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🚨🚨BREAKING: #MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell’s notes for his meeting with Trump show that he lobbied to install Trump loyalists to gin up “evidence” of electoral “fraud” and impose #MartialLaw to keep Trump in power.

The #TrumpCoupAttempt continues.🤬… Image
#InsurrectionAct now as a result of the assault on the...#MartialLaw if necessary upon the first hint of any”

Lindell appears to be arguing that, in response to the violence at the Capitol, Trump should invoke the #InsurrectionAct, which would allow him to impose #MartialLaw.🤬 Image
“Move Kash Patel to @CIA Acting.”

Kash Patel—former staffer to @DevinNunes—was key in Nunes’s efforts to undercut the #TrumpRussia investigation.

As CIA Director, he could declassify documents related to the #TrumpRussia🇷🇺probe that some #traitors want released.🤬 Image
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😱From a DC police officer: “We were battling 15,000 people. It looked like a medieval battle scene.”

So many more people could have been murdered during the #TrumpInsurrection....…
Trump’s #Seditionists beat officers with metal pipes and a pole with an American flag attached, and used stun guns. Officer Fanone suffered a mild heart attack and drifted in and out of consciousness.

Fanone said he heard rioters shout. “Kill him with his own gun!”🤬
Here’s video of Trump’s violent #Seditionists beating an officer with a pole with an American flag.🤬

@Cleavon_MD #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpCoupAttempt
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🚨BREAKING: Dozens of people on @FBI’s #terrorist watch list were in DC for the #TrumpInsurrection.

Those terrorists then tried to overthrow our government.🤬

The majority of Trump’s terrorists are white supremacists whose past conduct was so alarming that their names had been previously entered into the national Terrorist Screening Database.

And Trump threw gasoline on their raging fire of hate.🤬

#ConvictTrump #TrumpInsurrection
The presence of so many watch-listed #terrorists at the Capitol *without more robust security measures to protect elected leaders, including the @VP* is another example of the intelligence failures preceding the #TrumpCoupAttempt that sent lawmakers running for their lives.🤬
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The Nation is divided by lies, lies told by our politicians with the Republicans leading the way in lying and causing divisiveness. Yet it is not all Republicans, it is a group that can be called Trump Republicans. @threadreaderapp unroll
(My own Rep LaMalfa is a disappointment for not standing up for what is moral, ethical, and what is right.) It is time for REAL REPUBLICANS to separate themselves from these Trump Republicans whose leader, Trump, has lied 27K times to the American people and
his supporters in and out of Congress repeat, boost and propagate these lies, why? Why has the Republican Party
become the party of the Confederacy and White (There are not many people whiter than me.)Supremacy? With the events of Jan 6, 2021, where Trump gave
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‼️Seditionist on a police motorcycle is retired @USNavy SEAL Adam Newbold—who boasted on Facebook that he was “proud” about "breaching the Capitol" in the #TrumpCoupAttempt and hoped to ignite a "positive revolution."

He now faces questions from the FBI.…
🚨Newbold—who served 24 years in the Navy and now trains civilians and police in tactical shooting—said he wanted to make lawmakers "think twice about what they're doing" and to be left "shaking in their shoes."🤬

h/t @drc573 #TrumpInsurrection #Sedition…
"There are stories to tell from generations upon generations, um, that hopefully, uh....that hopefully it pans out to be a positive revolution. HOOYAH!"

WRONG. There’s nothing “positive” about trying to overthrow our government.🤬

#TrumpInsurrection #Sedition #TrumpCoupAttempt
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‼️A day before the #TrumpCoupAttempt, an @FBI office in #VA issued an explicit internal warning that extremists were preparing to travel to DC to commit violence and “war.”


#GOPSedition #TrumpTraitor…
This FBI warning *contradicts* a senior official’s declaration that the FBI had no intelligence indicating anyone at last week’s pro-Trump protest planned to do harm.

#coverup #TrumpInsurrection #GOPSedition

😱An FBI report approved for release the day before the #TrumpInsurrection painted a dire portrait of dangerous plans, including individuals *sharing a map of the complex’s tunnels* and possible rally points for conspirators to meet in KY, PA, MA and SC and head in groups to DC.
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Thread - McCormack’s response to the #CoupAttempt isn’t surprising.

It’s part of a larger trend within conservative politics in #auspol and in the US that’s normalised the far-right, and white supremacist ideas.

The stats on far right terrorism in the US are off the charts.
From 2009 through 2018, the far right has been responsible for 73% of domestic extremist-related fatalities, according to a 2019 study by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).
The increase in far-right terrorism was enough of a problem in the USA that the problem was being researched by security agencies. The problem was Republicans and conservatives didn't like groups that they were linked with being classified as a threat to security. #trump
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I'm sorry but #BlackLivesMatter protests should never be treated like the #CapitolRiot. Protesting in response to murders committed by police is not the same as committing a violent #CapitolBuilding attack b/c you didn't like the winner of an election #impeachment #25thAmendment
And if it isn't already obvious..... #BlackLivesMatter protestors have already been treated *much* more severely than the #TrumpSupporters who murdered two police officers which were defending the lives of our senators and Vice President inside the #CapitolBuilding
I generally have a high degree of tolerance for people whose views I do not share, but I have zero tolerance for hate.
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@RepNancyMace You and your party calling for UNITY and all is a LAUGHABLE dog whistle for you to invoke your privileges. Have you considered the Brown and Black people that have fell victim of such heinous acts of violence that are now dead? It is safe to say they wish you were
singing this same song prior to the police, etc...…destroying/.taking their lives! #cnn @cnn, why do you keep allowing the @gop use of your broadcasting airwaves to push their dogmas on us as if we should all NOW unite and don't fuel the fire. @RepNancyMace ask #EugeneGoodman
what he thinks of your call for UNITY and Calming the flames. As a representative, we want you to hold the perps responsible for attacking our Capitol. We also want an investigation of those in public service (Congressman, Officers, Gov Employees, etc) that was involved. #USNews
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TRÅD Ett intressant fenomen in högern just nu är att man lyfter fram selfie-tagande som ett kriterium för om historiska aktörer är seriösa i sitt störtande av makten eller ej. Tydligen har några statsvetare sagt att så är fallet. Jag kan, som historiker, tala om att det ej är så.
Faktum är att det snarare är regel än undantag att revolutionärer eller andra som deltagit i störtande av makthavare fotograferar sig själva i maktens centra. Här två exempel: amerikanska soldater i Hitlers hus i Berchtesgaden.
Här ryska bolsjevikiska revolutionärer
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🚨BREAKING: Sen. @lisamurkowski said Donald Trump should RESIGN immediately and that if the @GOP cannot separate itself from Trump, she isn’t certain she has a future with the party.💥

FINALLY, a Republican stands up for democracy.

#RemoveTrump #sedition…
🔥Murkowski: “I want him to RESIGN. I want him out. He has caused enough damage.

“He hasn’t been focused on what is going on with #COVID. He’s either been golfing or he’s been inside the Oval Office fuming...
...and throwing every single person who has been loyal and faithful to him under the bus, starting with the @VP. He only wants to stay there for the title...for his ego. He needs to get out. He needs to do the good thing, but I don’t think he’s capable of doing a good thing.”💥
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Full statement tonight from northwestern suburban Trump backer and CEO who says he’s “deeply regretful” for entering the US Capitol during Wednesday’s violent pro-Trump riot
More on the story here:…
UPDATE: Rustkales now is among 13 men charged by the feds in connection with the #TrumpCoupAttempt riot at the Capitol. Story to come ...…
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Fox News and the rest of right-wing media is about to blame the entire #TrumpCoupAttempt on a random leftist from Utah who was there to document the insurrection. They're gonna try to pin it all on him, watch.
Right on cue. The sausage factory is in motion.

This dude is about to make some serious bank.
More sausage being made. Fox News was more careful with their actual article but the headline gives away what they're trying to do.

John Sullivan needs to lawyer up, stat, to put the kibosh on this defamation. Where are the progressive legal groups?
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1/ #CapitolRiots fueled by #AlexJones’ propaganda.

Alex Jones paid $500K organize the event, admits he was directed by #Trump to lead the crowd to the Capitol.

.@FBI Pls Investigate Free Speech System’s & Trump’s communications, donors & pre-election funding of infowars.
2/ .@FBI please investigate. My kids were taken away for countermanding defamation & because I spoke out against infowars, which I used to own. Pls investigate due process violations in D-1-FM-15-005030 & official oppression to silence anti-Trump speech.
3/.@FBI investigate why Alex Jones’ DUI charge was dismissed w out trial and all Travis Co rulings to protect him, investigations not pursued by DA and (indicted) AG for racketeering, perjury. Investigate $6500 donation to judge prior to order entry...
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Trust MAGA morons to livestream themselves commiting major crimes in the U.S. Capitol.

They really are the dimmest criminals in American history.

#TrumpCoupAttempt #TrumpTreason

@LBC #c4news
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8kun, the people at the center of the attempted coup, Qanon, child abuse content, and multiple neo-nazi mass-shootings made public everyone they were emailing. Here's what that reveals. New, co-written by me + THREAD
Ron Watkins (@CodeMonkeyZ) was the admin of 8kun (formerly 8chan) while Jim Watkins (@RQueeninc) owned it. Jim is seen frequently communicating with Neon Revolt, who is at the center of modern Qanon conspiracies, alongside several other Q celebs.
Neon Revolt is the fodder for Lin Wood (suspended) and newly minted “election security expert” Ron Watkins (former 8kun admin) ( who was on OANN and RTed by Trump and other high level conservative re ‘election fraud’.
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Republican politicians condemning the #TrumpCoupAttempt who are also not calling for his immediate removal and irrevocable prohibition from holding any federal office are nothing more than rats leaving a sinking ship.

The GOP will have no political future unless it does this.
Any conservative pundit who does not call for Trump's removal and permanent ban from federal office should never be invited onto any mainstream media TV show. Any right-wing columnist who fails to do this should be fired.

The MSM must show leadership here. It's easy. Do it.
Shareholders in any corp run by Rupert Murdoch must also demand his immediate resignation & that of his son, Lachlan. Both men deliberately poisoned the minds of hundreds of millions. They must pay for their sins.

No sports league, athlete, or celebrity should work w/them again.
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Hey, @Facebook , why are u allowing this domestic terrorist, who participated in breaching our nations Capital (as shown in video below), to continue hosting page(s) on ur svc as "realbakedalaska" & possibly more (priv. pg's et al)!?
WUA, @DHSgov ? He been arrested yet??????????? Him an ALL his comerades who went with/in the vid???
Hey, @tiktok_us , you going to allow him to remain on your svc, too (see video above!😡) ???
#DomesticTerrorism ImageImageImageImage
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.@realDonaldTrump strategy was always to get in front of the radical @Scotus. Will the Robert's Court let Trump destroy the modicum of integrity the #SupremeCourt has retained during this period of #GOPCorruptionOverCountry?
Granted, the #Highcourt does not possess a lot of #integrity because the #Republicans sought power to alter the #Court so they could validate opinions that could not win the day in reasonable discourse. A coup was necessary.
Trump did his part to further the agenda of @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell as the #GOPComplicitTraitors #GOPBetrayedAmerica and is probably expecting a little #payback for his cooperation to appoint radical #justices.
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