Amidst the chaos this year folks forget the following industries all had record sales / performance in 2020:

Exercise / fitness
Car sales
Video games
Domestic appliances
Ghost kitchens
Online meeting platforms
PPE suppliers
Dating apps
Online teaching
Online fitness
Children's Toys
Entertainment streaming
Food delivery
Divorce attorneys
Outdoor experience venues
ATVs UTVs Dirt Bikes
Photography equipment
Hiking supplies
Running shoes
Yoga supplies / online platforms
Cooking supplies
Painting supplies
Tools of all kinds
Guns and ammo
Guitars and instruments
Pools and spas
Videography equipemnt
Craft beer
All alcohol
Interior design
Interior decorations
Fence building
Pest control
Residential painting
Thermal imaging
Home inspection
Residential brokerage
Residential mortgages
Closet builders
Tree trimming
Gutter cleaning
Deck building and staining
Home cleaning services
Maid services
Chimney sweeping
Home office supplies
Home office build-outs
Epoxy flooring
Custom furniture building
Epoxy flooring and counters
Pet stores and breeding
Pet care
Cabinet making / installation
Home security systems
Smart home installations
Pool cleaning and repair
Recreational vehicles
RV parks
RV storage
Boat storage / cleaning / wrapping
Boat repair
Golf club sales / lessons / fittings
Country club
Hunting guides
Hiking tours
Biking tours
Mobile Haircuts
Mobile makeup
Hunting dog training
Domestic pet training
Athletic coaching / training
College acceptance consulting
Electrical work
General contracting
Carpeting and flooring
Elevator installation / service
Power washing
Sprinkler system repair / installation
Home sound room or studio construction
Home services of all kinds
Industrial warehousing
Self storage
Delivery services

And the list goes on!
Forgot the big one:

main stream media

Its really easy to get caught up in a death spiral of terrible news and suffering. But a TON of opportunity was created this year and a TON of folks capitalized.

Go out and get your slice of the pie!

• • •

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9 Jan
Why do most real estate folks sell their properties?

Because most aren’t real estate investors at all. They run a service business and they get paid in fees when they buy and in promotes when they sell.

True investors get paid by owning great assets for a long time.
Okay okay it’s still real estate investing.

But if you need to buy and sell every 2-4 years to make money and you stop working the money stops coming.

Finding a structure and getting enough capital into the stack that allows you to make enough money while you own it is the key!
If you can find a way to hold real estate for 10+ years that’s when the magic happens.

And it’s when you make money doing nothing but waiting!
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8 Jan
If you're new to real estate twitter this is a must-read.

A thread on how most real estate folks structure deals with outside investors.

Most GPs utilize the "preferred equity" structure when they raise money from outside investors. They "syndicate" deals.

Here's the basics:
The person (or team of people) putting the deal together is the "sponsor". Also called general parter. Referred to on twitter as the GP.

They find the property, do all the work, hire the management company and take fees. They often co-sign debt and always secure the financing.
The investor is generally passive, doing no work and putting in cash. This is the "limited partner". Referred to on twitter as the LP.

They don't co-sign debt. They simply read reports and ask the sponsors questions and cash checks every month (if the deal is going well).
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7 Jan
I’ve tried 10x or more to give equity and profit sharing plans to employees.

It’s almost always better to just pay them well and focus on giving them the tools to succeed.

If they wanted a variable pay structure they’d go start their own biz.
Ever tried to fire somebody who isn’t working out when they have equity?

Profit sharing and alignment of goals reads great in the textbooks but it’s absolutely terrible in action for MOST biz owners.

Need more big decision makers with executive talent? Sure. Do it.
99 times out of 100 you don’t need another chief.

You need someone competent at following a system you build.
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7 Jan
Devoted about 3 seconds of brainpower to current events today.

I can’t control it so therefore I have elected not to let it stress me out.

I’ll read about it tomorrow and decide if I should adjust my current plan of action. The likely answer, as it almost always is, will be no.
17 minutes and I've lost 50+ followers. Very surprised by the reaction below as well.

I'll do some thinking on this stance and potentially re-consider here.
To be clear I'm not worried about how many followers I have. But when this many people feel differently than I do its a learning opportunity IMO.
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5 Jan
Twitter is officially a big deal for me. I accomplished my wildest stretch goals on here.

But I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

The phone addiction. Dopamine hit after hit.

Craving approval and status even more than before.

Not present with my family.

I don’t like it.
And the thing is I had a record year. If you would have told me I’d be here 10 years ago I wouldn’t believe you.

The money to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

No boss.

Working on big exciting deals.

A lot of folks who care what I have to say.

And here I am.
Feeling sorry for myself and feeling like I’m not a good dad or a good husband.

I need to get my priorities straight folks!
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5 Jan
Don’t have much cash but want to invest in real estate?

Want to get SBA loans and special loan programs so you can buy real estate investments with only 5-10% down?

One word for you:


Here’s why

Leverage can be a beautiful thing.

Appreciation takes over and all that value you bought with debt grows and you amplify your returns.

But there is another, darker side of debt.
Values drop 5 or 10% and you’re underwater. You have zero equity or negative equity.

Ask the folks who were over-levered in 2007 what happened on 2011?
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