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Fundamentalism in Trump Cult Thread 1/

This is part 6 in a series of Threads exploring the Trump cult ie #Cult45 which is destroying the GOP. There is often religious (style) fundamentalistic extremism in many cults naturally. In Trump cult it has been CULTIVATED & supercharged
Trump Fundamentalism Thread 2/

This Thread is part of a SERIES of Threads that BUILD. I am assuming all reading this Thread have read ALL PREVIOUS 5. If you have not, here is link to Part 5, which links to earlier threads

Trump Fundamentalism Thread 3/

As this Thread sets up discussion of the disease within GOP, we will not tolerate DISRUPTION of the chat. If you skipped previous threads, and ask any question that illustrates you did not read them, I will not answer you. I will just block you
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I’m one of the people who went to Lafayette Square last June in support of #BLM, & was driven away by riot police with teargas, & flash grenades. I saw the report finding no link between the clearing of the park & the photo op. Initially I was not going to respond...
“Stay in your lane!” is what some people say when clergy weigh in on political issues. But I’m an Episcopal priest; my LANE is truth-telling in service of love. My LANE is to call out sin when I see it. And that report – and the culture that gave rise to it – is full of it.
I'm not talking about the man who signed it. I’m talking about a sinful CULTURE that lies, hides the truth, lusts for power, glorifies violence, & rewards self-serving ignorance. That pernicious culture will keep spreading unless we call it out and refuse to accept it.
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WATCH: LGBTQXYZ-pimping 6th grade teacher in Springfield MO bullies boy who asked why straight kids weren't allowed to have her "unicorn cupcakes." Teacher screams that student is an "ignorant," "straight jerk," "weasel," "dip" & "butthead."

#GenderUnicorn #AlphabetSoupTyranny
More info on the Pershing Middle School Teacher #GenderUnicorn cupcake bully from Nick Reed at @NewsTalkKSGF

What the hell is in the water in Springfield MO? Remember: You've got CRT propagandists making white kids SUICIDAL & #GenderUnicorn #BLM nuts berating any kid who dares question #AlphabetSoupTyranny. Fix this, parents. Protect your children. /3

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Morning Joe's @JoeNBC mocks the IG report debunking the media's widely circulated claim that U.S. Park Police removed Lafayette Sq. #BLM protesters for a Trump "photo op," claims it didn't debunk the story
@JoeNBC Scarborough: “You talk about a lack of perspective in the panting and the over-reporting here from Trump apologists. It’s laughable on its face. You just need to read the report and read what the IG says and what the IG does not say."
@JoeNBC "There’s a reason they were cleared with the urgency that they were cleared w/ ... They could have actually scheduled repairs on scaffolding at the same time, before knowing, of course, that Donald Trump, who was humiliated after news broke that he scrambled down to the bunker "
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Wow, what a fantastic first day at #Quality2021 – we’re about to start our second keynote session now with @KedarMate
You can watch along with this session on @QualityForum livestream here – grab yourself a cuppa and settle in! #Quality2021
On the agenda today with @KedarMate - 2 stories, 5 ideas and 1 opportunity #Quality2021
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As i've been writing on since over a year, culture war isn't some reactive policy that's sprung up.

Extensive focus group testing was done by Cummings/Johnson regime right from the start in 2019.

The aim:
All emcompassing rolling constant culture war.
It's not just about flags.

Theres a widespread beief even by some remainers that sure Johnson is a charlatan, but actually "he doesn't really believe in anything", in other words his rightism is cynically pragmatic rather than personally driven.

But this is absurd when one considers who he appoints.

It wasn't just Cummings who became his chief advisor. He also made his long time ally & part of the Spiked culture journalists - Munira Mirza - his Number 10 Policy Unit head.

Johnson thus cenmented the 2 most vicious right wing culture war activists at the head of govt.
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NFL "Race Norming" is nothing more than a variation on eugenics for the purpose of denying proper treatment and payment to black players. But it also affects every other aspect of how the NFL treats blacks including hiring coaches.

The NFL got caught.…
To be crystal clear, this is yet another example of structural, systemic, institutionalized racism. There is no good version of, or rational explanation for it.
The NFL's race norming starts from the foundational premise that blacks function at a lower cognitive level than whites, and go down from there. Since traumatic brain injury is determined by the amount it cognitive decline, if blacks are systematically artificially...
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As someone who's interested in both football & politics and listens to many podcasts on both - I've noticed a strange development.

Everytime players take the knee for #BLM and they're booed the football journalists are outraged & seem at a loss to know why its happens.

& yet...

And yet these journalists are working for the Telegraph, Mail & Sun - the very papers that have spent the last 2 years not just ridiculing #BLM but actively villifying it.

Would those literally booing their own players be doing so if they hadn't been whipped up by the media?

So the next time sports journalists from the Telegraph, Mail or Sun bemoans the booing they should be called out for being complicit in this.
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The equation of #BLM with Marxism - let's call it what it is: a fascist trope, drawn logically from the Great Replacement Theory. Marxists support #BLM but so do many social-democrats, liberals and, obviously, football players...
.... when Turning Point and their online grifters amplify the "cultural Marxism" slander, they are proving a key point in #HowToStopFascism... right wing populism has failed as a firewall against fascism: it is being consumed by fascism...
... don't look in the political science textbooks for an explanation of this: look to history. Google D'Annunzio, Hugenberg - populism is anti-theoretical, fascism profoundly theoretical.... the theory fills the void in the heads of boneheads, misogynists and racists...
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When I lived in Augusta, Georgia, in the early '70s, our house was vandalized, with epithets painted on the walls calling us n****r-loving Jews because we supported school integration. Today, #BLM leaders say that, as a Jew, I am a white colonizer.
I was ten years old when this happened and it had a huge impact on my life and on my identity as a Jew. We left Georgia for good after that, and moved to Michigan.
It was an early lesson in what it means to be Jewish. We are often on the side of the powerless, yet we are always under suspicion for wielding an unseen, yet nonexistent, power.
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Dear #MeToo, “Mainstream” (Liberal) Media, @SenatorBennet, @SenatorHick, @RepDianaDeGette, @FBI, @CivilRights:

62 high-school kids (61 undocumented or DACA immigrants) reported sexual abuse by Denver School Board member and #BLM activist @TayAndersonCO.


Note: *every single one* of these federal, state, & local offices I tagged are Democrat-run.

Democrats control the @TheJusticeDept, including @FBI, @CivilRights, & @DCOnews.

They also fully control all relevant Colorado statewide (@GovofCO, @COAttnyGeneral) & Denver offices.
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A year later, 62 high-school students now accuse @TayAndersonCO — a #BLM activist and Denver School Board member — of sexual assault, including “violent acts of rape.”

61 of 62 are undocumented or DACA immigrants.

The youngest is 14.
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Dear House and Senate Republicans:

@SecBlinken ordered all American embassies and consulates to fly the flag of a domestic-terrorism organization founded by self-described “trained Marxists.”

Where are your calls for his resignation?
If our elected Republicans are going to go-along-to-get-along with Marxism-lite, primary their asses. Stay home.

Cultural Marxism is the red line.

If they don’t start speaking up—loudly—against #equity, #CRT, #BLM, and other racist woke nonsense, they don’t deserve our support.
On Tuesday morning, *call* (don’t email) both of your home-state senators, along with your House representative.

Demand that they condemn @SecBlinken, @POTUS @JoeBiden’s Secretary of State, for flying #BLM flags above all American embassies and…
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* Except for #BLM/#antifa’s far-more destructive attacks on the Portland federal courthouse nearly every night for the last year.
** And the 9/11 hijackers who flew a plane into the Pentagon.
*** Or the numerous deadly attacks on American embassies since at least 1964.
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Dear @MasterOfMoxie:

I get mad at my friends, as well, who are insurrection-deniers.

Indeed, the “trained Marxists” leading #BLM & the psychopaths in #antifa have been fighting their insurrection for a year.

But I don’t cancel my friends over politics.

I’m not a woke fascist.
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It’s the anniversary of the Indian Removal Act and I need you to know that many years before any Indians were removed, then Gen. Andrew Jackson commissioned his bro-in-law to illegally survey lands belonging to Mvskoke & Chickasaw nations. 1/…
While at war with the Red Stick “Creek” faction, Andrew Jackson illegally surveyed several Native nations with whom the USA was allied, but completely without their knowledge. 2/…
George Washington Illegally surveying Indian land in the Ohio Territory after Britain signed a treaty with the Haudenausee forbidding westward expansion beyond the Appalachians. But this didn’t prevent Washington from planning to invade for profit 3/…
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Dear @FBI Director Chris Wray:

#BLM raised over $90 million.

The self-described “trained Marxist” leader bought 4 homes.

They’ve funded and drove domestic terrorism for a year, causing death and billions in destruction.

Quit being such a political coward.

Do your damn job.
And @KamalaHarris still hasn’t deleted this tweet, where she’s raising money to bail out rioters:
And one of those lucky rioters who @KamalaHarris bailed out (allegedly) raped an 8-year-old child:…
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Our European Partners were INVOLVED in the #ElectionFraud Ops of 2020 that INSTALLED Biden-Kamala
This will be MESSY
Trump's Nationalism Movement in the United States is seen as a THREAT to the Globalist Agenda

After leaving Office #Obama Organized Shadow Govt to Oppose Trump

European Banking Families are Primary Players in the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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If I close my eyes, I can see it
My daddy in a faded tank top
Standing in front of a rusted, half barrel grill

Uncles and aunties slapping down dominoes
On rickety folding tables
Wet with condensation from cold drinks

And us with our feet in a circle
To pick who would be it
If I listen hard enough, I can hear it
Gravelly laughs and nicknames
Hard finger snaps to the O’Jays
or Frankie Beverly & Maze

“Hot Peas and Butter! Come and get your supper!”
The explosion of bare feet running
Cornrows with beads on the end clatter

A screen door slams
If I inhale deeply, I can smell it
BBQ from a charcoal grill
a wad of bubble gum

Hot combs on kitchen stoves
and sizzling Blue Magic hair grease
My Auntie’s perfume when I kiss her cheek
And tell her that the “Sock It To Me” cake is good

The funky aftermath
of kids outside
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We launched Unsilenced Majority last week, to cancel #CancelCulture.

We’ve been fighting hard for Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, the @SpaceForceDoD commander who the @JoeBiden Pentagon fired for sounding the alarm about Marxism in the military.

Follow us on Twitter: @UnsilencedOrg
Check out @UnsilencedOrg website:

Sign up for our email list, so we can deploy you to help us punch back against the Marxist woke mobs:

And donate, but only if you can afford it:…
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Today we remember the tragic murder of George Floyd, but also the inspiring energy that arose in the space that was left. Together we rise to say enough is enough.

An injustice for one is an injustice to all and we stand in solidarity with all those fighting for change.

The renewed momentum of the BLM movement sparked by the death of George Floyd has opened up spaces for a global struggle against racialised violence, oppression and neocolonialism - @jacobinoire…
"The anger, pain & despair that poured out in the streets of America were so powerful that they shook the whole world, inspiring solidarity protests in dozens of countries, which gave more ammunition to challenge police state violence and the legacies of colonialism" @jacobinoire
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Street Violence as a Political Tool

The new Democrat Party of oligarchs and technocrats enforces its orthodoxies upon blue state clients through broken windows and beatings, administered by party militias like #antifa and #BLM

via @LeeSmithDC…
The Democrat Party has had a problem. It’s a small, incoherent, and privileged clique funded by billionaire oligarchs to push policies that even mainstream Democrat voters oppose.
How to bridge the gap?

The solution they chose, which party officials made clear this week, was simple: the way third-world elites always do—by using street violence to keep their clients in line.
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One more mini thread about the right-wing media going ballistic on the climate movement due to their Palestinian solidarity, because something recently became clear in my mind. As I often say, I am no longer in the prime of youth, lol.
This means I remember movements like the one against the Iraq war, say. A common talking point of the media against us was that our movement wasn't focused: that we cared about too many "lefty" causes to be serious about any one of them, or to be taken seriously by the media.
I think this talking point suffered a huge defeat during the Occupy movement, when the joint economic (and historic) causes underlying many struggles became much, much clearer and easier to articulate. Well done Occupy, you heroes.
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Sasha Johnson, a British #BLM leader (center), was critically injured in a shooting in London. She's currently hospitalized w/life-threatening injuries. The shooting is sending shockwaves through UK, where shootings are rare. Police are appealing for info:…
#BLM leader Sasha Johnson is in hospital with life-threatening injuries after being shot in London. She rose in prominence last year for her advocacy of the creation of an armed black militia, the abolishment of police & the overthrowing of capitalism.
“I promise you, I don’t threaten. Come out there-let’s live through the promise”

BLM leader Sasha Johnson was controversial not just for her political activism, but for her confrontations with others as well. The woman was severely injured in a shooting.
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