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I guess I need a rant a month to keep my own sanity. Keeping this god damn plague away from my 93 yo mother is wearing me down to the barest of nubs. But I am not hysterical right now. I am focused on thinking of ways we might possibly mitigate the worst damage … 1/19
from this rolling existential threat we’re living in.

If you’ve heard of a working plan anywhere, for how we bail out of this plummeting aircraft before we auger in and are burned beyond recognition, please share it with me But I doubt that you have. Not too many … 2/19
speak of speculative or direct action anymore. It’s just too damn risky to their brand. That’s a big problem, but a topic for another day.

But lordy, we do need a plan. And damn soon. If we can’t find one, my dusty old #planB still sits on the shelf, needing … 3/19
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1) The problem is, is that the lines get blurred. Whether it is an #Antifa maggot engaged in non-violent protest or a conservative, neither deserves a brain-damage-inducing tear-gas canister to the head.

The kid picked up a canister at his feet and tossed it away from himself.
2) The police stated that the Antifa member threw the canister at them, but they were 100-150 feet away and the kid tossed the canister maybe 10-15 feet in front of himself at the most.

The canister-to-the-head is unjustifiable, lethal force.

I do not like Antifa at all ....
3) but use of unjustifiable lethal force by LEOs is unacceptable and this is a prime example.

Secondly, if you, I or another conservative attend a protest & we are not engaging in violence, we will be next for similar treatment.

The #DeepState loves to blur the lines ....
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For most of my life I was one of the “we have bigger issues” Natives that denied the importance of changing the mascots. #Thread
I grew up on the Rez, my grandpa was a fan of the R*dsk*ns, they had the same colors as our high school, the Cherokee Braves...I also grew up seeing the issues of drugs, diabetes, alcoholism, & lack of adequate mental healthcare firsthand & those seemed more urgent at the time
When you on the Rez you are surrounding by your community of Native people and you’re not often challenged about your Native-ness
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1. News: U.K. Released Court Documents: Christopher Steele Told FBI Hillary Clinton Knew He Was Compiling the Dirty Dossier

- Thread 7.13.20… #TickTock #SpyGate #ObamaGate
2. News: Deep State Panicking Over President Trump’s Commutation of Roger Stone -

His Appeal Will Reveal RUSSIA NEVER GAVE EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS:… #SpyGate #TickTock #ObamaGate
3. News: Schiff Nervous After Lindsey Graham Announces He Will Be Calling Mueller in to Testify About Sham Trump-Russia Investigation (VIDEO)… #SpyGate #TickTock #ObamaGate
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Many leftists have an intense identification with the problems of groups that have an image of being weak... The leftists themselves feel that these groups are inferior.

They would never admit to themselves that they have such feelings, but it is precisely because they do see these groups as inferior that they identify with their problems.

Leftists tend to hate anything that has an image of being strong, good and successful.

They (leftists) hate America, they hate Western civilization, they hate white males, they hate rationality. The reasons that leftists give for hating the West, etc. clearly do not correspond with their real motives.

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1. News: Young White Mother Killed By Black Lives Matter [Terrorist] Mob for Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ MSM Fully Ignores.

Dems, Mayors, Governors, Media, are all to blame for the hate & rage. - Thread 7.12.20… #Praying4Justice #RIP
2. News: Black Lives Matter Activists Swarm & Torment Daughter of Murdered Police Officer - 100s, perhaps 1000's of #BLM activists are tormenting the teenage.

Dems, Mayors, Governors, Media, are all to blame for creating & stirring rage.… #TERRORISTS
3. News: Jessica Doty Whitaker: Over $10,000 Raised For Family of Young Mom Murdered By #BLM For Saying ‘All Lives Matter’…
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Arriving at the justice center now, I just heard tear gas was used in the park. Federal troopers occupying the streets around the courthouse. #blacklivesmatter   #pdx #portlandoregon #oregon #blm #acab #portland #justicecenter
Tear gas being used in the streets around the park. #blacklivesmatter   #pdx #portlandoregon #oregon #blm #acab #portland #justicecenter
Even more gas being deployed. #blacklivesmatter   #pdx #portlandoregon #oregon #blm #acab #portland #justicecenter
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Friday night (7/10) at the Justice Center in Portland. About 150 people in the park. Updates may be more infrequent tonight due to the the general chill vibes. #blacklivesmatter    #pdx #portlandoregon #oregon #blm #acab #portland #justicecenter
For tonight’s protest support there is @Bitchwitch20 with pizza, OHSU for medical stuff, and of course Riot Ribs. The Witches have brought lots of Pepsi cans, possibly topical. #blacklivesmatter #pdx #portlandoregon #oregon #blm #acab #portland #justicecenter
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@PhenomenonCC You're stating a lot that I take issue with, but let me focus on the core issues here.

1. Are you aware that the "slippery slope" is a fallacy?

This prediction of the slide of towards dictatorship from the occasional shitstorms against well-off people is mere conjecture.
@PhenomenonCC 2. Free speech indeed isn't compatible with threats & violence. There are countless examples of peaceful #BLM protesters targeted by needless police violence. You worry about internet bullies, while a de facto paramilitary force with questionable loyalty roams your streets.
@PhenomenonCC 3. Your belief in a leftist revolutionary mob is mostly based on anecdotes. However, we have actual armies of right-wing trolls blatantly admitting they aim to shift culture towards the right. E.g. Mark Cernovich was behind the online mob that got director James Gunn fired.
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thread of businesses in Central FL with employees who have tested positive for COVID-19:
The Porch in Winter Garden. 3 employees so far have tested positive. The Porch has yet to make a statement. The employees are currently quarantining
The numbers @ hunter’s creek ale house are growing every day. This is a testimonial from an employee about the restaurants lack of prevention and sanitization. This location needs to close until further notice.
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The system is broken and has been for some time in our beloved SA, both in society and in sport. We return from isolation and we say to the world, “look at us, we’re back, oh by the way, there’s still no black people who can play the game, but we brought a few along”
Just to come see though, not partake. BECAUSE WE’RE THE ONLY ONES WHO KNOW, how it’s played, coached, managed, governed, broadcast, how to strategize, Captain etc etc. And if we’re the only ones who know how to do these things, guess what! We secure all the OPPORTUNITIES!
For this generation and the next and the next.... And so ever since day 1, this Narrative had to be driven and protected, and any form of TRANSFORMATION has been met with RESISTANCE. REAL AUTHENTIC CHANGE, INCLUSIVITY, NON-RACISLISM has never been able to establish itself.
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1/ Please read this thread to the end.

Do you recognise this man?

I am sure that you have heard of Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone.

I know you have heard of Thomas Edison who invented the lightbulb.

But without this gentleman, neither would have existed.
2/ Lewis Howard Latimer (1848 - 1928) was an American inventor and draftsman who was the son of former slaves who was raised in Boston, Massachusetts.
3/ Despite his humble beginnings, Mr Latimer managed to get into the navy and after an honourable discharge managed to get himself a job as an office boy at a patents office Crosby Halstead and Gould.

Latimer taught himself how to use a set-square, ruler and other tools.
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#AntifaTerrorists and #BLM already getting in fights with the Police in Salt Lake City.

It was declared an Unlawful Assembly after about 35 minutes.

Apparently the Cops aren't playing around here (unlike in Seattle and Portland).

#Protest #Riot #SaltLakeCity
#AntifaTerrorists don't like when people films them.

Skinny White Boy is berating the elderly man filming (what a LARPER).

#BLM #Blacklivesmatter #SaltLakeCity #Protest
Yeah Cops aren't playing around this time lol

#BLM #Protest
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THREAD: There were so many subjects & stories you need to read & watch from a corporate-free perspective - all found at @ProgNewsDaily…
Terrifying news about how unprepared we really were for COVID (cont.)

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Americans running over peaceful protestors with their cars, exposing corruption, DAPL not stopping despite court order to stop in today's @ProgNewsDaily…

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Top Articles:
* Confessions of a #TrumpSupporter’s Daughter - #DeborahHandover @nosanityallowed via Medium

* #EugeneScalia Is A Comic-Book Villain Targeting Your Savings - T.M.I. by @davidsirota…

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Make your point clear.
Help me hear you.
Don’t be mean.



That’s what I used to say to my sons when they were still early in their language development. I still recall the frustration that would wash over their young faces mid-tantrum.
Now they’re older & frustration looks different. But those same words still hold true. And here lately? I’m also saying them to myself.


Today, I’m reflecting on what it means to use our words.

Especially as it relates to how we #dothework of antiracism.
Like many trying to #dothework, I read this book. I’ve found a lot of @DrIbram's ideas thought provoking. Like this:

“What if we measured the radicalism of speech by how radically it transforms open-minded people? By how the speech liberates the anti-racist power within?”
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Researchers need to step back and examine how they may have in the past or currently are benefiting from and/ or contributing to racist practices in our school system.

A thread...
In an @NPEaction conversation with @DianeRavitch last night, author @andreperryedu said something that has made me reflect on my own practices. As a white researcher in the field of education, I will no longer use differences in standardized test outcomes between races as...
variable or rationale for a study. In other words, I will no longer say "we need to improve racial disparities in standardized test outcomes, so we should examine the effectiveness of XYZ practice.
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#1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Tech #Startup issues the AOE Slave Purchase Challenge to the #BLM White Leftists who are funding & organizing it. BUY YOUR VERY FIRST BLACK SLAVE out of slavery & bring him to #America & we will match the cost, to #Charity.
These TOTAL LYING FRAUDS 🤥 Have STOLEN over 50 MILLION DOLLARS, in a FINANCIAL CRIME BAIT AND SWITCH program, LYING to Black people, USING them, STEALING FROM THEM, they think they give to BLM but its just going to the Democrat Party WHITE Bigwigs out the back door.
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Thread time... about stupid college students, real fascism, film as a change agent and government censorship...
The film is Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom.
2- This thread will be honest &/maybe not for the faint of heart. This is the IMDb description of Salo...

In World War II Italy, four fascist libertines round up nine adolescent boys and girls and subject them to one hundred and twenty days of physical, mental and sexual torture
3- I’ve seen it and once you do, it is impossible to ever fully forget. That is exactly what director and creator Pier Paolo Pasolini intended... he made something raw and real...
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Vaccines! #Thread #Covid19

About mid August you’re going to start hearing 💩 talk about a vaccine buy this admin. 🍆 hole (note any hole, is a 🍆 hole if you’re brave enough 😬🙃) trump and his 💩 brigade are focused on a one and done vaccine & therapeutic.
We have been reviewing the data. And well, fuck! Fuckity fuck fuck! It’s not going to happen.
As far as a therapeutic goes, forget about it. Currently there are only 2-4 with “any” promise.
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The murder of 16yr old orphan, Cornelius Frederick, in a private for-profit child foster facility was hidden from the public for months. The video was only released with the company requesting immunity, which we can't let happen #justiceforcornelius #BLM #BlackChildrenMatter
MULTIPLE employees of Lakeside for Children in #KalamazooMichigan, suffocated (for at least 10mins) and murdered 16yr old foster child, Cornelius Frederick. For throwing a sandwich.
The parent company of Lakeside for Children is Sequel Youth & Family Service. For-Profit. The CEO of Sequel, @roussosc, is also the CEO of @24hourfitness. What are his qualifications for overseeing thousands of orphaned children?
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1/ Curiously & persistently absent from BLM & their Dem Party cohort’s mission stmt is their lacking acknowledgement of, concern for, or aversion to their many donors utilization of slave labor & human trafficking for profit upon which the foundation of their own movmt is built.
2/ Whether through conscious intent or reckless ignorance the weak minded founders & joiners of BLM have already been corrupted by the institutions they proclaim to want to dismantle.
3/ While violently demanding “equal justice” BLM movement simultaneously fails to denounce acceptance of any support from corporations & totalitarian governments who are the direct or indirect beneficiaries of human traffickers & slave traders.
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A sad and angry thread: The National Theatre is terminating the contracts of all casual staff across their building on 31 August despite the news that the government have put together a £1.57B rescue package for the arts.
The NT is a National Portfolio Organisation and has ‘committed to improving gender, ethnicity and disability representation among their staff as part of their subsidy agreements with ACE since 2014/15.’…
Last year, 15.5% of staff identified as being from a BAME background. How many of this 15.5% are on casual contracts and will be directly effected by these job cuts?…
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1. News: Democrats’ Growing Fear – They’re Being Lied to Again Just Like 2016.

Yes! MSM Polls - Promoting False Hope AGAIN so Democrat base will believe Joe Biden is leading against President Trump ~ Thread 6.7.20… #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG @realDonaldTrump
2. News: White House launches hunt for 'leaker' who revealed Russian bounties for American troops scandal and claims to have 'fewer than 10' suspects… @realDonaldTrump #RussiaRussiaRussia #hoax
3. News: Trump administration is drawing up executive orders targeting China for action over Hong Kong human rights crackdown as Mike Pompeo floats BANNING TikTok… #NationalSecurity
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Thread on communist subversion via stoking racial tension since 1928:


Communist Revolution In America divided into 2 phases:
-Violent & Non-violent
-Violent phase to stoke chaos, anarchy & government crisis
-Non-violent phase most important & done under banner of socialism.
2. Communists speak in euphemisms.

Codes for:

Violent Overthrow
-War of "national liberation" to
-"Free" the "oppressed" from "fascism," "imperialism," &/or "colonialism."

Non-Violent Overthrow

-The "socialist" revolution
3. *The Communist Position On Blacks, 1928*

-Racial differences between Americans was the weakest point in cultural fabric
-Blacks offered the best revolutionary possibility
-Communists would tear cultural fabric by teaching blacks they.were "oppressed" by "colonialist" forces.
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