1/ If you're not steeped in right-wing media/online fever swamps, it's hard to convey how intense past 2 months have been.

But everyone from Fox News down to smallest conspiracy site has flooded zone with lies about election being stolen and promises Trump can retain power
2/ Trump was right at the center of that feedback loop. Amplifying the lies/assurances/calls to action, which in turns fueled them. Republican politicians picked up on this over recent weeks, giving the efforts further legitimacy and a chance of success.
3/ Trump aided by Fox, extremists and right-wing media further promoted and sowed the seeds of confusion and chaos.

I can't emphasize just how significant a role Fox News played in laying the foundation for this moment over the past couple months.
4/ Before the Capitol has even back over, Fox News just this very moment started claiming that it was not pro-Trump people that took the Capitol, but that it was actually antifa. (I'm serious).

They're already running cover for the chaos they helped foment.

• • •

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8 Oct 20
1/ Facebook is being deceitful and negligent on this issue more broadly. Maybe criminally so, to be frank.

For the better part of a year, they have been advised about how extremists were exploiting their lax enforcement on closed groups.

They rebuffed and dismissed.
2/ Worse. Back in April, they assured many governors they had removed reopen groups. They lied. They only removed public ones, left private ones and told the governors they complied with request and law.

We had to literally expose the private groups and call them out for it.
3/ What I’m getting to is this: there are a range of very simple things that could have done to prevent extremists not only from exploiting facebook’s lax framework but from benefitting from Facebook recruitment.
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7 Oct 20
1/ The way Facebook is handling this QAnon ban is alarming and deceitful.

So, FB announced a ban on QAnon yesterday. *After* announcement, they began telling reporters that it would take a few weeks to implement.

Yikes. Don't get fooled. Here's why that is deceptive and bad...
2/ By announcing the ban, but not being able to fully enforce it nearly immediately, what Facebook is doing is giving the QAnon community an opportunity to do two things: a) adapt/modify their pages to avoid ban; and, b) transition to other platforms w/out.
3/ But it gets worse. There is actually no reason at all for the lagging enforcement.

Back in August, Facebook banned *violent* QAnon communities - a subset of QAnon. During that action, they already largely compiled and identified the Q communities to assess for violence.
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4 Oct 20
1/ Sorry. Nice words here. But Zeke's predecessors and the WHCA as an institution, from Trump's firsts day in office failed to fight to preserve this access - and worse often actively enabled Trump undermining it.
2/ When Trump started to boot some outlets from briefings, instead of emphasizing solidarity and nipping it in the bud; they basically ignored it.
3/ The WHCA literally put out statements at one point heralding Trump as the "most accessible" president ever. Not only was the statement absurd, but also false.
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2 Oct 20
1/ Fox News and masks, a thread:

Laura Ingraham: "They'll say this whole mask thing is 'settled science' just like they do with climate change, of course it is not and they know it."
2/ Laura Ingraham: "The science behind the mask mandates is shaky and that is putting it charitably”"
3/ Tucker Carlson: "This is what happens when science intersects with politics. Both lose, and the country loses most of all. [...] forcing everyone to wear a mask when there is no evidence that helps"
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1 Oct 20
1/ Okay. So, I'm seeing some media outlets/reporters using the term "fraternity" to describe the Proud Boys. You definitely should not do this. Not only because it's wrong and doesn't accurately reflect the awfulness of them, but also cuz that term has a specific meaning among PB
2/ The Proud Boys have subgroup called "Fraternal Order of the Alt Knights." The FOAK describe themselves as the "tactical defense" operation of the PBs. But, what they really do is explicitly use violence and antagonizing others so they have to "defend" themselves as a tactic
3/ So for example, at Charlottesville's Unite The Right event, the Fraternal Order of the Alt Knights were very active. This is not the only thing they've engaged in where they have helped stoke chaos.
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30 Sep 20
1/ 5 years ago, I used to go on and on about how Trump subscribed to the 10% theory.

What you are seeing and what you saw last night is a perfect illustration of that.

He's not trying to win the election. He's trying to win the fight *after* the election.
2/ The 10% theory was this super revisionist history that started percolating in right-wing media right after Obama came into office. It basically says that all you need is a fervent 10% of population and with that you can either bully others into support or silence.
3/ Right-wing media fed this notion to themselves for years. And, they attributed most major historical events to the the 10% theory - American revolution, Civil War, etc..etc..
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