as “enemies of the people,” just like their cult leader wanted:
Ah, so this WAS in the @DCPoliceDept rules of engagement? To helpfully set aside pedestrian barricades for the MAGA cult terrorists?

(h/t @angellam77 for the link to this video)

…leading to the first confirmed death from today’s terrorism:
Night falls over the Capitol campus as police try (not fuckin’ hard enough, imo) to clear out these MAGA cult terrorists.

House Sergeant-at-Arms says Capitol Building is secure, but who knows what was done to the computers, or what other little surprises were left behind?
Many GOP senators have tweeted or issued statements decrying the terrorism perpetrated on our property today.

What about Ted Cruz, you might ask? Well, this is the most recent tweet from his account:
More evidence of the MAGA cult terrorists’ desire to kill journalists:

(Photo via @AnthonyQuintano)

• • •

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6 Jan
We’re gonna win this thing.
I’m serious, we’re gonna win this thing.
New York Times reporter @jennymedina liveblogs, “Georgia election officials have suggested we may not know final numbers until midday tomorrow,” which is true.

But it looks like we’ll know tonight if we won the Senate.

(It sure does look that way.)
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18 Oct 20
You’d think that Trump’s own DOJ would be shouting from the rooftops about “Hunter’s hard drive” if it was found to be legitimate after a digital forensics analysis. But they’re not.

One thing we do know: the FBI was investigating if it’s a Russian disinformation campaign.
The repair shop owner said the computer (an an external hard drive that appears to have been purchased by the shop after the laptop was allegedly dropped off) was given to the FBI for a grand jury investigation in December 2019.
Also in December 2019: NSA Chief O’Brien told Trump that he believed Giuliani was being targeted by a Russian disinformation campaign in an effort to influence the 2020 election by discrediting Joe Biden.
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“The colossal emptiness and lack of meaning of these never-ending events was by no means unintentional. The population should become used to cheering and jubilation, even when there was no visible reason for it…”

German journalist Sebastian Haffner, writing in 1939 about Nazis.
If you wonder why Trump’s rallies all have the same lies, the same lines, and the same call-and-response with the crowd, it’s because it’s effective as a propaganda tool. The impressionable people watching those crowds can be made to feel a sense of belonging when they watch.
Goebbels, head of the “Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda,” believed these frequent, flashy events—no matter how devoid of substance—would be a powerful tool to win enthusiastic adherents to the Nazis’ nationalist dogma, even as their own agency was being eroded.
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15 Oct 20
As some of you may remember, I spoiled my mail-in ballot. Rather than risk a mail delay and requesting a new one, I planned to surrender it and vote early, in person.

It struck me how lucky and privileged I am to live in a (mostly) blue state, and in a (mostly) white county.

After arriving at the county clerk’s office—where early voting has been live for three weeks—I waited in line to surrender my mail-in ballot. By “in line,” I mean, “I waited three minutes to be helped by a county official.”

I then waited for them to process my replacement.

And by “I then waited,” I mean, “it took one minute.” The line behind me was…one person, a young Black woman. I was handed a replacement ballot, my new voting buddy and I gave each other a crinkled-eyes smile from behind our masks, and I filled it out.

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15 Oct 20
This Hunter Biden laptop story is fucked.

Docs show the laptop was dropped on Apr 12, 2019. They also show an external drive and its serial number.

Western Digital’s web site says that drive’s **3-year** warranty expires Apr 18, 2022…meaning it was manufactured Apr *18*, 2019. ImageImageImage
If the data was on the MBP’s NVMe SSD, it was either readable or not. The TRIM command is constantly shuffling blocks around to level the wear on the memory cells, and any legit data recovery firm will tell you: recovery of damaged/deleted files from an NVME drive is impossible.
The external drive was claimed to be used to recover the data, but there is no “recovery” of a solid state disk drive, such as the one in Hunter’s alleged Mac. If the data is corrupted or deleted, it’s lost forever, unless the Mac’s owner runs a *specific* command from a shell.
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13 Oct 20
You’ve probably seen this ad here. The majority of the video is for another product entirely. It shows a projection from the Sega Toys Homestar, which is $240. (And is amazing. I know; I bought one like 15 years ago.)

You can see it briefly in the video (snapshot below) Image
The Sega device is amazing, has multiple lenses, and microfilm-style projection discs that create an amazingly lifelike star field. Like, seriously, it’s fucking amazing.

But this advertised device is cheap, and projects a cartoonish scene without regard for realism or focus.
It’s sold by one of a dozen or so cookie-cutter web sites you’ve probably seen running ads on Twitter. Often with nonsense domain names (in the .co TLD) and with most of the sites using the same exact template. Everything they sell is advertised in a misleading way.
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