Operation Get Wild was clearly planned in advance. We should piece together the elements, from online fash organizing chats to Oval Office help (minimizing security) to police collaboration.

Pence finally called out Natl Guard w/out Trump, after Pelosi and Bowser were denied 1/2
I'm focused on the US Capitol Police who opened the gates & let the mob in. Any IDs? Add'l photos or video? ImageImageImageImage
"Shortly after rioters breached the Capitol, Phil Godlewski took to Facebook to claim that Pence had been arrested."

Given the photo of the attacker with a bunch of zip ties, was that the coupsters plan? Like Michigan, to "arrest" and possibly "try" and "execute" leaders?
Some are arguing that police were simply overwhelmed, and there's some video support. BUT: why didn't they shoot rubber bullets, a warning shot, or live bullets? (Much less gas)

More to the point, who planned for four cops to guard a thin, wobbly chain link fence at key gates?
Police were beaten w lead pipes; one is dead.

The Washington Post connects the dots: "Pentagon leaders installed as part of Trump purge last month blocked DC National Guard from getting riot gear and ammunition as protesters descended on Capitol." washingtonpost.com/national-secur…
Remember when Trump fired several top Department of Defense officials right after the election? People wondered, "Why bother? There are just a few weeks left. Guess he's vindictive." It was right after Trump learned for sure that the vote was against him. cnn.com/2020/11/10/pol…
But Trump had been thinking about throwing the decision into the House (with each state having one vote) even earlier. He said it out loud at a rally on Sept. 26th, and Politico said he'd been discussing it privately with Republicans before that. politico.com/news/2020/09/2…
The deadline was always January 6th, 2021 to get Congress to certify the electoral votes or it went to the House. At the time, this seemed esoteric, and game-theorizing focused on slow vote-counting plus litigation delaying state ertification of state electoral votes past 1/6/21.
But inside the White House, they looked for other ways to delay past 1/6/21. Even after the attack on Congress last night, Rudy Giuliani left a message for (he thought) new Senator Tommy Tuberville begging him to delay a vote on certification by challenging other states randomly.
Combine that with the newly installed DOD officials blocking National Guard troop support, and blocking Capitol police from protective gear and ammo, and it looks a lot like a deliberate White House plan to smooth the way for yesterdays physical disruption of EV certification.
"Multiple European security officials say that President Donald Trump appeared to have tacit support among US federal agencies responsible for securing the Capitol complex in Wednesday's coup attempt." businessinsider.com/trump-attempte…
Also noteworthy: military/police helicopter flights suddenly stopped on Wednesday afternoon during the coup attempt. Anyone involved in BLM protests over the past year knows that copters and surveillance planes are constantly surveilling those protests.
Don't forget the zip tie guys among the mob trying to track down VP Pence and the Congresspeople. Or the fact that the "unarmed" military vet who was shot was leading a mob to climb through windows so they could reach Congress in their literal safe space. slate.com/news-and-polit…
Remember Phil Godlewski? He posted at 2:03 pm -- right after the Capitol was breached -- that VP Pence had been arrested. Jumped the gun obv but was that the plan? Phil is a well-connected QAnoner, who posted on Dec. 11th that the "military path" to a 2nd term was "on deck." Image
I'm not great at threading; if this thread ends here for you, that's on accident. It continues here:
Video of Capitol police literally opening the doors to Capitol invaders. Note: this was posted by an OAN host to justify the attack.
Better photos of the zip tie guys from Getty (via TMZ). These would be great people to ID. They look very focused and tactical - went straight to Congressional chambers. tmz.com/2021/01/08/cap… ImageImageImageImage
Here's the best closeup of zip tie guy and his associate (Mom?) She is much less careful re: her appearance. I think we'll find him through her. Also: good thread here on details. ImageImage
More zip tie photos. Can anyone ID the other items in this backpack? h/t the US Sun of all people. the-sun.com/news/2105380/u… ImageImage
Here's the zip tie guy we're looking for. I'd say 25-30, dark hair, sideburns. Image
OK, Zip Tie Guy has been ID'ed as Eric Munchel, a bartender from Nashville TN. He took down his Facebook, but not before we salvaged this 2018 photo boating with his mom, and this video of them literally walking to the Capitol building Wednesday. Image
Zip tie guy #2 is ret. Lt. Col. Larry Rendall Brock Jr., 53, of Dallas TX who admitted to the New Yorker that it was him in the photos, but claimed he found the zip ties on the floor and just picked them up, & wore tactical gear bc of BLM and antifa. newyorker.com/news/news-desk…

• • •

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9 Jan
OK, new project: Let's find the people who beat the policeman to death. Someone sent me a photo of the scene but my notifications are getting flooded. Can anyone who has photos or video of that scene post them in the replies here?
Here's the photo I was show, apparently of the late Officer Sicknick. 3 people I'd love to ID:
1) CAT Sweatshirt (did he use that crutch as a weapon?)
2) Orange Sweatshirt (with helmet and baton)
3) Scalloped Backpack Image
One at a time. Perp #1, let's call him CAT Sweat. Presumably a Caterpillar (Tractor) sweatshirt, grey hoodie. Yellow shape on back, maybe a "Don't Tread on Me" triangle. Looks like a club or knife on his hip, some other gear? Image
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