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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday
April 5th
Support #MedicareForAll by becoming a #MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Democrats Are Embracing #SinglePayer Health Care - The Atlantic
#MedicareForAll ⚕️
#SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll Is the Only Health-Care System That Makes Sense via @thenation #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
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30 million became politics, history & spycraft experts overnight
once CIA-ONI psy-op #QAnon8chan went Go.
Google LOVES #QAnon
but 86s Parkland & Vegas analysis?
Why is that?
B/c of what's coming?
& #ThePurge?
Ask #Q
then wait 30-120 days for an answer.
#MAGA #Qposts
The Tell (& insult) is saying "Trust the Plan"-- offering none.
It's a stall.
They're re-capturing #FakeNews lost sheep.
Notice religiosity now?
Believers more easily put faith in the unseen
& are more likely to be preppers
& armed.
Works > Faith
"Enjoy the Show"
but Do Nothing?
Parkland & #VegasTruth = #1 threats
Beta-tests for MSM & Social Media blackouts
like Boston Bombing was for Martial Law & home confinement.
SHTF=no internet.
Citizen-journos risked all to expose all
now 30 million Qs do nada.
Study #GladioC & #MAVNI pages.
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We literally have a civil right to protection from private violence. There is nothing “entitled” in seeking vindication of that right.
For scholarly discussion of this point, see… by Robin West
The idea that the point of government is to protect people from private violence so they can participate civil society is not simply introduced by the Civil War Constitutional amendments…
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To the white folx out here, always reminding us that you’re our allies: you can stop now. In case no one took the time to let you know this tiny detail, let me tell you now: WE KNOW OUR ALLIES BY WHAT THEY DO, NOT BY WHAT THEY SAY.
Don’t do this work looking your invitation to a barbecue, cookout, fiesta, luau, blengur or any variation thereof. WE WILL NOT BE HANDING OUT GOLD STARS AND TROPHIES TO OUR MOST “WOKE” WHITE SAVIORS.
If you do this work, let it be because you know the difference between right and wrong, because you care about the people, because justice is greater than egos and accolades.
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Fashionably late #BlackHistoryMonth !
Garrett Morgan (Thread)

#TheResistance #BLM #RiseUp #Resist #ResistanceUnited #BlackLivesMatter

Today, we have a happy ending, so let's all relax a bit and read up on a forgotten hero:
One of the reasons for #BlackHistoryMonth is that blacks are so often systematically erased from history, or simply forgotten in favor of their fairer-skinned counterparts. Today, we'll learn about Garrett Morgan, one of the greatest of the early 20th century.
Born in Kentucky in 1877, he was the son of former slaves, reared in the reconstruction South. Actually, he also had European and Native American ancestry too, though, as we will see, this did not stop him from facing widespread discrimination.
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This concept was touched on in my last thread of #DrainTheSwampUK but since listening to #EricRWeinstein discuss this on the #RubinReport I feel it needs a thread to explain it properly. See link from 90mins onwards. #TIM
The battle for our futures will be fought over who controls the information that we see rather than on any battlefield in the traditional sense, but make no mistake this battle has been going on for years and will continue to be fought for years too this is the #Swamp. #TIM
In Europe the #Swamp is the #EU working with big corporations to maintain control over the population. In the #US the #Swamp is also the giant technology companies working in conjunction with the #MSM & the Intelligence Community to spy on us. #TIM #DrainTheSwampUK #DrainTheSwamp
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Keep your eye out for local Marines or National Guard mobilizing, that is a good sign that the memo is about to be released within hours. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm ...INTEL drops coming. Stay tuned.
In previous administration, Over 100+ meetings involving unauthorized non-administration personnel discussing Top Secret/Classified Intel - Soros, Gates, Buffet, Rockefeller, Tony Podesta, The Chinese Military" (Citizens and Military Foreign Nationals) #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
3. Topics of discussion
Insider Trading
Top Secret Information
Advising the Cabal's Money Men to move their assets etc so they would never lose.The Top Tier billionaires dictated policy to ensure they always made and never lost. #Q #QAnon #TheStorm
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1) Today's story is called The Brink.

They never thought she'd lose, now we understand the #NWO plan to destroy America, see 1991 Bush I vid. Obama took over the process from Bush II and embarked on an 8 year wrecking ball. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
2) For years rogue operatives have been getting installed. Shadow government/#DeepState. All centers of #Government. Controlled by the wealthiest on the planet, most rogue was the CIA. Goal was complete control to dismantle. Check Out Barry's Book: Post American World #QAnon
3) The systematic leaking of classified intel was everywhere, so was exposure of #military assets. Instead if de-funding military (bad optics), you starve thru corruption. Notice #Mattis has a massive audit of DOD? Think why.……
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#ReleaseTheMemo #ObamaGate #FISAGate

I think I figured out the remaining key questions I had. #Treason by the #Cabal was obvious. I have laid it out earlier in this thread:…

...but knowing something = proving something
...especially when dealing with
2. ...#Corruption and #Treason on both sides of the aisle
#LSM #LyingSycophantMedia that will actively hide #Truth and invent/support #FakeNews, such as #RussiaCollusionLie
#CognitiveDissonance & #Tribalism that affect ability of "other side" to accept uncomfortable #TRUTH
3. So #POTUS needed to generate bullet-proof evidence of involvement by #DOJ/#FBI in the #Treason of the #Cabal/ part b/c they themselves could block/prevent the #TRUTH
...and in part b/c they had tried to destroy much of the evidence.
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bannon, manefort, gates & pop were CIA-ONI plants all along.
#Saipov #UzbekTruckers haul heroin & #opioids under #UraniumOne color of law smuggling cover it was designed to be from the start.…

#Bernie2020 #FakeNewsAwards flake brexit
Has #Qanon offered any practical advice or plan of action yet other than to make a bowl of popcorn & stay inside when SHTF? #Qanon8chan
@esoteric_ed @DestroyIllusion @tracybeanz @RoystonPotter
@realBobWoodward & @carlbernstein were ONI w/ GHW 86d Nixon in a Black OP. Bannon=ONI.
ONI fed Saigon disinfo & killed Paris Peace Talks; LBJ thought it was Nixon but could do nada as he'd found-out b/c Hoover bugged the palace. LBJ may've have realized it was CIA & so did not run for a 2nd term. 12 year wars are just good business & still are. Rummy (ONI) was...
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If it seems too good to be true it is likely not. Andy set it up & Simpson briefed & debriefed her. We know a/b UAC in Strongsville & that Akhmetshin works for Catseyv & w/ FSB.
#AwanContra #RussianTarBaby #MAGA
Did Claire lie a/b meeting Kislyak (& a/b being on HRC's 2008 sHitList) b/c of #UraniumOne or the #IranDeal or both & why did she block me when I asked if she was a bag lady--did she think I meant homeless? Who'd pay $6 for a mango & why'd a SoS send dozens of emails a/b them?
We know #SethRich is alive & Sean Lucas (who didn't use drugs) was not & #JoeRago was killed b/c he found HRC's Veropharm monopoly on Russian cancer drugs & saw #ACA was just an organ donor list of poor for JTTF to frame/kill & harvest. Did she cremate Sandy Berger yesterday?
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On 29 April 2015 at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, @HillaryClinton delivered the first policy paper of her campaign for the Democratic nomination. It was called "Race and Criminal Justice" and it was not only impressive, it was brilliant. 1/
By that time I knew Hillary Clinton. I mean I had come to understand how she thought about policy & how she viewed this second run.

She was sending a clear signal that day that most ignored or were simply unwilling acknowledge.

This was why she was running for President. 2/
In that speech she said things that no other major politician had had the guts to say. As many pointed she said things that President Obama wasn't able to say.

It was a courageous way to start her campaign. For a woman accused of always playing it safe this was her hell no. 3/
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I said I was gonna make a "What I Wrote in 2017" thread and here it is--in no particular order:
1. This was mainly for the "what about men too" crowd who become deathly silent when abuse actually happens to men/boys. This was also pre-Weinstein, so I have thoughts...…
2. This one blew up more than I thought it would, but I really just wanted to do right by Jemele Hill and her courage.…
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I retweet stupid Trumpies.



See them, acknowledge the lunacy, retweet, disengage, and move back to reality. Hope to never see or hear from the idiots again!


This is her reply👆👆👆 to @Nataliew1020's reply👇👇👇 to @realDonaldTrump 🎃🎃🎃dumbass comment on health care.

Dec 26
Yeah, it's called #Trumpcare and it's going to suck just like you. Ppl w pre existing conditions will be uncover-able again.
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1) Frank of @PoliticalOrgy brings up a great worry that I've had myself.

And this is just where I think the Trump strategy takes a genius turn.

@colemanbracken @Imperator_Rex3 @ThomasWictor @tracybeanz @drawandstrike
2) When the Left finds Trump has all their fave superheroes locked up @ Gitmo, mass unrest could follow.

Is this why #Qanon has hinted at #MuellerTime being so crucial?
3) They won't, like rational adults, see the chain of evidence and logic and admit that they were wrong all along.

Their whole identity is invested in being right and a part of a righteous crusade.

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(1) The missing piece of the @MooreSenate yearbook story:

Gloria Allred was the attorney responsible for Roe v. Wade. This was her "life's work." This is her motivation. #ALSen #GloriaAllred #BeverlyYoungNelson #ForgedYearbook #ProLife #TheLeftIsEvil
(1b) Here's the link to the underlying article, if you're interested. The full caption wouldn't display in the preview, which is why I'm sending it along separately.…
(2) Judge Moore is a strong committed Christian -- and a strong pro-life advocate.
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The cops shot #PatrickHarmon in the back. The cops were in no danger. Harmon was no threat. This is cold-blooded lynching.😓
The ppl who worship an anthem that literally says "Land of Free & Home of the Brave" fear unarmed fleeing Black men so much they kill them.😐
FLASHBACK: Just 1 month ago the same Salt Lake City PD who killed #PatrickHarmon arrested a nurse for doing her job
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I need to ruminate on this #Arrow BLM bullshit, because I've been heated about it all day.
I haven't watched every #BLM episodee of television, but from what I've seen, only one drama has gotten it right. That show was #QueenSugar.
The reason they got it right is because the show was created by black people with a diverse and talented writers and actors.
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2 PART 1- RECOGNIZING imposters & collaborators & their motives.
3 My father passed an anti-Fascist legacy with a duty to speak up when someone’s dignity is under attack.
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