As they sought to break into the inner rooms of the Capitol building Jan. 6, Trump terrorists were recorded screaming "Hang Mike Pence."

This video appears to be a validation of @jimbourg's earlier report.
It's now apparent who the terrorists intended the gallows for that they constructed before going into the Capitol.
Meanwhile, inside the White House, Trump is privately regretting condemning the violence he had incited against Vice President Pence.

As per usual, teleprompter Trump said the right thing while the real Trump was busy looking out for "very fine people."…
People advising @VP need to make sure he sees the "hang Mike Pence" video. It's the best possible argument that the 25th Amendment remedy must be invoked.

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger who must be removed from office immediately.
Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats need to include this video in their evidence for impeachment and reference it in the text.

Once Trump is evicted from the White House, we need a comprehensive investigation into what he and his minions knew about the assassination plot.
America also must find out why Trump and his minions did not go down with the mob to the Capitol like he had implied he would do. We must know also why Trump refused to authorize the National Guard after terrorists broke into the Capitol.
Trump's nonchalant response to the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot seems much more insidious in light of this week's events.

"Maybe it was a problem, maybe it wasn't," he said last October.…
Two different photos on the guys who were setting up the gallows and noose. Note the "faith, family, freedom" hoodie.

This wasn't a protest. It was an attempted murder.
Here's another picture from not too far away from the gallows. This literally was an act of radical Christian terrorism.

Unless the @FBI drastically gets its shit together, we will see many more such incidents, particularly on and after Inauguration Day.
A Reuters-Ipsos poll conducted Thursday & Friday found 22 percent of Republican adults said they supported "protesters who broke into the U.S. Capitol while Congress met to certify the Electoral College votes from the 2020 presidential election"…
As a former conservative who left before Trump but has since refocused freeing people from right-wing media, I invite you to follow & help spread the word.

You can listen to this NPR interview I did if you want to learn more about me. Thanks for reading!…
PS: It looks like at least one terrorist wanted to kill Nancy Pelosi as well

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8 Jan
It's really pitiful seeing people like Politico's Tim Alberta, who was Paul Ryan & John Boehner's personal scribe for decades suddenly start getting compunction now that they don't need GOP access.

Admit to how you helped pave the way for Trumpism, @TimAlberta. We're waiting.
Tim started his career at National Review where he shamelessly flacked for the Republican congressional leadership.

He then became an affirmative action hire by Politico who needed better access to Republicans.

Real journalists in DC have no respect for his shallow nonsense.
He has spent his entire career rewriting press releases from Paul Ryan and never covering the radicalism of the pre-Trump GOP.

It finally came back on him in 2020 when the DNC finally called him out as the GOP propagandist that he is…
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8 Jan
Fox News and the rest of right-wing media is about to blame the entire #TrumpCoupAttempt on a random leftist from Utah who was there to document the insurrection. They're gonna try to pin it all on him, watch.
Right on cue. The sausage factory is in motion.

This dude is about to make some serious bank.
More sausage being made. Fox News was more careful with their actual article but the headline gives away what they're trying to do.

John Sullivan needs to lawyer up, stat, to put the kibosh on this defamation. Where are the progressive legal groups?
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7 Jan
Republican politicians condemning the #TrumpCoupAttempt who are also not calling for his immediate removal and irrevocable prohibition from holding any federal office are nothing more than rats leaving a sinking ship.

The GOP will have no political future unless it does this.
Any conservative pundit who does not call for Trump's removal and permanent ban from federal office should never be invited onto any mainstream media TV show. Any right-wing columnist who fails to do this should be fired.

The MSM must show leadership here. It's easy. Do it.
Shareholders in any corp run by Rupert Murdoch must also demand his immediate resignation & that of his son, Lachlan. Both men deliberately poisoned the minds of hundreds of millions. They must pay for their sins.

No sports league, athlete, or celebrity should work w/them again.
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7 Jan
The absolute state of American conservatism: Incite a violent insurrection and then blame the opposition for it.

This is literally what Nazis did with the Reichstag fire.
And just for the record, there is no evidence for Brooks's absurd and self-serving lies:…
And now we have Matt Gaetz repeating this execrable lie on the floor of Congress. Of course, he presented no proof.

This nonsense is going to become the new "Democrats are the real racists," an idiotic shibboleth repeated by conservatives to avoid facing their serious problems.
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6 Jan
Trump fascists are running around with an effigy hung by a noose. Trying to confirm the purported gallows photo that's being circulated.…
OK this gallows image is real. It's just outside the Capitol building complete with a noose and ready for a lynching. Saul Loeb / Getty Images
More: A Trump worshipper kneels before a giant cross amidst the radical Christian terrorism. Win Mcnamee / Getty Images
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6 Jan
For the past 6 years, I & a few other journalists have been trying to get the mainstream press and political elites realize the major danger posed by the radical right. Unfortunately, moderate and liberal elites deluded themselves into thinking that conservatism wasn't a cult.
There is no secretly powerful "Republican establishment" that will fix things. There are thugs, deluded people, and there are quislings. There is no one else in the GOP. Instead of focusing on the radical right's danger, editors wanted stories about Trump tweets.
Instead of calling out the dangerous radicalism of the GOP, television debate shows and opinion pages invited the enablers of fascism to speak and write about how we all needed to give powerful insane people the benefit of the doubt.
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