I realize it's an odd time for it, but I am looking for some movie recommendations

What are the best action movies? Off the top of my head, I'd say Die Hard and Speed both rank highly. (thread)
What are the best comedies, especially in the female oriented domain. I'd list, in term of comedies: Bring it On, Legally Blonde, 10 Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Bridesmaids, Superbad. . . .
What are the best action movies that were kinda weird at the time but aged w/ fun? I've heard "The Long Kiss Goodnight" fits here, but I haven't rewatched. I did rewatch "Face Off" recently thinking it would be in this category and. . . . it was still really bad 😂
Though as an aside I remember having an INTENSE crush on Nicholas Cage in Face-Off and re-watching it made me want to psycho-analyze WTF was going on w/ my pre-teen self.
Also what are movies that maybe look crappy but are surprisingly fun? I like Bad Moms and Bad Moms II. As well as The Spy Who Dumped me.
And then what about heartwarming movies that proliferated in the 90's? League of Their Own is in the "yes" bin for me and "Forrest Gump" is in the 🗑️

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7 Jan
This is completely in hindsight but, given the current tumult, I think that Biden's past as VP uniquely situates him to successfully act like a disappointed parent who is steadily making his way to his rightful place as a democratically elected President.
This isn't a comment on the strengths or weakness of the other Democratic candidates. Just a comment on a dynamic in public perception. It's easier for Biden to act like, "This is my place" by virtue of the fact that he was #2 in the exec branch & thus a fixture there for 8 yrs.
I think it would have been much harder for any of the candidates to have this kind of stature in public perception, no matter how well they handled the moment. Again, this is mostly due to Biden's 8 yrs as VP. It's easier for him to immediately *seem* like POTUS to many.
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7 Jan
Putting full pressure on the GOP to invoke the 25th is a good strategic move on the part of Dems. If they refuse, I also think it is a good move for the House to impeach. It will be purely symbolic. Typically, if I thought it would hurt Dems politically, I would argue against it
given I rank political success above symbolism in terms of necessity (even if I think the symbolism is worthy). In this case, I fail to see how it hurts us. We already won in Nov. Trump only has 12 days left. "They're trying to seize power" is not an effective argument against us
I also think there's metaphorical GOP blood in the water. They're scared. No better time to turn the screws & hold them accountable. Even if it will just be purely symbolic (I highly doubt 2/3 of Cabinet--> 2/3 of Senate will vote for 25th. Also doubt 2/3 of Senate would remove)
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7 Jan
One of the interesting things about what happened yesterday is that, historically speaking, it will make it harder for the GOP (& others) to shove aspects of the Trump era under the rug. The of siege of Congress is a coda that ties previous events together & cannot be ignored.
Throughout the Trump era, many of us have tried, often fruitlessly, to establish a broader narrative. The threats to journalists & political opponents. The Trump-inspired crimes, including, but not limited to: hate crimes, assaults, assassination plots, mass shootings, etc.
Even though this big picture is clear to many of us, it has always seemed slippery w/in the broader public consciousness. If yesterday's attack on Congress hadn't occurred, I think it would have been more obscure over time.
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6 Jan
Here's the reality the GOP is facing: They encouraged the radicalization of their base which resulted in said base having less loyalty to the party than to their Cult Leader. They also can't win w/out this base, but their radicalization just cost them Georgia. Thrice.
Even better: the behavior of their Cult Leader over the past 2 months probably gave a boost to last night's historic loss. Turns out aiding a coup both depressed their own base & displeased marginal swing voters. Going full-KKK wasn't enough to make up the difference.
I fully expect the GOP will not course correct & will become more fully populated w/ Q-Anon types. The question is whether or not this is a path to larger electoral victory for them outside of deep red zones & the occasional electoral fluke.
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5 Jan
I wish journalists would stop asking about "cancel culture." To my mind, the term is used to encompass a bunch of disparate phenomena of which one piece is a strong response to bigotry. If that's what you're getting at, ask people how they feel about societal censure of bigotry
In this sense, "cancel culture" is just a euphemism that allows someone to argue against a strong societal response to bigotry while sounding loftily concerned w/ intellectual debate. It also tacitly entails that bigoted ideas are worthy of intellectual consideration.
So if someone says that "cancel culture" instills fear in them, don't just leave it there. Ask them to explain what they mean. And follow it up w/ asking how they think society should respond to, say, people who use the n-word. If not w/ more speech (censure), then what? Silence?
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5 Jan
I don't know the specifics of all that is happening in NYS, but my impression is that Cuomo is putting a lot of focus on hospitals in terms of vaccine distribution coordination. Where is public health in all of this?
I'm not trying to blame public health, here. They are horribly underfunded and overwhelmed. But if we're talking about distribution coordination, it seems like their role would be a prominent one.
Hospitals have the vaccines b/c of 1. storage, 2. physical administration, & 3. vaccinating medical staff 1st. This does not mean that have the administrative capabilities of coordinating the distribution plan. This is one of the issues w/ distribution across the country.
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