- An IAF veteran, whose TL is littered with explicit Hindu-phobic tweets, gets sacked by an airline, and we've some veterans, and @VishnuNDTV, talking about ethos, his previous service record & similar stuff.
- Would they've said the same if his content was deemed Islamophobic?
- And its funny that some veterans have just discovered ethos!
- I mean, if kind of language and mocking tone reserved for current CDS, or any Veteran who is perceived to be supporting GOI actions, is anything to go by, these ethos seem to be applied selectively.
- There are +
+ cohorts here.
- Veterans who oppose BJP and RSS, and by extension, the GOI.
- There is almost a Pavlovian response to every GOI action; it has to be bad, or bad-faith and what-have-you.
- Tragedy is that the political bias has infiltrated into military assessment as well.
- While one does not expect much from our IR experts sitting in JNU, even our veterans view and comment on military events with political bias.
- Something which was on ample display in form of articles and analysis seen on the Ladakh Stand-Off
- One ex-Lt General Sahab wanted+
+ to IMPEACH PM Modi for 'lying' on Ladakh crisis!
- Considering the conduct of many Veterans on this platform, and the language they use, I think its a bit rich to talk about ethos now.
- Especially in case of this IAF Vet.
- For the record, I had objected to his tweet being+
+ marked to his employer.
- Which is ironic because this tagging of employer is an art perfected by our left liberal loony jamaat and many on right-of-center like me have been at its receiving end.
- Many on this platform approach Veterans with a deep sense of respect and +
+ gratitude.
- And hope to learn from them.
- Some Veteran handles here are exemplary in this regard because they patiently answer the questions, sometimes which are very basic.
- But there are many here as well, who in their opposition to a political party and ideology, throw +
+ decorum to winds and employ quite deplorable language.
- Such instances break the halo around Services and ex-army officers. And leave many here with questions about the caliber of our officers.
- I've myself stopped following many such handles. Because while I can live with +
+ political and ideological differences, the language used to express the same becomes difficult to handle.
- And rather than indulge in a shouting match with a Veteran, who once wore the same uniform as my father, I have chosen to withdraw.
- It is for the Veterans to decide +
+ how they want to be seen and perceived.
- You will find many idiots and dolts interacting with you but how you respond, is in your hands.
- A keyboard general like me loosing his cool and indulging in name calling with some is different versus a Veteran doing the same.
- I'm +
+ a just a SM handle but a Veteran carries with him that much more responsibility, authority and respect by virtue of his service.
- Rest, its a free country and people are free to make their own judgement call.
- BTW, here are screen-shots from the TL of the ex-IAF Veteran for whom the 'service' ethos are being evoked.
- Forget this gentleman, if any organization finds an employee with such a language, he/she will be shunted out before lunchtime
- Don't miss the 'ethos' on display by him towards other ex-IA officers who might have a different opinion about him.
- And the pits is that he openly bats for those who justified the killing of CRPF personnel by Maoists.
Please do read this sensible, and powerful, piece on the subject at hand. It dives to the core of the issue.

• • •

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